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This is an actual freeze frame from Doctor Strange 2 and you just know if Sam Raimi had his way Scarlet Witch would look like this through the entire movie..

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by John Squires,John Squires on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo


Sam Raimi sólo nos quiere hacer sufrir 🥲 #MultiversoDeLaLocura #Spiderman.

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by ANDRU,ANDRU on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo

Sam Raimi a révélé que Defender Strange, qu’on aperçoit notamment au début de #DoctorStrange in the Multiverse of Madness, provenait de la Terre-617 du multivers ! Pour rappel, l’univers principal du MCU est désormais établi en tant que Terre-616..

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by Marvel Story,Marvel Story on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo


eu espero muito que o próximo doutor estranho fique com o sam Raimi e ele tenha mais liberdade pra fazer o que quer tal como o taika aparentemente está tendo.

On second watch, Multiverse of Madness is such a solid film. Glad they didn’t fill it with shit loads of cameos. Big up Sam Raimi🤩🐐.

Bruh that’s a cold take Sam Raimi >>>>>>> All MCU Directors 🙃
(Anyone who disagrees is a chump 4 life).

me acabo de imaginar lo que sería una película de los midnight suns con la dirección de sam raimi.

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by cam ⊗ 🇦🇷,cam ⊗ 🇦🇷 on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo

37 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) dir. Sam Raimi.

Tá de sacanagem? Pessoal nunca vai entender o Sam Raimi? Literalmente o filme mais descabelado da MCU.

Eu adoro que meteram um monte de participação especial e fanservice só pra matarem todo mundo 3 minutos depois
Sam Raimi mandou o foda-se mesmo pra esse fanservice barato.

Doctor Strange en el Multiverso de la locura llega a #DisneyPlus y aquí repasamos mi opinión de la peli de Sam Raimi para @cinergia.

@KrsJams It had less of the MCU formulaic feel and was much more in the vein of Sam Raimi stable of movies. I’m happy with the diversity of new MCU films we are getting but I can see why some people don’t appreciate it and were comfortable with the MCU staying in it’s lane..

Disney+ estrena hoy una gran aventura de fantasía oscura con el sello de garantía de Sam Raimi.

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by Vamos a morir todos,Vamos a morir todos on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo

Watched Multi-Verse of Madness last night. We get it…it was directed by Sam Raimi. No need to jam it down our throats with every shot..

God damn…I love Sam Raimi. The new Doctor Strange was great with homage to his classic Evil Dead style and of course the great Bruce Campbell..

@turndecassette I love the incredibly strange film show where a host interviews ppl like john waters or sam raimi, LsupersonicQ youtube channel covers lost media, the Trash Theory yt channel does amazing music history and I always go back to the show Dr. Katz professional psychiatrist.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Dir: Sam Raimi Dir de fotografía: John Mathieson.

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by Նիկոլ,Նիկոլ on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo

@ciminobasholmet Umm sorry but even though this is my favorite MCU movie, this felt highly anticlimactic in the very last second TO ME because of the performance. That dramatic shaking was just not it to me. But I stilllll kinda understand it cu well, it’s Sam, it just was a very Raimi moment..

@homemfutebol fora q po sam raimi é muito bom no q faz o homem sabe dirigir um filme.

@l_kingly @Swordfish978 So you and other fella waited 9 years to watch a Sam Raimi independent movie or to be more specific until he directed an mcu movie so that i can cry about it coz somehow a mcu trash tweet had to be framed..

‘Doctor Strange 2′: Post-Credits Scenes’ Cameo, Sam Raimi Nod Explained – CNET [CNET].

@jojamDjango @Swordfish978 According to Jo Jam Django on twitter, Kevin Feige directed Dr Strange 2 for 1hr 50 minutes and then handed over directing duties to Sam Raimi for 10 minutes after teaching him for 2 yrs how to direct an mcu movie.
Must be true if random idiots on twitter throwing this around..

Ora disponibile in streaming su Disney+ #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness con Sam Raimi che dietro la camera fa magie. Ne abbiamo parlato qui.

Well at least that felt like a cutscene from a Sam Raimi video game. Marvel movies would probably be fantastic if they were given 1/10th the budget..

‘Physician Atypical 2′: Submit-Credit Scenes’ Cameo, Sam Raimi Nod Defined.

@MarvelBRNews superestimam dms esse sam raimi, eu n achei um filme bom del ate agr nem os homem aranha eu fui rever e cara como eu tinha gostado daquilo.

@Antihippy @Jelliottcoleman Well, I did once see fifteen minutes from near the beginning of Evil Dead and it was *terrible*. Oddly, despite this, I once reviewed a book on the making of The Evil Dead. Thing I learned: Sam Raimi really wanted to make screwball musical comedies, not horror..

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness vaya cosa chula
top2 pelis de Marvel, aunque quiero verla un par de veces más, pero es simplemente genial Sam Raimi lo has hecho muy bien muak.

Sam Raimi Photo,Sam Raimi Photo by karem 🫧🍂,karem 🫧🍂 on twitter tweets Sam Raimi Photo

@FreddyInSpace She looks like a deadite which is ironic since Sam raimi is directing this 🤣.

Really enjoyed the Disco Straight in the Multitudinal of March Madness. I really hope Sam Raimi just has a blank check for his next project..


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