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According to CBS News out of the Top 10 deadliest cities in America, 7 of them are in Republican-run states. Now, follow-up question: were you one of the members who sought a pardon after Jan 6th? I didn’t..

Breaking: Cheney says Republican Scott Perry contacted the White House in the weeks after Jan. 6 to seek a Presidential Pardon. She adds: Multiple other Republican congressmen also sought Presidential Pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election..

If you’re a Member of Congress who asked Trump to pardon you for your role in January 6th, Resign immediately..

@GroupeSNCF @VivaTech Hahahaha!!!! Pardon. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! Non, c’est pour déconner? Parce qu’entre l’application et le site… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!’.

@Out5p0ken Hmmm….spread sheet with how much $ can get for each pardon? Some commission for Jared on each – sure if tfg going to sign pardons not doing it for free 😂😂.

wondering if @seanhannity was also seeking presidential pardon?.

Decisions, decisions. Should I ask for my pardon before or after the BJ?.

Je pensais que la polygamie était interdite par les crétins, (pardon les chrétiens) ?.

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Ayy pardon ver #OyYokGarideGari.

@HouseGOP Okay, let’s hear the roll call. Which of you requested a pardon for your involvement in the Jan 6th coup to overthrow our democracy? Your in for a seriously long time out. Yeah right. I think we need punitive punishment for treason..

@Jim_Jordan Maybe when Democrat run cities conspire to overturn an election and invite a violent and deadly insurrection and attack on the building you work in. You know like you did. Did you ask for a pardon? #January6thHearings.

Pardon me, just testing some available usernames that I won’t even use (but probably will take one for my priv lol if it’s pretty enough.).

@MeidasTouch @GOP The American people deserve to know who the GOP-ers are who sought a presidential pardon for their role in the attempt to overturn the elections After J6..

@TjTj19344047 @Chawaui Trump then pardons him. 2000 miles was probably Dinesh’s “thank you” to Trump.


@TimRunsHisMouth Then you aren’t curious at all about which Republican politicians begged for a presidential pardon from Trump for the roles they played in the insurrection before he left office?.

The Jan. 6 committee previously identified Rep. Andy Biggs (Ariz.) as a GOP congressman who sought a presidential pardon following the Jan. 6 attack. via @HuffPost.

@senrobportman Everyone is saying that you are one of the Congressmen that went to Trump for a pardon regarding Jan 6th. Care to explain why that is?.

@GOP You knew longer than that. Then voted against baby formula relief. We know many of GOP members begged tRump for a pardon. They knew they committed treason, which ones asked to be pardoned?.

@freedomcaucus @RepScottPerry I guess he’s worried about the consequences of NOT GETTING A PARDON!.

@emilybrooksnews @RebeccaBeitsch Cheney said “As you will see, Representative Perry contacted the White House in the weeks after January 6th to seek a presidential pardon. So they have a text, an email or a letter..

Livestream soon.
With that being said, pardon me while I flex on almost everyone!.

Pardon Photo,Pardon Photo by Emersonac Studios,Emersonac Studios on twitter tweets Pardon Photo

@RepScottPerry You asked for a pardon. @January6thCmte has the receipts. “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.” #LizChaney.

@MysterySolvent I think that’s the, “please don’t declare my pardon unconstitutional” look..

@freedomcaucus @RepScottPerry Hey Scott: If nothing criminal happened on January 6 2021 why did you seek a Presidential Pardon for the role you played in the attempted coup?.

@joshtpm It sounded like an important revenue stream. That he would be cranking the handle of the pardon mill while White House legal counsel is whining and repeatedly threatening to quit painting quite a picture..

@ATAISIK_ Yar saçların lüle lüle, hadi AKPliler
güle güle, pardon adisyonu ödemediniz, sizi biraz bekleticegiz.
Ödemem derseniz, sizi bulup geri

@RepScottPerry And you sought a pardon from trump? Why was that, mr. perry? As a Pennsylvanian and Republican (not for long), I AM DISGUSTED WITH YOU and the whole damn lot of you!.

How many of these GOP Republican Seditionist who Criminally Conspired to Overthrow the Election Results & secretly met with Trump & Mark Meadows to beg for a Pardon. We demand these Disgraced Seditionists be exposed on National TV..

Pardon Photo,Pardon Photo by jespanol,jespanol on twitter tweets Pardon Photo

@cemhakan217 @Rmysa__Ylmaz Pardon sen olaya ne kadar hakimsin bilip bilmeden konuşuyorsun.


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