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#VERZUZ Presents: Omarion vz Mario + BONUS VERZUZ Matchup with Ray J & Bobby V vz Pleasure P & Sammie WATCH HERE or go to for all streams.

Ray J pulled out a mic stand for “Wait a minute?” #Verzuz.

Ray J Photo,Ray J Photo by philip lewis,philip lewis on twitter tweets Ray J Photo

@J_kaliy そういう意味では、日本の家電技術者の頭脳流出を少しでも食い止めているのは、アイリスオーヤマなのでしょうね。ちなみに、私の妹宅の冷蔵庫はハイアールです。急に壊れたときすぐ手配できて、安価でなんの不満もないとのことです。いまの70代以上くらいだと、現実を受け止め切れないのでしょうね。.

@ray_fyk なので仕事部屋のクーラーはアイリスオオヤマにしました。.

@J_kaliy あっ、そうだ。昨年妹宅では専用冷凍庫を買ったのですが、それもハイアールでした。リピーターになったみたいです。.

Me knowing other Ray J songs beside One Wish #VERZUZ.

Ray J Photo,Ray J Photo by MaltLiquorPapi,MaltLiquorPapi on twitter tweets Ray J Photo

@J_kaliy 安くて余計な機能が付いていなくて、いいですよね。アイリスオーヤマ製品はなんでも安いですけど、とくにエアコンの価格差はびっくりするほどですね。“ミニマム”の価格設定の考えかたが、根底からちがうのでしょう。.

@J_END_S 한동안 눈을 뜰 수도 없었고 퉁퉁 부은 채로 다녔어. 그리고 지금도 그렇고.(다른 한쪽 눈보다 동공이 풀려있다.) 잘 작동도 안 되지. 심하면  그냥 장식이야.(키득키득 웃는다.) 지금은 그냥 다니지만 나갈때 선글라스가 필요해..

@J_END_S 일단 또래 애들과의 생각은 안 나는군. 대신 어른들의 폭력, 아버지의 폭력이나 머리로나 몸에 남아있군.(오른쪽 눈 옆 상처를 보여준다.) 도박에 돈을 한탕 잃어 어머니에게 분풀이하던 밤이었지. 난 말리다가 아버지에게 밀려났고 모서리에 눈을 찍혔네..

What else is Ray J go play after “Sexy Can I” & “One Wish”? 😹 What Valentino song is he beating with those 2?.

Team Ray J and Bobby V gon be a lil tough with One Wish and Slow Down vs Sammie and Pleasure P Come With Me, Boyfriend #2.

The hell mario gonna play other than Let me love you. It should’ve been Omarion vs Ray J. Tf.

@ADoseofMoe22 They are teaming up. Its not two separate battles. Its Bobby and Ray J vs. Sammy and Pleasure..

So Ray J just confirmed he was the one with the budget. I’m screaming. This ghetto as hell 💀.

@NacksonD That’s probably why they added Ray j Sammie pleasure p and Bobby v to take up time.

I don’t care how many dancers they and special guest they being out Bobby. v and Ray J not beating Sammi and Pleasure P #verzuz.


I want Ray J to perform “Why I Lie” from the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack. I used to be in love #Verzuz.

Verzuz getting cooked by Ray J and Bobby V on their own platform.

Ray J Photo,Ray J Photo by Hakkusa,Hakkusa on twitter tweets Ray J Photo

@_ParadiseParis1 Girl my 12 year old can outsing Ray J 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂.

@JustLIA_ Right! I was so blown when he said that! Because like Ray J, Sammie can sing better than you!.

Ray J keep saying he from LA, he doin it for the city but ain’t he from Mississippi … 🤨.

Where is the video of the brother on stage wit his rapper brother? That’s brandy supporting ray j 😂.

No to did you wrong and yes Ray j did the song and it sounded horrible chile.

Lmaoooooo No sound check, no dancers, no budget 😭😭😭 JESUS Pleasure said “that’s cute but Ray J you still can’t sing hoe” #verzuz.

Ray J said they all friends but Pleasure and Sammie not giving me friendly vibes 😂😂😂😂.

ray j really has the best catalog outta all 4 of ‘em… but the fucking auto tune is killing me 😭😭😭.

Pleasure P just embarrassed Ray J 🤣🤣🤣 “you called us we ain’t call u” 🤣🤣🤣🤧.

Ray J, we only know songs from Raydiation…and that really just means these three.

Ray J Photo,Ray J Photo by Jas Cherise ❤,Jas Cherise ❤ on twitter tweets Ray J Photo

Hence Ray J being the one to bring backup dancers and a 3-piece band 😂😂😂😂 #VERZUZ.


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