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#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Willow 🌸 〄,Willow 🌸 〄 on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Excellent morning @waxandbeans for #RSD2022 June drop. Got everything we wanted plus an added bonus of #Sour on pink vinyl.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Laura 💖,Laura 💖 on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

王道レゲエ〜和レゲエまでリゾート🏝100%な店内ですっ‼️17時まで美味しいfood&drinkとアナログレコードノンストップでお待ちしています🍩#ducafeshinjuku #RSD2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by レコカフェ AYU,レコカフェ AYU on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

The queue has now been cleared, we have some great titles left, so come on down, grab a coffee and a #RSD2022 special!!.


#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by RECORD STORE DAY JAPAN,RECORD STORE DAY JAPAN on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

‘Pagan Lovesong (40th Anniversary Edition)’ out now! Check your local indie record store participating in #RSD2022 @RSDUK #RSDDrops2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Virgin Prunes,Virgin Prunes on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

HMV record shop渋谷

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by RECORD STORE DAY JAPAN,RECORD STORE DAY JAPAN on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Cost me an arm and a leg but successful trip out #RSD2022 #halestorm.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Pilar,Pilar on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Anyway… #RSD2022 was a SUCCESS! “Beam Me Up, Scotty” has been secured 🤪🥰.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by WickdSpidcr 🕸,WickdSpidcr 🕸 on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Mixture of #RSD2022 and #hmvExclusive purchases obtained 🙌🏻🕺🏼.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Rich,Rich on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Happy #recordstoreday to all who celebrate #rsd2022 (at @MillCitySound in Hopkins, MN).

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Jeremy L.,Jeremy L. on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

So glad I managed to get my fav @prince album in @Assai_UK Edinburgh! #RSD2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Mark Flintoft,Mark Flintoft on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

@waxandbeans I love the #RSD2022 tweets from Wax and Beans. It always reads like a stream of consciousness from a track by Mark E Smith or the KLF. Add a big bass beat behind it with an awkward guitar..

@beth_orton Saturday morning chilling after picking up #RSD2022 Central Reservation & Trailer Park 1st thing ❤️💙 #bethorton.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Stephen Smith,Stephen Smith on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

☆RSD Drops 2022☆ 1タイトルのみRSD当日入荷分
店頭にお出ししました!! 売り切れのタイトルも複数ございますが、
是非ご利用ください! #DURSD

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by ディスクユニオン 横浜西口店,ディスクユニオン 横浜西口店 on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

ディスクユニオン千葉店 RSD Dropsのアイテムは国内盤・輸入盤に分かれ、2列に陳列されておりました。今朝は開店待ちの列も出来ていたとのことです!

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by RECORD STORE DAY JAPAN,RECORD STORE DAY JAPAN on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

#レコードストアデイ #RSD2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Yoshimi   Tadashi,Yoshimi   Tadashi on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

【#RSD2022】 本日はRECORD STORE DAY Drops🎶 入口入ってすぐと、
対象商品ございます🍩 RSD開催に合わせ中古品セールも開催中✨
ぜひ下北沢店にご来店ください‼️ #レコードストアデイ.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by ディスクユニオン下北沢店,ディスクユニオン下北沢店 on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

It’s #RSD2022 Pt II.
We have news that our 7” Pic Disc of The Warriors/Baseball Furies is due on Tues/Weds.
The only way to get it Free is to purchase the New Furies Tee or the A2 Print.
Remaining Vinyls available in the next few weeks.
More news to follow.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by 80s Casuals Official,80s Casuals Official on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Go West. Bangs and Crashes.
Jamie T. Keyring Lamborghinis.
The Farm. Groovy Train. All GONE. #RSD2022.

ディスクユニオンラテン・ブラジル館のスタッフの方お忙しい中欲しいレコード探していただきありがとうございました🙇‍♀️無事にゲットできました‼️こういう経験も実際にレコード屋さんに行ってこその体験ですね✨ #RSD2022.

To all those shops doing #RSD2022 drop 2, we hope you have a successful day 👍
To all those buyers, thank you for supporting your local store, and may you find what you are queuing for 🤞.

Just got home from @SGR_RecordCafe and pick up two releases from #RSD2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by bob nick,bob nick on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Speculative #RSD2022 trip to @TruckMusicStore in Oxford as we were in the area. Minimal queue at opening time and everything I wanted in stock 😃.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Brian Forbes,Brian Forbes on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Only @superfurry & Chet Baker/Ennio Morricone could get me out of bed this early on a Saturday morning ☺️ #RSD2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Leon_S,Leon_S on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Help us celebrate record store day!! Visit our online store and save 10% with the code RSD2022. Code is good for all vinyl and Other band merch!!!.

@humanleagueHQ Love And Dancing on vinyl.
The new white version sounds great, though I kind of wished they used the rare Italian graphics instead. #RSD22 #RSD2022.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Jan D Burnett,Jan D Burnett on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Only one thing I wanted at #RSD2022 today @TheFarm_Peter @residentmusic.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by redcol,redcol on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Listening to a #RSD2022 release on actual @recordstoreday – it’s just the perfect conditions for the #BethOrton debut.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by john jervis,john jervis on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo

Time for some #RSD2022 goodies from @EmpireStAlbans – Miles Davis, Beth Orton, Dread Zeppelin, The Smile and Hatchie.

#RSD2022 Photo,#RSD2022 Photo by Daniel R,Daniel R on twitter tweets #RSD2022 Photo


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