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¡Los amigos no pierden! #StrangerThings4, llega el 1 de julio..


Netflix disponibiliza o primeiro trailer do volume 2 de ‘Stranger Things 4’. A nova parte da aclamada série será lançada em 1º de Julho. #StrangerThings4.


Essa cena do Will e Jonathan na segunda parte de #StrangerThings4 😫.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by Tracklist,Tracklist on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo


มาแล้วครับบบ ตัวอย่างใหม่จาก ‘Stranger Things 4’ ชุด 2 1 กรกฎาคมนี้ ลุยพร้อมกันที่ Netflix 👾 #StrangerThings4 #NetflixTH.

Here’s the new trailer for #StrangerThings4 Volume 2. The final two episodes air on July 1, only on @netflix.

melhor eu já ir aceitando que o Steve vai com Deus pra doer menos na hora #StrangerThings4.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by igor ϟ | luke de tatooine,igor ϟ | luke de tatooine on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

essa cena do eddie tocando guitarra vai ser tão lendária, vem aí a maior da temporada

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by gabe,gabe on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

What am I looking at? #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4 🤯🤯🤯🤯.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by Nerds Engage,Nerds Engage on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

candeline perché non voglio che lui muoia🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 #StrangerThings4.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by (fe)tta di culo; steve and eddie,(fe)tta di culo; steve and eddie on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

ma soprattutto… a chi si sta riferendo? al mind flayer o a vecna??? ADESSO SÌ CHE MI FACCIO SALTARE IN ARIA #StrangerThings4.

O Hopper gritando e um demodog em cima dele. Outra morte igual do Bob não 😭😭😭😭😭 #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by Guilherme ❤️‍🔥,Guilherme ❤️‍🔥 on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

EU NÃO AGUENTO MAIS ver esses dois sofrendo #StrangerThings4.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by dunder mifflin, this is pam,dunder mifflin, this is pam on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

¡No te pierdas el tráiler del volumen 2 de #StrangerThings4!.


o que esse fandom tem contra o Mike meu pai, parece que ninguém vai ligar se ele morrer #StrangerThings4.

Tenemos nuevo tráiler del final de temporada de #StrangerThings4 y NO ESTAMOS PREPARADOS.

Lucas, Max, Jason, Nancy, Steve e Henry (Vecna) os maiores de #StrangerThings4.

La verdad espero que esta sea la última temporada para que realmente sea recordada como se lo merece. #StrangerThings4.



#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by Pay,Pay on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

No me importa quien muera en #StrangerThings4 vol2, siempre y cuando Steve y Will sigan con vida..

la mia relazione dopo aver visto il trailer:

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by ℓιѕ(т)α ¹ ⁴ ¹⁶,ℓιѕ(т)α ¹ ⁴ ¹⁶ on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

I’m so excited to see what 001 is gonna do in #StrangerThings4!!!.

#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by Nicole,Nicole on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo


#StrangerThings4 Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć. Steve ma żyć..

Na moral, dia 01/07 a @netflix e a @NetflixBrasil vão entrar em colapso na moral, prevejo isso
#StrangerThings4 vem aí.

Todavía le sigo llorando a la muerte de Billy y me quieren matar a alguien más, ya basta #StrangerThings4.

9/10 score for #StrangerThings4 I think this is easily the best season. Episode 4 was an instant classic The last 35 min of episode 7 was honestly about as perfect as a payoff gets. 7/1 finale drops, can’t wait and when Season 5 comes it has huge shoes to fill.


#StrangerThings4 Photo,#StrangerThings4 Photo by cecia ✪🕸️ⴵ kenobi & st4 era,cecia ✪🕸️ⴵ kenobi & st4 era on twitter tweets #StrangerThings4 Photo

Eu não estou bem psicologicamente para ver a metade do grupinho indo embora de uma vez só!!!!! #StrangerThings4.

Watch: @Stranger_Things 4 – Volume 2 Trailer Via @netflix // #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4.

Siento que vamos a ver uno de los mejores finales de temporada para una serie. Hay que ver que intentan en el futuro para superar lo que ST hizo todo este tiempo #StrangerThings4.

@therealsupes @netflix He ain’t gonna die. He needs to save Nancy and be the hero #StrangerThings4.


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