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@PatMcAfeeShow Choose me I need a new camera for my film company🙏 #PMSHellOfATuesday $bluedevils1998 @Jokeeee_ top tier capper.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by James Ross,James Ross on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellOfATuesday @MissyMomOfTwo thanks for being my best friend 🥰 $DaintyMae.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924,DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @MissyMomOfTwo thanks for being my best friend 🥰 $DaintyMae.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924,DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@ed_reyes_ I hope you have the best tuesday ever and secure tix to Cruz vs Vera w @leonelcommas in SD 🤷🏻‍♂️ #PMSHellOfATuesday $RickDaRula661.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by RickDaRula,RickDaRula on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @colincore you are very kind my brother thank you for all the nice things $LordSinclairCortez.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Lord Cortez,Lord Cortez on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Got me though round 2 vs Covid today, we love yew Pat, AJ, and the Boys @CardsBuckeye you’re a sniper $TCpicks.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by TC,TC on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


#PMSHellOfATuesday Hope those freight bills are going smooth today champ! @robdresch @PatMcAfeeShow $wjbags.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by JB,JB on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday
Big brain show!! Shaaat ahhht to you and the boys for not calling out like AJ! Lol.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Horacio,Horacio on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

Shoutaht Dr. Rolle for the brain lesson #PMSHellOfATuesday

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Go Pack Go,Go Pack Go on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow $AdamLax Im tweeting my grandfather in heaven he, gained passed away about a month ago and want to thank him for sharing his love of football with me day in and day out $AdamLax #PMSHellOfATuesday.

#PMSHellOfATuesday $leighnamie @TysMommy417 thank you for being genuine 💯 of the time and kind to everyone no matter what. I love you ❤️.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Leighnamie🤍,Leighnamie🤍 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @NateHose your hair looks immaculate when it’s windy $ianhose THANK YEW PAT! THANK YEW PHIL!

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Ian Hose,Ian Hose on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #pmshellofatuesday $jbcruzan love you Lilly ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by @Johnny24k,@Johnny24k on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow Shoutout for Boston Connor for taking the 8 year old trash talk so well. 😆 #PMSHellOfATuesday $BenWetherby.

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday
$ladybugbear @wackattack69 Thank you for tagging me in things, I appreciate it ❤😃.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by DestinyK,DestinyK on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Have a happy birthday today, @MsDopesauce! $2HSco.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by AZcomm,AZcomm on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@ColtonM87233550 @danorlovsky7 #pmshellofatuesday $jbcruzan love you Lilly ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by @Johnny24k,@Johnny24k on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


@PatMcAfeeShow @Pirates thanks for calling up Cruz!
$Rrandall87 #PMSHellofaTuesday.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Rob,Rob on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @jjkassen2019 I love your dedication to serving others as an RN & in your daily life! #PMSHellOfATuesday $Zebracakez09.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Desiree,Desiree on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @hathaway_max you’re a great roommate, love livin with ya $jmun617 Thanks lads.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Jon,Jon on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

Shoutout gronk on a legendary career, best tight end of all time #PMSHellOfATuesday $jimmyneutron648.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by jimmy,jimmy on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellofATuesday hope the rams win their division this year @thejay805_ $tapitpapi.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Hernán,Hernán on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellOfATuesday Instagram Fonts Generator.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Elizabeth,Elizabeth on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Thank you to my nephew for giving me his old pc parts

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Cesar Menchaca,Cesar Menchaca on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@bubbagumpino Miss you Gump #PMSHellOfATuesday $ValePlacido.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by vale giff,vale giff on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellOfATuesday Pat You Guys Make My Day Go By Everyday When I Have You Guys Doing Your Work And Keep Striving Dawg @PatMcAfeeShow.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Matty_IceBerg,Matty_IceBerg on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday. @Elizabeth81683 Have a great day $lizzie8302.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Tigersfan83,Tigersfan83 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow Or now! LOL
@andreama13 Thank you for all you do!
#PMSHellOfATuesday $SalinaCollege.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by S Alina B,S Alina B on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow Thank you for this incredible chance! #PMSHellOfATuesday @TinkyAlwaysWins oh let me tell you about my bff here, this girl will make any bad day brighter than the sun. She’s always uplifting and hilarious wrapped up in one! I know many would agree❤️ $KarenRussel.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Karen_Ru,Karen_Ru on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Hey @danorlovsky7 congrats on finally having a good list this morning! $AldinBecic.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Red Lasso,Red Lasso on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


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