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We learned that Roman Ratushnyi (24), a Ukrainian activist who had been a long time supporter of #HongKong’s democracy movement, was killed while defending his homeland of #Ukraine🇺🇦 against the Russian invaders. Rest in peace, brother. HongKongers will always remember you. 🕯.

Roman Photo,Roman Photo by Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong. 重光團隊,Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong. 重光團隊 on twitter tweets Roman Photo

In case you doubted that Vince McMahon was still running things,, Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar has been booked.

Scholz, Macron and Draghi visit Kyiv. Also today, a funeral of Roman Ratushnyy, prominent Kyiv civil society activist and of the most promising Ukrainian young leaders, will take place. Roman was killed by Russian invaders near Izyum. I hope this makes the news today too.

You alone @theJagmeetSingh are responsible for the continuous and disastrous rule of this Liberal government. Stop pretending to fight for Canadians and drop this coalition. Or is your pension more important to you? #cdnpoli #cpcldr.

Medieval Cistercian numerals were developed by Cistercian monks in the 13th century around the time that Arabic numerals were introduced to western Europe. They are more compact than Arabic or Roman numerals, with a single glyph able to indicate any integer from 1 to 9999. 1/.

TYT 2022 de ki türkçe paragraflarını birleştirince 200 sayfalık bir roman okumuş oluyorsunuz arkadaşlar :).

@JDreherLN Broken up way too soon. That group was a heel and the fans starting to cheer them a La stone cold or now Roman.

こんにちは~! 本日宮脇実由選手モデル
Roman Type3発売日です!!!

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oh, nothing crazy is trending tonight-
dammit, the All Lives Matter assholes are back 🤦.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar 3rd Time Is Very Boring Match But This Match Is Last Man Standing Match ☺️.

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Roman Hamrlík #OldSchoolHockeyNames První draftovaný hráč v historii #GoBolts. V roce 1992 z něj udělal Phil Esposito (vlevo) první 🇨🇿 jedničku draftu..

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3 reasons why Brock Lesnar is the right opponent for Roman Reigns at Summerslam.

@sarahthemoose given that Roman gladiators were doing brand endorsements, I have no doubt that there was advertising of sorts in Greek theater.

@bookerbetta I’m half and half on it, I’ll always be happy to see this version of Brock. We was supposed to get Randy Vs Roman but Randy out. It’s sad that ain’t nobody big built that can even contest wit Roman outside drew rn.

@FakeJaysonMajor @WWE honestly i would have rather seen bobby vs roman bobby never got his rematch.

Really @WWE this is the best u can do? Roman and Brock for the millionth time. 🥱🗑🤦🏾‍♂️ #SmackDown.

@BDL12_ Gone are the days when you had Rock, Austin, Undertaker, HHH, Mankind, Kane, Angle and others all able to vie for the title, but Roman and Brock are a level above their peers. No real competition..

@OG247365 I’m not actually lol a bunch of people don’t wanna watch Brock vs Roman 500000.

@nygiantsfan1993 Which is insane cus theres plenty other talent in WWE, their writing jus sucks. He been champ like 6hundred plus, youre the chief we acknowledge you. Time to move on 😂 riddle surprising Roman jus for him to drop the titles to Randy when he returns would be gold imo. Again WWE🗑.

Los comentarios quejándose de la política en el club, jajaja como si angelici no hizo lo mismo con su partido y encima fueron 8 años.
PD: además está perfecto lo que hizo Román.

i feel like my eyesight is getting worse bc why does size 12 times new roman look so small.

@WWERomanReigns 9581291108 Roman Reigns versus my phone number please call me I am your friend and I am my name is jerking son.

@DragnixMod Because Brock and Roman will draw views quality be dammed. The mindless sheep that cheered Vince tonight will eat it up.

See the 5 shell companies the FBI alleges Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich used to purchase $400 million worth of luxury jets via @Yahoo.

@FB_Helmet_Guy @Super70sSports You like Roman history but not medieval history ?! I love both.

@AlejandraAlegre @BocaJrsOficial Genial Boca , todo mi respeto para las mujeres que le pusieron el cuerpo a los milicos asesinos, ladrones y Roman.

@HabibKhanT همجنسبازانوته نورځای نشته طالبان به باذن الله حکومت،هیواد اوهم دین ساتي اودالله ج په مرسته به یې ساتي اوساتلي یې هم دي دادالله کومک وه چې دپرد یوو ملګري مومات کړل اودا ددشهداوو دپاکووینو برکت وه مګرتاسو ټول همجنسبازي،زنا،لواطت بې غیرتۍ ته بلل اوس هم دتوبې وخت لرئ مګرچانس موکم دی..

@GodCloseMyEyes Two Mexican men nearby give a Roman salute. A blue-haired child cries..


@GOATGOD_1000 I know this isnt Cena vs Orton slander That saga completely washes Roman vs Brock.

@TooRealUnreal My man brock has returned. Now roman reigns knows that he is fucked up 😂😂😂.


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