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Massive matches made for July 3-5 in Korakuen! 7/3, KUSHIDA & KENTA return! KUSHIDA, Tanahashi, Alex Zayne vs BULLET CLUB! 7/4 KUSHIDA & Tanahashi vs KENTA & Ishimori! Alex Coughlin & The DKC team with Connors and more! #njroad #njpw.

Tanahashi Photo,Tanahashi Photo by NJPW Global,NJPW Global on twitter tweets Tanahashi Photo

#AEWDynamite live results: Jon Moxley & Hirsohi Tanahashi face-to-face.

Tanahashi Photo,Tanahashi Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Tanahashi Photo

havign ur bf actually being able to see tanahashi irl feels like cucking but in a supportive way.

Dynamite was great aside from the NXT Season 1 roster hitting the ring to interrupt the Tanahashi/Moxley promo..

¡Gracias por acompañar un #AEWDynamite MEMORABLE! ¿Qué fue lo que más les gustó?
🎤 El anuncio de Danielson
🍊😎 y equipo
😡 Christian Cage
🖤 Malakai
🤠 Hangman vs el mundo 🤩 Toni Storm 🤯 Mox + Tanahashi + TODOS #AEWSpaceEnVivo.

What a great night of Dynamite. My highlights are as follows: – Dax vs Ospreay – Tanahashi telling Jericho to shut up – Orange Cassidy returning – Jay White denying Adam Cole his title shot.

Also there’s nothing cuter than hearing my 3 year old go “oh he’s so pretty” when Tanahashi came on tv. Like same girl. I feel you..

mox & tanahashi reenacting the zax while ridiculous chaos erupted around them for five minutes had me in near tears lmao.

Tanahashi Photo,Tanahashi Photo by Katie Stebbins,Katie Stebbins on twitter tweets Tanahashi Photo

Tanahashi getting THAT reaction just makes me SO happy. NO ONE has been more emotionally impacted by the lack of cheering crowds, not being able to high five the fans, all of it…and he got an absolute LEGEND’s response from the people in Milwaukee tonight. So well-deserved..

I was dying laughing as every time they cut to Moxley during that five-hour stare down with Tanahashi he was staring up at the big screens to see if the show was over yet lmao..

Only thing missing from the Moxley, Tanahashi awkward face to face was a title to fight over. #AEWDynamite.

Tanahashi Photo,Tanahashi Photo by Eric Reyes,Eric Reyes on twitter tweets Tanahashi Photo

Mox & Tanahashi jawing in the ring & utterly no-selling the chaos going on outside the ring at the end of #AEWDynamite has -got- to be one of my fave ending angles in ages. I am so ready to see them fight on Sunday now..

#AEWDynamite second half of the moxley tanahashi segment aside, this was another banger episode of dynamite. Dax vs ospreay and bucks vs je alone were enough for a thumbs up..

Ok the Moxley / Tanahashi face-off and promo was really good. Then Jericho came out, and then it got sloppy and disjointed. #AEWDynamite #RoadRager.

@youxrebel Was a crazy ass ending 😅 loved that tanahashi & moxley were just staring down amid the chaos! Beyond hype for blood and guts.

Mox/Tanahashi face-off leads to another addition to Forbidden Door card.

Idle wrestling thought: if Tanahashi and Penta were to Sling Blade each other at the same time, would that trigger the end of the world?.

Punk vs Tanahashi would have been good, but vs Mox has teeth..

Tanahashi Photo,Tanahashi Photo by 💤ak🥱,💤ak🥱 on twitter tweets Tanahashi Photo

Still a bit in shock that they booked Tanahashi in that absolute god awful segment. T’was complete nonsense #AEWDynamite.

The Mox/Tanahashi/Jericho segment was a mess! Tony you don’t have to get everybody in both companies on the show…Mark #AEWDynamite.

@PhilDL616 All that matters is we’re getting the match, moxley said enough of the history between the two and what we’re leading up to, but still JAS cutting tanahashi was unnecessary.

Seguimos con el careo entre los 2 posibles opciones para ser el campeón interino de AEW (por culpa de Toño de no quitarle el título al Abuelo Punk) THE ACE HIROSHI TANAHASHI Y JOOOOONNNN MOOOOOXXXXLEEEEYYY Mox le dice que siempre ha tenido que ir tra….

Tanahashi Photo,Tanahashi Photo by Gava_Wrestling,Gava_Wrestling on twitter tweets Tanahashi Photo

@gabu_moon Tbm não entendi nada , não deixaram nem o Tanahashi falar. E nada haver esse char da Tay, ring skill dela dava melhorando demais e põe ela pra fazer isso..

JAS ruined the Mox & Tanahashi segment…just fell flat after they came out 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ #AEWDynamite.

Matches Announced For FD:
Moxley vs Tanahashi For The Interm AEW World Title Osperay vs Cassidy For The IWGP Title Ross vs Storm For The AEW Women Title Kingston, Yuta, and Umino vs Jericho, Suzuki and Guevara PAC vs Miro vs Black vs Ishii For The All-Atlantic Title.

@LuchaSantospty Yo creo que aew no confía en ninguno de los 2 Moxley & tanahashi, pero es lo que hay, creo que deberían haberle dado la revancha a Hagman, hasta que volviera CM Punk.

1.) Bucks winning the titles. 2.) Toni getting a clean win. 3.) Tanahashi almost getting to reply to Mox. 4.) Jay White existing.
5.) Garcia staring down Sammy playing a few seeds for down the road (hopefully…).


@GettingOverCast Mox vs Tanahashi doesn’t excite you? I agree on the rest (so far). Really curious about who will face King Switch..

@AEW 1. Main Event
2. Mox & Tanahashi face to face
3. Christian Cage heel turn
4. MJF
5. All the above.

@AEW 1) BILLY THE GOAT 2) The Young Bucks winning.
3) Mox and Tanahashi face to face.
4) Jay White.
5) Christian turn..


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