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.@JYPETWICE’s very own Nayeon’s 1st mini album is out in the US tonight ✨ and want to know which track you’re most excited for ❤️ Follow the thread below and like the track you can’t wait to hear the most:.

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When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t get #COVID19, was that a lie or a guess? Dr. Birx: “I don’t know.”.

Quit pop, any soy products, fast food and anything else the leftist retards try and push on us and have been feel so much better throughout my body! #IFeelAmazing.

Father, Help us be loving, wise and generous in our care for all of those who are dealing with the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy! May we lead with hearts that truly care rather than condemn! May we depend on You to direct our paths to be available in any way possible!.


it’s time to get your asses up and do shit in your community. no more letting these gum flappers cash in their activist points unless they’re in the trenches doing something substantial. no, talking about it at a stand up show does not count. that’s for you, not for us..

6/24 22時更新 ♪̊̈♪̆̈ソング ▶ALL HOURS 15位 🎧アルバム ▶KIZUNA 35位 #JO1_LINEmusicランキング #JO1 @official_jo1
Move The Soul / Algorithm / With Us.

みんな悔いなく幸せな時間を過ごせますように❤️ #JO1 @official_jo1 With Us / Algorithm / Move The Soul / 僕らの季節 / ALL HOURS.

The reality is that living in a red state limits your freedoms if you are black, brown, gay, Asian, or female. How can you America be the land of the free and home of the brave? Why do white men get to be free while the rest of us must stay brave?.

This indirectly returned us back to the faulty traditional socialization process of the two genders that states basically that as boy, you have to be strong in all things and as a matter of fact, you must be okay with and by everything around you, as a boy it is not.

@MrinalPande1 we brought this upon us in 2014 and repeated the mistake in 2019, no suffer👇.

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What an inspiration to see duty bearers engaging us for betterment of our constituent members! Glad to receive Ms. Namasopo Scovia |CDO – Kampala central division.
This is to identify a line-of synergies wth the Division thru the proposed Division Committee on Adolescent Health..

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@Rose_Of_Regulus Yuss! Such cases should remind us that politics and our rights are hard work. I hope that more people get engaged in the political process and go out, organize and hold their representatives (and future candidates) accountable.

When y’all decide break out the guillotine or whatever let us know i just refuse to be the only one. For obvious reasons..

Here we are
The two of us
Like ships upon a winding river
And yet somehow
We found each other
Like strangers, you and I.

iTunes US: #46. “Late to the Party” — @LilNasX & Youngboy Never Broke Again (NEW.

@amyklobuchar @MCS_BlueVoter Again the democrats have failed Women, we knew the GOP would do this but you people don’t stand up for us you’re afraid!.


I started saving up my paid sick leave at my job in 2016 (!!) in preparation to – someday – have a child so that I could have a paid maternity leave. Again, mat leave is not provided or guaranteed in the US..

@doc_indi That’s my ancestry, they came to the US for a better life during starvation. I was born and raised in the US. If I didn’t like it here I would leave obviously, as you should.

@FoxNews All These so-called “Christians” that are against abortion,I’m against abortion 2 as a Christian,in saying that it’s not my decision what my daughter does with her body!God gave us the free will to choose,so who are they to play God, & to play him horribly!abomination!.

Wallett: The US is a country with high levels of maternal morbidity and mortality. Getting pregnant in this country is a dangerous thing to do..

My boy look 37, bald head with a Rick Ross beard, and got carded walking by Town Hall. Wasn’t even tryna go in forreal and they asked the man for his ID. Meanwhile, the rest of us just waltzed right in 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

@lauraevr7 @Carvana Hey there! Thanks for reaching out; this is not the positive experience we want for our customers, as we believe purchasing a vehicle should be smooth and seamless. Please send us a DM so we may review and assist! Thank you!.

You may think it was only the strike down of Roe and Casey today but it was a lot more problematic. The same terrorist justices decided that Miranda rights warnings no longer need to be enforced:.

@OC_Scanner By GOP you mean the founding fathers? Constitution clearly says that if an ISSUE is not addressed in the US Constitution it MUST be returned to the States to decide. This case is a constitutional case not an abortion case. Stop the virtue signaling and actually read..

@KHONnews It’s a dark day for all of us while he’s still in office. States now have the rights, not banned nationally. Meanwhile, our energy costs are at record levels and we are ar a 40 yr high in inflation. ALL, in just 16 months, and, in the last months we’ve lost $ Tril 401k $.

@Tori_TLCR @LeftBehindCnd Where are all the ontario disabled folks who did not bother to vote and get rid of Ford? Why did they choose buck-a-beer over $2000 a month basic income 4 years ago? Your vote is what can change things. Complaining after the fact does not. UBI is what is needed for all of us..

@APHClarkson 1. Poland
2. Hungary
3. Significant amounts of right wing US money, esp from Kochs , arriving in UK over the last 20 or so years..

The true downfall of our society is when George Washington left office and the rest of the Founding Fathers decided we need political parties and that shit set us back to the Stone Age.

@_despo1ne_ @23anubha We have the same thing in France, and let me tell, from my PoV, it does NOT seem like the church and state are seperate in the US So many things are based around religion in your country when it would almost be illegal to do that in France.


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