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Hit the like if you HODL $BOJI #PMSItMatters Giolito #PMSItMatters.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Queen of BOJI,Queen of BOJI on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@tbmart5 staying killing at life my friend

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by dylan cline,dylan cline on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @_justinarnold my boys gym gains look good recently 😤💪🏾 #PMSItMatters Cash app: $AdamAguirre0.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by SheLuvsTonto🖤,SheLuvsTonto🖤 on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@BBFFMikey Keep up all the hard work man! You’re doing great.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Justin ( 🧀 GO PACK GO 🧀),Justin ( 🧀 GO PACK GO 🧀) on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters @pruz25 you always have a story to make me laugh when things are tough! $teachmusicteach.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by 🎶 ❤️ Mrs. Witter Is ROCKIN summer break! ❤️,🎶 ❤️ Mrs. Witter Is ROCKIN summer break! ❤️ on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

We got ur back @VivalaZito Nobody knew those were meant to be Roman numerals! #PMSItMatters $Saltz90.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by @S_Saltz90,@S_Saltz90 on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters @The_EQManager congrats on coming out of your class with an A! One steep closer to finishing grad school. Proud of you bro! $gabrielhard1n.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Gabriel Hardin,Gabriel Hardin on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@Scottypimpin_3 hope you have a good day my guy. Lets win one of these, eh? $jjudd16 #PMSItMatters @PatMcAfeeShow.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Joey Judd,Joey Judd on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

#PMSItMatters @The_EQManager congrats on coming out of your class with an A! One steep closer to finishing grad school. Proud of you bro! $gabrielhard1n.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Gabriel Hardin,Gabriel Hardin on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

#PMSItMatters Thank Yew to my wife who sometimes sits DAHN to watch the @PatMcAfeeShow with me. $Patmils.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Pat Mils,Pat Mils on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

Love @PatMcAfeeShow looking after @DariusJButler for his Good Morning Football debut on todays show. D-But has the knowledge and talent to crush the media game #PMSItMatters $onebrokestooge.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by A.C.,A.C. on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow It matters!!! #PMSItMatters @WattsEliot thanks for being awesome! $EmilyHicks82.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Emily Hicks ❤️🤗✌️,Emily Hicks ❤️🤗✌️ on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

Thanks @JoeyB for getting this town pumped for FOOTBALL! #PMSItMatters @CashApp $markmann78.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by mark doll,mark doll on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters I just want to send out thoughts and prayers to Roger Goodell for his dementia diagnosis. Hope you’re ok! $Scarbin509 cash app!.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Zac Scarbin,Zac Scarbin on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

#PMSitmatters @RemixNinja94 you have a fantastic looking new haircut and I hope you and everyone on the twitter machine has a very pleasant day. $BJHodges86.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Brandon Hodges,Brandon Hodges on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo


#PMSItMatters @PatMcAfeeShow thank you for continuing to entertain the masses! Loved your NXT program with Adam Cole too man! You breathe fresh air into the WWE. Not to mention how great your show is. $joenacarato.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Joe,Joe on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

#pmsitmatters $blakenerren13 @bubbagumpino is a good Gahmbler.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by nerren,nerren on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSitmatters @Desireegs_ you’re the most beautiful person I know ❤️ $blackwassp.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Full Sends Only,Full Sends Only on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

Thank yew @VivalaZito for the roman numeral thoughts. $maxatron #PMSItMatters.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by RaiseLordo,RaiseLordo on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

#PMSItMatters Not enough can be said about my friend @RedRosesForAme1 , she is so caring and generous. Such a giving wonderful person. She helps our teachers with their lists all the time. God Bless Her. ✌❤🙏.

@PatMcAfeeShow I have the most sweetest grandsons on love them to death,as well as their mother ,my daughter @sheamichaelsmom .If I had too, I would lay down my life for them all. #PMSItMatters $adr12528.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Augusta Rose,Augusta Rose on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters
@Supermomof3x You are strong ,loving, and beautiful inside and out! $Riichez98.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Wizkid,Wizkid on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters
@Jwizr23 thanks for always being my brotha from anotha motha have an amazing day my guy!

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by jessejaymes81,jessejaymes81 on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@acash12 IT MATTERS BAY BAY!!!! Whooo!!! Thanks for being my friend pal have a great day!!! 🍻🍻$JT3012 #PMSItMatters.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Saltwater Cowboy,Saltwater Cowboy on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters shout out to that beautiful sum bitch @robbie_cole10, he is your girl’s favorite CPA. Man is DANGEROUS w/ a spreadsheet. women have dropped to their knees in pure ecstasy when they see him out in his birks. Hits a decent golf ball too. Cash tag is: $BandzJackie.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Jackson Blair,Jackson Blair on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @Lucky1Baby_Girl you’re always so sweet! I love you like a sister!
#PMSItMatters $louisepaula.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by M2 Cash Paula (🐝,🐝)9310,M2 Cash Paula (🐝,🐝)9310 on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSItMatters @jakemiller1210 I’m excited for the sailing season buddy and wouldn’t rather have anyone else at the helm! I’ve never won one of these but we’ll see 🤞🏼 $cmckeon3.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Connor mckeon,Connor mckeon on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

#PMSitmatters @SteveTasker89 is the man and should be in the HOF. $mattw32.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Matt,Matt on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #pmsitmatters Shout aht to @OfficialAJHawk for making it back to the show! $Traviscory15.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by 🅿️eter 🅿️asta🤌,🅿️eter 🅿️asta🤌 on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo

Thank Yew @BostonConnr for the incredible flow you have $ColinD412.

#PMSItMatters Photo,#PMSItMatters Photo by Colin Donahue,Colin Donahue on twitter tweets #PMSItMatters Photo


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