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Two allies, two leaders coming together on common threats. They have the vision to stand united on the DPRK and challenges to a Free and Open Indo-Pacific. Bold action requires bold leadership, and Prime Minister Kishida and President Yoon are showing it..

Prime Vision Photo,Prime Vision Photo by ラーム・エマニュエル駐日米国大使,ラーム・エマニュエル駐日米国大使 on twitter tweets Prime Vision Photo

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio joined other free nations at the 77th General Assembly on Tuesday in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an outrage that “tramples on the vision and principles of the Charter.”.

The Prime Vision broadcast is pretty cool. (Apologies if I’m late to this. I don’t really watch the NFL much anymore.).

#AmazonPrime delivering hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had watching a game. Between prime vision and the player names lasting in to the play, Ivan barely catch half of what’s happening. This #TnF experience is downright awful.

He is the first #Israeli prime minister to speak of a vision of an Israeli and a #Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace since Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UNGA in 2016..

@benbbaldwin You try the prime vision or whatever? All 22 all the time with player tracking.

@jadendaly Prime vision with next gen stats is a fresh look too. It show routes or coverage during the play..

@Bulldogwgr I agree. The prime vision broadcast makes up for the poor color commentary though.

Good news, the Prime Vision version of the broadcast is synced almost perfectly. The main broadcast was at least 2 seconds off..


If anyone wants to view the real, true perspective and vision for our world, you need to watch the Prime Minister of Barbados at the United Nations today. Powerful statement..

@DocStaples you seeing this all-22 broadcast on Thursday Night Football? Amazon has the regular broadcast or this one, “Prime vision” will be available every week. ESPN and the other networks need to take note..

This Prime Vision Broadcast is amazing. Has the view of a 3rd level seat with all the things you would want in terms of viewing stats and everything.

This TNF Prime Vision broadcast is insane. All prime time games should have a feature like this..

It’s crazy how much better the viewing experience is on prime vision. Who would have thought being able to actually *see* a whole play develop would be a success? 😂 To be fair though, I’m not a huge fan of the big blue stat boxes….

Is Prime Vision not available outside of the US? I can’t even find the game streaming on my Amazon Prime Video app.

This “Prime Vision” is annoying. I want too watch the game. Careless for these stats 🤮🤮🤮 #ThursdayNightFootball.

@NFLonPrime can we get the route tracking on every pass play on the prime vision channel. It’s awesome to see what the routes were..

fuck out of here with this prime vision shit i can’t see shit when i’m watching it on my phone.

The Peripheral Saison 1 – Teaser Prime Video #Prime Vision.

Prime Vision Photo,Prime Vision Photo by 24H Sante,24H Sante on twitter tweets Prime Vision Photo

The prime vision thing where they highlight all the skill position players and then keep that after the play starts sucks ass extremely. Impossible to see what’s going on at the line.

@jlponIine he gotta be disgusted he’s about to tell them to cut off prime vision for this game.

@NFLonPrime on the Prime Vision with Next Gen stats please remove the players names a few seconds before the snap..


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