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Imagine hearing an 11-year-old saying that they smeared themselves with the blood of dead classmates to save their own life during a mass shooting— and then going to the floor of the United States Senate to demand passage of a bill to protect SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Merrick Garland considered parents yelling at school boards a big enough “threat of violence” to activate counterterrorism tools at the FBI. Yet protests outside the private homes of SCOTUS Justices (an actual federal crime) continue with no consequences..

Group behind Trump SCOTUS picks brought in nearly $50 million in secret money – CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

House passes gun reform bill along party lines after day of emotional victim testimony.

Dear Democrat Politicians in Washington……how about you don’t pass any bills to protect scotus until the Repubs pass gun law bills to protect our children and reverse their position on roe vs Wade. Do not be the bigger person…..we all know how this works. Do not trust them!.

The US always would have been a better place with Harriet Miers on SCOTUS than Sam Alito. #JustFacts.

Biden Rants Against Republicans, SCOTUS, as He Descends Into Delusion With Kimmel.

@SenSchumer Sadly, a senior Senator said that a SCOTUS Judge would pay. What did you mean by that Chuck?? Inquiring minds want to know.

@PokerPolitics He can lie all he wants to himself, but not to us. The 1/6 trial isn’t going away, no matter what SCotUS does. People love courtroom drama..

Or maybe the #SCOTUS scum just received notice from Amazon that their personal #AK15 gifts from Congress are scheduled for delivery by 10am today?.

BREAKING NEWS: Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, pressed **29** Republican state lawmakers in Arizona — 27 more than previously known — to set aside Biden’s victory and “choose” presidential electors, per emails seen by the Washington Post..

SCOTUS watch: Fantasy land, Washington v Washington, and a big win for religious expression in education.

They keep disregarding constitutional boundaries. You can increase SCOTUS judges security in a fully legal way (ironically, with guns). There is no corresponding way to protect all school children from crazy people without a mass violation of the 2A..

@RpsAgainstTrump He should propose adding gun regulations with the SCOTUS protection bill?.

@MrAndyNgo You can scream into a bullhorn all night at a SCOTUS justice’s house, but you can’t bullhorn at POTUS’s moving motorcade from an adjacent lane, even if you’re shouting about something he supports..

@Acyn “Kavanaugh must be protected at all costs. Can’t have Biden nominating another black woman to SCOTUS.”.

@RepDonBacon Members of SCOTUS are old enough to purchase handguns and AR-15 style assault rifles! They are adults, they can defend themselves! Elementary school kids don’t get that privilege! They get mowed downed like sitting ducks!.

@CoryMillsFL Republicans in both House and Senate are refusing to protect our kids. Kids first, SCOTUS second!.

@Tink_240 Be easy w/me- I’m trying to follow. SCOTUS basically stripped 4rth amendment protection for unreasonable search and seizure related to immigration policy. The original case out of Washington State is really interesting. But yes, your rights aren’t protected. Im still reading.

Absolutely crazy! It’s illegal to target and harass a SCOTUS Justice.

@LeaderMcConnell All GQP voted against Domestic Terrorism Act! Voted against Protect the Kids Act. But sure, most important is SCOTUS who Congress already voted on security! 19 elementary school children DIED! GQP don’t care.

Maybe Brett could rent a room in his house to an armed school teacher for protection, @GOPLeader. SCOTUS members are replaceable so had something happened, the country would have moved on. Dead 9 and 10 year old really replaceable..

@EnglishTeach07 My thought is that SCOTUS is not concerned about the kids welfare just their own..

If McCarthy is so concerned about protecting SCOTUS from crazy people with guns outside their homes, why does he not just simply vote for gun reform, or more in line with his beliefs about gun laws, tell Cavanaugh to buy a gun since gun violence is stopped by more guns, no?.

@BetteMidler Time for Boomers to retire or get retired from Congress/Senate/President/SCOTUS we’ve done enough damage..


@GOPLeader I would like to suggest some safety measures for SCOTUS 1) do drills: hide under tables quietly quarterly.
2) hire an armed teacher for security 3) prayer: lack of prayer is the problem, not guns
4) understand that this is the price to pay for freedom. “Thoughts & prayers”.

@FoxNews God she has gotten fat. Anyway, just ignore the SCOTUS. They have zero enforcement power. Now, just made up of religious zealots. Zero respect for these turds..

@bearwolf @GeraldoRivera He also told people to be peaceful and then Twitter banned him and pulled down his tweets so no one seen them after 1/6. They didn’t pull down Schumer’s or Biden’s tweets about SCOTUS..

@focused4USA @POTUS To be fair, House has delivered. Senate, no, because 2 senators are siding with Republicans. Senate can’t even break tie with Kamala’s vote. Then, it’s deadlocked unless President Biden uses EO. And SCOTUS is dismantling everything..

Disgraceful. Pelosi has protection, why can’t the justices be protected- she lies. Pelosi: SCOTUS not in danger after Brett Kavanaugh assassination attempt via @nypost.


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