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One of those games you can chalk up to poor bullpen management. Snit has about 10-15 of these a year (maybe more). But as long as he throws a perfect game in the postseason like last year, I will take the punishment now.

@DOBrienATL No mention of Snit having a bad night? No reason to take Lee out in the 6th, no reason for Minter to not pitch the ninth with the way the Braves have been hitting… snit botched about every decision he made tonight..

I’m still baffled on why, one: snit kept Jackson Stephens in for the 9th in a one run game. And two: why he kept him in with the bases loaded. Those two decisions were two of many that snit made that cost us the game.

That was a snit loss @Braves coaching right into a loss guess it’s good the Mets are looking to lose too. Shame to waist 10 runs from the offensive.

@DOBrienATL Not a Snit basher but didn’t like removing lee for o’day. Lee was only pitcher that looked great and there was no need to go righty lefty there.

@ajfoster02 @DOBrienATL You can both love Snit, and understand he makes some insanely head scratching bullpen decisions sometimes. That’s where I’m at 😂.

@13ChopOn13 back to back games that minter hasnt pitched. he def should have come in either bases loaded in the 6th or to pitch the 9th. im blaming snit for the loss tonight.

My Braves lost tonight but not because of our batters. It’s because our bullpen sucked! What was Snit thinking starting Strider?? He’s a good relief pitcher but not starter material. 10 freakin runs should equal a W!! Praying for a much better game tomorrow. Ughhhh…🙄. #ForTheA.

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@BeaneaterB @Mayvis11 I have major issues with Snit, esp with pitching decisions. Wtf was he thinking tonight? 🙄.


@nettlesdalton21 Every now and then there’s games that snit refuses to use his best arms.

@wharing @Braves Right. After our offense shat the bed yesterday. We have to take advantage of these explosive games. Especially when the Mets lose. The bullpen decisions was completely on Snit and his dementia..

@Redlandsnole11 And Matzek. The pen has held up pretty well other than tonight. Snit didn’t do them any favors but it’s baseball..

Also Dylan Lee is a stud and I don’t even understand taking him out there. I’ve become a Snit supporter but tonight was not his brightest moment..

@IssuesOfMyTime @Braves crazy how our two best bats get it going, and snit and the bullpen fucks it up.

@ajfoster02 @DOBrienATL Beating the teams were supposed to beat is different when playing against quality teams where margins are thinner. Minter threw 3 pitches sunday. Not used today or yesterday in 1 run games. Instead Snit extends Stephens a second inning against 2 LHH. Tell me that makes sense..

Yes Snit mismanaged the bullpen tonight and that ultimately cost them. BUT, not a single guy called upon after Lee was able to keep the Giants off the board. At some point, the players have to go out and produce and they didn’t tonight #ForTheA.

@KevinKeneely1 @Braves But it’s game 2 of 4. With one win in the belt. It was kind of a good time to do it. Upsetting, yup. One game of 160 with 90 games left isn’t the worst time to get know who has that dog in them in the arm barn. the arms have to be better. That’s on them. Not Snit. It’s touki time.


@hammatawk Honestly think this team could be 3-4 games up on the Mets if all bullpen decisions were made by Kranitz and Kranitz alone. Snit doesn’t have the skill set..

What irritates me is that we are constantly having to throw our high leverage guys in blowouts “to get them work” cause they haven’t pitched in a while, but that’s because they are only ever used in Snit’s IDEAL situation of up 3 (or even 4) or less in the 7-8-9. #Braves #SFvsATL.

@BatteryPowerSBN If Minter pitched the 9th it would have been another walk off win for the Braves. Sometimes Snit out manages himself..

@zone3made @Braves Literally the only one who didn’t blow it pitching-wise today was Dylan. Spencer, Jackson, O’Day, Collin—all sucked. If Snit even tries to say, “We just didn’t do enough,” I will lose it. 10 runs is enough. The pitchers are the ones that blew it..

@nichola59691288 Snit loves to give up during 1 run games. He just didn’t have to choose tonight in who he wanted to blow it between Stephens or Thornburg because AA sent the latter packing!.

@KevinKeneely1 @Braves Idk man. I think he knows. As a manager I think I’d rather know now rather than later. Especially considering the arms he put out tonight and left out. Just the game of baseball. Those guys are given a shot. That’s Snit’s job. He’s got to let them boys sink or swim..

@KevinKeneely1 @Braves Snit tried to win, but didn’t push it.
I don’t blame him.
Morton is starting tomorrow and Stider didn’t have his best game today it happens..

@grantmcauley Is Snit tripping?? In a 1 run game 8-9 WHY not bring Minter or Jensen and we did score two runs in the 9th!.

Ok Snit, 2 things from tonight O’Day is done, if I see him in a high leverage spot again I’m going to lose my mind. Maybe Jackson Stephens becomes the guy in low leverage spots for now. Bullpen management cost the game tonight. Missed opportunity to gain some ground..


@Braves O day is a garbage pitcher. If snit had put someone like minter in for the 9th we win the game. I swear I hate this man sometimes.

@DeeRitt27 Would’ve been the walkoff if snit didn’t leave stephens in for the 9th inning 😐.

@Braves Worst pitching performance of the year. Also shoutout snit for leaving Stephens in the game and basically waving the white flag and making the lead insurmountable.

You what what tonight was. A complete f n waste. A big fat L I would bitch slap snit if I was near him #Braves.


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