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Houses of the Molé, our ninth studio album. Released June 21 & 22, 2004 on Sanctuary. Recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX. No W was the single and video. Houses of the Molé has been re-released a few times and is on streaming, CD and vinyl..

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【お知らせ】 アルバム『SONIC THE HEDGEHOG CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition』 絶賛配信中💫 「メガドライブミニ2」への収録が発表された『ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグCD』のサウンドをお楽しみください✨ 👇試聴および主な配信サービス.

Why does the drop dash in sonic 1 and 2 sucks
you can’t change which way to spin in sonic 2 and you gain less speed than CD and Mania

@LSakura154 Thank goodness. I can handle CD, 2, and even 3K with some effort, but I can hardly stand the Sonic 1 special stages. Ridiculously unfair and ill designed.

@mrwaxwave ゲームを楽しむだけなら、SteamやSwitchで個別に発売されているSONIC1、2、3、CDを買った方が安い!
でも、現在日本のSteamでは発売されていないSONIC CDが、ORIGINSには入っているので、僕は購入しました!

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@rcirujano Las de Sonic CD es cuestión de conocer las rutas de los ovnis. En cambio, las de Sonic 2 son más exigentes y requieren reflejos y habilidad … hasta que te hagas con la ubicación de los anillos y las bombas a base de reintentos xD.

@ZeroPMM Para mi los peores son los del Sonic suerte que tendré monedas esta vez xD.

@Scarface38400 @MechaSokoj Pour Sonic CD, je conseille la version Android, elle a le 16/9, rebossé par Whitehead, et ne coûte que 2€. Compatible avec pad et nickel..

@SonicpoX LOL bro you and I had the same thought playing the same game at roughly the same time. I actually beat sonic one about an hour ago and just got done with CD as well. I’m really enjoying having an excuse to replay these games again, as frustrating as 1 and CD are.

Of course there is a list of other issues I have like the lack of lives and continues in 16:9, No Knuckles in CD, really bad replacement music for Sonic 3, No options for insta shield or peel out in the other Sonic games, no option to turn off drop dash etc. 4/?.

Other weird oddities I noticed are the drop dash in Sonic 1, CD, and Sonic 2 don’t function as they should. You lose all of your speed at the peak of your jump and can’t easily control while in mid air. Seems like Sonic Team only really programmed a modified spin dash? 2/?.


Embarrassed myself for a good while with Sonic 1 First time properly beating the game as well, then I blasted through Sonic CD and LOVED every second of the nostalgia trip. Will continue with Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & K tomorrow.

@MrGenius03 Just menu lag with a few hiccups in Sonic CD after tabbing back into the game.
What are your PC specs?.

What we have learned from a full night of playing Sonic Origins Sonic CD fucking sucks..

Who made the music for Sonic CD?
No one. It came from space..

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@Dastanovich_ Tbh I really get all the criticism. I hate the new Music tracks for Sonic 3 and i wish that there would be a bit more stuff. I would have also liked the CD cutscenes to be reanimated. I have my issues and i get the hate. I just think that we should atleast not just focus on bad..

Bobby. I never wanted to tell you this, There are honest to god perverts out there who think that Sonic CD is the best 2D game in the franchise..

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So Sonic Origins actually has scans of all the original manuals for all regions. Which means this is an official game with a Princess Sally reference thanks to the US CD manual. Victory?.

@rdballesteros Sólo he jugado a los de MD, al CD, a uno muy raro de la Saturn de carreras en 3a persona y un Rush de la DS que no me gustó. Y al Spinball y Sonic 1 en Game Gear.
Mi top es el 2 de MD, CD y 1 de GG. El de la System no lo he catado :p.

Some positives: Time traveling using the Quartz Quadrant shutes works. I THINK time travel time has been reduced slightly. Restarting a stage works as intended, you stay in the same time period and all the time posts reset (I think some other ports of Sonic CD got this wrong)..

ALSO having to go into each game to change the settings blows. why do i need to go into sonic cd and scroll past to the soundtrack option, change it to the JP soundtrack instead of the default US(!!!) and then leave so i can play the story mode with the preferred soundtrack.

So Tails does follow you in Sonic 2 when you get there in Story Mode. Gotta say, Sonic 1 felt a bit off at points but CD played great throughout and what little I played right now of 2 also does. Not sure what happened with 1, but definitely needs a bit of tweaking in a patch..

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Might just be a sonic 1 issue because after moving on to cd the control seems to be fine.

Acabei de terminar o Story Mode, com 100% em todos os jogos. Tem coisas que somente quem conhece as mecânicas do jogo pra valer vão notar, como o fato da Drop Dash no Sonic 1, CD e 2 ser uma 1-tap spindash fajuta e você perder o controle horizontal quando pula depois de um giro..

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@MarcusLarry627 @Animate_Sen put him next to toae sonic or however you spell it sonic cd animation sonic.


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