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Play hooky from work and prove it on Twitter from 2-5pm est with #SamSummerFridays + your Cash App Cashtag and we’ll send you beer money 🤑 Rules found here:.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Samuel Adams Beer,Samuel Adams Beer on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

Ditch work + drink a Sam on us! Just show us how you’re enjoying #SamSummerFridays on twitter + your @CashApp Cashtag . We’ll send you beer money😎🍺.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Samuel Adams Beer,Samuel Adams Beer on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

Ditch work + drink a Sam on us! Just show us how you’re enjoying your summer Friday with #SamSummerFridays on twitter + your @cash Cashtag . We’ll send you beer money😎🍺 Rules at link in bio..

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Samuel Adams Beer,Samuel Adams Beer on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo


@SamuelAdamsBeer Drop your M$ too! We’ll be sending money, tickets, and wheel spins to Millions accounts as well. 🎉 #SamSummerFridays.

Want to leave work early to celebrate #samsummerfridays but your calendar is open? We got you:.

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #SamSummerFridays $BrittanyPotter32.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Brittany Potter,Brittany Potter on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Enjoying #SamSummerFridays at the lake with friends. $Sarahbeth954.

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Fridays are spent making memories with the kiddos. #SamSummerFridays $DanelleSoutherland92.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Danelle Southerland,Danelle Southerland on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Just got done mowing my moms lawn while my kids played in the sprinkler! #SamSummerFridays $SarahHeidger0201.

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #SamSummerFridays $VintageCarma Eating tacos.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by DOPEST.,DOPEST. on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo


@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #SamSummerFridays $RonnaKraay boat day and BEER..

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Rbk,Rbk on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

Boat time is for #SamSummerFridays $cardteab #CashAppFriday @CashApp @SamuelAdamsBeer.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by The Spicy♓Pisces,The Spicy♓Pisces on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #SamSummerFridays $Spoden55119 I left early to get some Sams and hang out w friends!.

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp $SahSah2121 I could buy more Samuel Adams if I won!! #SamSummerFridays.

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Hanging out with my buddy $Panda99999999 #SamSummerFridays.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Xia Lee,Xia Lee on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @cash I just like to relax at home and drink $malone64 #SamSummerFridays 🍻.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by KYLE MALONE 642,KYLE MALONE 642 on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #SamSummerFridays $xxxFUTZxxx Thanks 🙏👍.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by FuTz,FuTz on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp $ChristineWesterfield

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Christine Westerfield,Christine Westerfield on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Ballgame Baby!! #SamSummerFridays $gbestadt.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Genevieve Estadt,Genevieve Estadt on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp $alisha32889 Lake time #SamSummerFridays.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Alisha Mccracken,Alisha Mccracken on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp For watching soccer $Oliez #SamSummerFridays.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Nichole Zoeller,Nichole Zoeller on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer I’m currently blowing off work today to drink a Sam Adams and win beer money with the #samsummerfridays promotion. And you can too!
Skip work, head to the bar, and prove it on social media with the hashtag #samsummerfriday between 2-5 PM EST..

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by ABuff56,ABuff56 on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Road tripping to VA for Southern Rock Fest 2022!!! #samsummerfridays $momtwo485.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Ashley,Ashley on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer #SamSummerFridays working hard in the yard $MCMshinyhappyMary.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Mary Ledezma,Mary Ledezma on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo


@SamuelAdamsBeer #SamSummerFridays $iamelizabeth1818
Walking through the gardens..

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Liz,Liz on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer Playing hookie and spending the day with this cutie 💕 $Kbenefi94 #SamSummerFridays.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Kim Benefield,Kim Benefield on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #SamSummerFridays taking off early for extra weekend fun! $dumbazzblonde.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Teresa Jones,Teresa Jones on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp Fridays are for Family outings! #SamSummerFridays $PraneshBarua.

@SamuelAdamsBeer @cash $Slone45 having a Sams #SamSummerFridays.

#SamSummerFridays Photo,#SamSummerFridays Photo by Billie,Billie on twitter tweets #SamSummerFridays Photo

@SamuelAdamsBeer @CashApp #samsummerfridays $droidpop fridays are for catching up with friends over some sams.


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