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Serebii Update: Pokémon Sword & Shield Ranked Battle Series 13 rules announced. Allows all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon with no restrictions. Runs from September 1st through October 31st
Details @ #PlayPokemon.

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Faces of war in the 28th Knights of the Winter Campaign Separate Mechanized Brigade Ukrainian soldiers are men of steel. They are the shield that protects the population and the sword that strikes the enemy. Photo: Operational Command South #ArmUkraineNow.

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The #PokemonVG Ranked Battles August 2022 Season has begun! Craft your team to include two powerful, usually ineligible Legendary Pokémon and battle to earn fabulous rewards! ➡️.

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I’m so happy 🥰🥰 I loved Raid in Sword and Shield. Tera Rais Battles 🤭🤭.

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@casinokittie Its so funny the entire time I was watching the direct all I could think was “this is just going to make Sword and Shield age even worse than it already has”.

@_Anna2202 sword and shield hätte auch 3ds sein können und arceus war halt nicht so die normale Trainer experience.

I’m so scared these games are going to be as bad as Sword and Shield that trailer was awful.

@Diamond_Aura_ @Pokemon I gotta agree man, was a real shame not having Greninja in Sword and Shield.

This new pokemon definitely has potential, just hope the crystal pokemon mechanic is not as boring as the gigantomax shit that they had in sword and shield. Was such a deal breaker.

@HolyDiver1236 @Pokemon Come to think of, most Pokemon I saw were from Sword/Shield… Base Game, not DLC. But thankfully more Pokémon are getting chances, like Eelektross and Sawsbuck. Maybe we’ll get the Pan/Simi trio as well..

Esse novo Pokémon ainda não me convenceu Depois do scam do Sword and Shield que já não compro Pokémon antes da review.

@NintendoAmerica I can’t believe people in the comments are still complaining about this. This game looks like a huge improvement from Sword and Shield. Nintendo fans nowadays are just ungrateful and everyone else is just spoiled from seeing Xbox and PlayStations graphics, it makes me sad..

@LanaCavity Bruh, honestly the open world shit does look much better then what we had with sword and shield. But these graphics are hideous 🤢🤮..

Thank FUCK no more stupid safety gear when riding. Got so tired of just not seeing my trainers custom outfit because of the bike/ride Pokémon gear in Sword and Shield and Sun and Moon..

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#XSpoilers Michele Bandini did some INCREDIBLE work in this issue! Loved Emma as the shield and Hope as the sword!.

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@Jheppers I think it is okay but not that big it deal to me. I mean if I had any friend or anyone I invite via Twitter to CO-OP on any given opportunity for quest or trading it would go smoothly and not get random folks that take too long like that Max raid in Pokémon Sword and Shield..

@LadySander Pulei Sword and Shield que achei insultante
Mas hypei Scarlet e Violet hj, tá daora.

NOW THAT WAS A GOOD HUNT god I love sword and shield in rise.

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Pokémon looked good. I really enjoyed Arceus, so I will dive into these ones probably. I still have to finish Sun/Moon and… Sword and Shield?.

@just_shav Ale Sword and Shield wyszło 3 lata temu, wiec nawet wiecej tej przerwy było ;).

@nintendonomics Sword and Shield are designed purely with the intention of introducing new players and adding big quality of life changes. If you’re into competitive battling/online battling or breeding, they’re pretty friendly and fun. They’re annoyingly easy and simple however. DLC was good.

I will say tho that Sword and Shield definitely felt like a kind of ‘testing the waters’ game, like what XY was for when bringing pokemon to 3D Not a bad thing, possibly something to keep in mind for future Pokemon titles.

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet seems really cool, the new video makes me super excited! im a bit disappointed with how many pokemon are also in Sword/Shield and Arceus but oh well. it looks better than Sword/Shield and more fun than Arceus which were their strong points. team Violet..

Pokémon main titles have no stories since Pokémon Sword and Shield.

@higorbt Então. Eu achei até que eles iriam abandonar as raids porque o sword and shield sustenta as raids como se fosse algo regional. Eles mantiveram com essa nova mecânica, mas acho que eles poderiam voltar com a mega evolução tbm. Não mexer no que é bom é muito bom..

See, it’s not *that* different from the Rotom Bike in sword and shield but I’m still not jazzed about it lol.

Also I get they like their gimmicks I’m excited for balloon pikachu bc I’m a chump but I sighed when I saw that raid battles were back😓they just annoyed me in sword and shield.


i wanna play the new pokemon game sometime but at the same time my interest in the series’s been waning since sword and shield😵‍💫.

@PokemonNewsUK Rotom phone’s return and same rotom phone from Galar region is uk in Pokemon sword and shield gen 8 was introduced about three years ago.


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