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$REV finished up 62% today. In last 5 days it’s up 293%. Yup. See how bullish the flow was. Congrats to those who followed..

⏲️60 Seconds $LZB $WGO $REV $OBCI $FNGD $COIN more @MarketRebels 🏴‍☠️ see you on @3at3_UOA.

50 million shares already today $REV kinda insane. $9,20s + exhaustion area see lots of selling / covering in that area. $ level tweeted earlier worked to the penny almost ($)..


$VIVK borrow fee vs $REV borrow fee. $REV went from $1 to $9 so far..

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by BB,BB on twitter tweets $REV Photo

$BOXD nice $2400 and done for day up $10K on $REV as well! 💯🚨 Join us at 🟢.

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We called $REV on our premarket private Discord channel as well as on TikTok and YouTube and it went up 50%! To join our private Discord and get our pre-market picks, click the link!.

Most mentioned tickers on WallStreetBets (Last Hour): 1. $TSLA
2. $REV
3. $META
4. $AMD
5. $BE.

$REV amazing did exactly what $HTZ did and I fkn knew it , I haven’t had enough time this week to be in anything , this was a win for many please be careful I have seen the pain as well in past stocks like this. Good job to those who held in $1-$2 dip 👌👌👌.

Heading out here. Got two decent trades on $LLL and $REV. Hit the daily goal and getting out. Enjoy the trading day, see ya tomorrow 👍💰.

$REV had the right idea on the dip buy. Once it halted I moved stopped to break even and was looking for 2-3 legs up to cover. Sucky thing it wiped back and took a break even on it.

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by FinalBoss,FinalBoss on twitter tweets $REV Photo

Most mentioned tickers in #WSB in last 1H 1. $TSLA (48)
2. $SPY (45)
3. $META (21)
4. $OIL (19)
5. $REV (15)
6. $AMD (9)
7. $GME (7)
8. $QQQ (6)
9. $FB (5)
10. $SQQQ (5).

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by Stocksera,Stocksera on twitter tweets $REV Photo

Top 5 trending #redditarmy #stocks in the last 4 hours | Sym |ChtVol | %chg |🚀 🐻
| $SPY | 37 | | 🚀
| $TSLA | 32 | | 🚀
| $REV | 26 | | 🚀
| $CPI | 19 | | 🚀
| $GME | 13 | | 🚀 Access wider trends:.

Trending Stocks on #fintwit: Source: 1. $REV 🥇
2. $LLL 🥈
3. $QQQ 🥉
4. $SPY
5. $META
6. $MO
7. $SPX
8. $TSLA
9. $XLE
10. $DTIL ( Sorted by most recent ).

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by FINAP$E ⚡,FINAP$E ⚡ on twitter tweets $REV Photo

They Say When The Glasses Come Off The Recession Has Been Confirmed SMH 😂 $REV $LLL $QTNT $USWS $SPY.

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by YGLDMETG,YGLDMETG on twitter tweets $REV Photo

$REV Revlon (REV) Stock Soars 65% on Buyout Rumors Retail Investor Interest.

$REV I’m good with this for now. I’ll watch for continuation and look for more high probability setups. 🤝.

Top News for $REV
06/22/2022, 14:02:21
Revlon touches 10-week high as wild post-bankruptcy trading continues
$REV $ ^ $.

Most Active Stocks:
$REV $ $
$MULN $ $
$AMD $ $
$AAPL $ -$
$CLVS $ -$
$META $ $
$AMZN $ $
$MO $ -$
$AAL $ -$
$NVDA $ -$.

Top News for $REV
06/22/2022, 14:02:20
Revlon touches 10-week high as wild post-bankruptcy trading continues
$REV $ ^ $.

Top 5 trending #redditarmy #stocks in the last 4 hours | Sym |ChtVol | %chg |🚀 🐻
| $SPY | 37 | | 🚀
| $TSLA | 32 | | 🚀
| $REV | 25 | | 🚀
| $CPI | 20 | | 🚀
| $GME | 13 | | 🚀 Access wider trends:.

$REV Remember! There is no such thing as “HITTING THE SCANNER”
All these “guru’s” are only trading top gainers/ top losers of the day!🔥🔥🔥
One just needs to know the entries & exits on these to be consistently profitable! All trades verified!✅✅✅.

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by TWOWSofficial,TWOWSofficial on twitter tweets $REV Photo

Market Movers: Actives
June 22, 2022 — 10:00 AM EDT 🟢 $REV +
🔴 $LU 🔴 $NIO 🟢 $AMD +
🔴 $AAPL.

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by Market Index,Market Index on twitter tweets $REV Photo

Market Movers: Gainers
June 22, 2022 — 10:00 AM EDT 🟢 $OBCI +
🟢 $REV +
🟢 $WVE +
🟢 $DNAY +
🟢 $PEV +.

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by Market Index,Market Index on twitter tweets $REV Photo

$OCGN will go up because the market makes no sense, just look at $TSLA

$REV Photo,$REV Photo by soren ronan,soren ronan on twitter tweets $REV Photo

Most mentioned tickers on Twitter (Last Hour): 1. $REV
2. $LLL
3. $TSLA
4. $MULN
5. $XELA.

$LOTZ bankruptcy theme… rotate profits from $REV ! Cheap play imo, held down for so long, no reason it should drop any lower.


US Market Winners 1st $OBCI $ +
2nd $REV $ +
3rd $LLL $ +
4th $USWS $ +
5th $BHAT $ +.

Top 5 trending #redditarmy #stocks in the last 4 hours | Sym |ChtVol | %chg |🚀 🐻
| $SPY | 37 | | 🚀
| $TSLA | 32 | | 🚀
| $REV | 24 | | 🚀
| $CPI | 20 | | 🚀
| $GME | 13 | | 🚀 Access wider trends:.

$OBCI (+), $REV (+), $DNAY (+), $SRNE (+), $ABCL (+) TOP MARKET DECLINERS:
$ATHA (), $MFGP (), $SIDU (), $PFHC (), $BORR () #Stocks.


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