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I asked Taylor Armstrong to recreate her iconic #RHOBH yelling meme with me at the #RHUGT premiere party 🐱.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by Gibson Johns,Gibson Johns on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

Andy, Garcelle and Dorit crushing the shotski at #BravoCannes #RHOBH 🥂.

We’re back for more fun in the sun tonight! 💎 Join us in Mexico on @BravoTV! #RHOBH.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by Garcelle Beauvais,Garcelle Beauvais on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers recreating the ugly leather pants scene from #RHOBH is mandatory viewing.


Tonight marks the 250th episode of #RHOBH but there is no counting how much we love our ‘Wives! See you at 8/7c!.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by Bravo,Bravo on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

I agree with Kyle and Sutton tonight. They are the only ones making any sense of a big ol’ nothing burger. #rhobh.

“I can get my own plane”
She’s rich, honey, she’s rich #rhobh.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by MarTEAnis With Eddy,MarTEAnis With Eddy on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

The only person not afraid of Erika and her fake ass tough bitch persona. Erika can’t bust a grape! #RHOBH.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by Shanna Cute-Asset,Shanna Cute-Asset on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo


There’s no way they bring her back for a second season. I’m so bored. #RHOBH.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by B,B on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

Garcelle is all of us! Erika got a lot to say outta nowhere and it’s bugging the shit outta me #RHOBH.

Erika, please shut the hell up. Just sit there and continue looking like the spokesperson for Fruit Stripe Gum…#RHOBH.

@TheRealCamilleG Bravo was playing #rhobh Season 1 today & caught your dinner party with psychic Alice Dubois. This was reality gold back then & fans miss you & LVP..

We need Faye Resnik and Camille Grammer to clock back in. They’d never let the arguments be this boring #RHOBH.

Who they are trying to make the villain and who the actual villain is. #rhobh.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by Husam Elzien,Husam Elzien on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo


I always give new Housewives an automatic second season contract in my mind, but Diana might be the exception. *nene voice* She’s declassing the show #RHOBH.

What @GarcelleB gave tonight and ate everyone at the table !!! #RHOBH.

I already don’t like @erikajayne who thinks she’s better and smarter and more gangsta than everyone, and I hate those sunglasses. They give me Jim Jones vibes. #RHOBH #RHOBHMeanGirls.

#RHOBH Kyle walks like a dude that just got off a horse no wonder she can do the splits.

Crystal does not need to be invited back to #RHOBH. She’s not dynamic or interesting in any way. She’s thrifty. She cries too much and she’s a bold-face liar!.

I have to agree with Rinna on that one, it’s a lot to be dropped by 14 friends!! 😬😂 #RHOBH.

I miss the old Rinna, she would eat Diana up especially with those rumours surrounding her? My God, this would have been an iconic Rinna season. #RHOBH.

Like they’re clearly doing a lot for storylines as opposed to having things naturally play out #RHOBH.

She is in everybody’s business , with no storylin for 2 seasons now and she has the nerve to say that to Erika #RHOBH.

Erika keep taking your Xanax and drinking your tequila on your yacht which you called it honey The Hope all the victims heard Erika is a hot mess not a pretty mess. #RHOBH.

I’m still excited for what’s to come with the second half of #RHOBH especially for when that reunion comes up regarding Kyle, Kathy and Garcelle. #WWHL.

Kyle why you never speak up like you do on the confessionals ? @andycohn @BravoTV #RHOBH #WWHL.

Kyles Dress is plunging so low that her labia majora is screaming for attention ! #WWHL #RHOBH.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by BravoBravoFnBravo,BravoBravoFnBravo on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

Garcelle was actually the one who instigated this fight and she has the nerve to tell Erika not to involve herself in a group conversation! Girl STFU #rhobh.

#RHOBH Photo,#RHOBH Photo by stem bimbo 💅,stem bimbo 💅 on twitter tweets #RHOBH Photo

Stop being proud to be called a bully Erika. That’s not something to be proud of especially when it’s coming from victims of plane crashes that you robbed #RHOBH.

@erikajayne is trying sooo hard to be relevant and make this about her. The only relevant thing about you sis is the fraud you and your husband committed!!! #RHOBH.


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