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Hangman Page vs. Silas Young set for AEW Dynamite.

Silas Young Photo,Silas Young Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Silas Young Photo

AEW has 600 roster members plus a show coming up with another promotion in a matter of days, why the fuck do you need to give 65 year old Silas Young a tryout?.

WTF is Silas Young doing on AEW’s flagship show? With so much other talent that can’t get on TV?.

I like Silas Young more than most but introducing another new character randomly when you have a deep bench seems like a peculiar choice. Either way, should be a fun one..

#AEWDynamite live results: Hangman Page vs. Silas Young.

Silas Young Photo,Silas Young Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Silas Young Photo

@IsThisWrestling silas young more like silas old LMAO holy shit hahahahaa write that down😂🤣😂🤣.

Cause who the hell asked for Hangman vs Silas Young? They gonna have a “competitive” 12 minute match and then what? I’d rather they do some kind of interesting angle to sell the PPV instead..

Fans: We want Okada & Naito. TK: How about Silas Young? 😑.

if Silas Young is All Elite, zero excuses not to have him feud with Sonny Kiss and run back the Dalton Castle feud beat by beat.

– Hangman Page vs Silas Young foi adicionado ao #AEWRampage de hoje..

Silas Young Photo,Silas Young Photo by AEW BRASIL,AEW BRASIL on twitter tweets Silas Young Photo

@yamazua1 @SeanRossSapp Dear christ it ain’t that hard. Go to youtube and write Silas Young. There’s a full match with Rush from ROH (which you should check out cuz he’s coming with Andrade). Two birds one stone. You still have an hour and a half before Dynamite starts. Go nuts..

Is Silas Young REALLY that random being that the show tonight is in Milwaukee Wisconsin?.

Silas Young Photo,Silas Young Photo by Les Owens ◪,Les Owens ◪ on twitter tweets Silas Young Photo

@AEW ’s AEW Debut 2. Chris Jericho and Lance Archer vs Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jon Moxley
3. Roppongi Vice and Orange Cassidy vs United Empire Oscuro vs Malakai Black Young vs Hangman Adam Page #AEWTop5 #AEWDynamite.

Tonight may seem booked lighter, but that trios, Silas Young, main event, & PENTA vs Black, was freaking awesome for the time they were given. wild teasers, arrivals, announcements, & a heated promo too. What a wildass awesome ending! Great go-home! SUNDAY AWAITS! #AEWDynamite.

Silas Young Photo,Silas Young Photo by N.A.F 👓,N.A.F 👓 on twitter tweets Silas Young Photo

Hangman Adam Page se enfrentará al ex ROH World Television Champion, Silas Young. #AEWDynamite.

Silas Young Photo,Silas Young Photo by AEW Argentina 🇦🇷,AEW Argentina 🇦🇷 on twitter tweets Silas Young Photo

Excited as hell to see Silas Young again I haven’t watched him wrestle in forever.

Yes, I know who Silas Young is, which is precisely why I don’t want to see Silas Young wrestle on my TV..

*sees Silas Young and has PCW flashbacks*
This night is not going to go well for me 😂.

@ImmoralLogic @WONF4W Silas Young isn’t Tozawa, give your head a shake, they literally came up together in a prospect tournament back in ROH..

@bullyray5150 @BustedOpenRadio Absolutely loved the show tonight, the appearanceof Silas Young sas a welcome catching you and Dreamer The Hutt tomorrow morning..

I could have gone my entire lifetime without ever seeing, hearing, or acknowledging Silas Young ever again.

Silas Young in AEW?!? Awesome. Glad to see Young get a chance on national television..

Hangman Page vs. Silas Young Added To #AEWDynamite Tonight – Updated Lineup.

Bixo, só lutão hoje! Também tem Hangman Adam Page x Silas Young. Bora de #AEWSpaceAoVivo? É já já, às 21h, no @spacebrasil!.

Idk why I love it so much that Silas Young tried to pull off being the nephew of Stan Hansen.


Silas Young going to be on Dynamite tonight. Silas Young is one of my favorites from ROH..

AEW books Silas Young who is just god awful but at least they didn’t put a title on a pedophile.

@blurpilled hangman vs silas young, marina vs toni, penta vs malakai, mox and tanahashi vs jericho and archer, orange cassidy trent? and rocky romero against ospreay and aussie open, bryan has a segment and christian has a segment.

@PhilStopford @zerocontextAEW I mean Silas Young is from Milwaukee and they’re in Milwaukee….

@yamazua1 @SeanRossSapp And feeling like that is perfectly understandable but somebody told you in the original AEW tweet who Silas Young was and here you are on the Sean retweet again complaining about ‘but who is this guy?’. Do your diligence if you REALLY want to know. Or are you just being obtuse?.


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