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Hay una información circulando acerca de que Pablo Sandoval @KFP48 #Magallanes se va operar el hombro al culminar sus compromisos en México, no tengo conocimiento de eso; si llegase a ser correcta es muy posible que no pueda participar en la temporada 2022-2023 con Magallanes.

Chris Sale is useless motherfucker. How can somebody so much skinnier than Pablo Sandoval be a bigger fucking albatross?.

@scottzolak Carl Crawford, Pablo Sandoval, Gordon Hayward are all much much much worse. At least Sale helped them win a World Series.

Which of these Red Sox contracts is the worst in recent team history? – Chris Sale: 5 years, $145M (signed in 2019)
– David Price: 7 years, $217M (2015)
– Pablo Sandoval: 5 years, $95M (2014)
– Carl Crawford: 7 years, $142M (2010).

They paid Carl Crawford a 7/145 mill contract. He played in 0 playoff games They paid Pablo Sandoval 5/90 mill contract he played in 0 playoff games Sale was rewarded a contract for helping win a WS….that was in 2018. They’ve since played in an ALCS even w/ that contract.

@Mat_Germain_ @jasong_023 Wander is 4 weeks out from surgery ? James McCann had surgery May 17th and returned June 25th. Wander is a switch hitter so maybe complicates things ? but I looked up Pablo Sandoval who actually did it to both hands and each time 6 weeks..

Not even the worst contract in the last decade for the Sox. Pablo Sandoval and Carl Crawford we’re way worse and they were healthy for the most part. Sale has just been screwed by injuries over and over again.

@SavageSports_ Carl Crawford? Pablo Sandoval? Obviously this one is awful as well but those are other names I think of.

@LouMerloni Pablo Sandoval is undoubtedly the worst contract they’ve ever given. I hate Sale but they got a chip with him at least..

@RicardoGibbon los Medias Rojas de Boston, han realizado excelentes contratos en la agencia libre, Pedro Martínez y Manny Ramírez. Sin embargo, no todos los contratos han corrido la misma suerte.
Rudney Castillo, Pablo Sandoval, Carl Crawford y ahora Chris Sale.

@BNightengale the Boston Red Sox, throughout its history, has made excellent contracts in free agency, Pedro Martínez and Manny Ramírez. However, not all contracts have suffered the same fate.
Rusney Castillo (2014-2016)
Pablo Sandoval (2015-2017)
Carl Crawford (2011- 12)
NOW Chris Sale.

@BaseballTerapia Babe Ruth. Seuraavaksi sitten jostain syystä (Kung Fu Panda -lempinimi & World Series 2014) Pablo Sandoval 😄.

La diferencia de carácter al que se refería @pablo_majluf Aquí @Luis_C_Sandoval parece uno de los mejores floreros (eso sí, le salió muy caro) de lopez.

@ColossalCasas Yeah I could agree like players Eric Hosmer, Patrick Corbin, Pablo Sandoval, and etc..

@IgnacioSerrano No seas ridiculo que permiso y que permiso un jugador juega aqui xq quiere siempre de jalabola de los grande ligas ya todos sabemos como son cuando están acabados como Pablo sandoval si juegan aqui.

@scottzolak You must’ve forgotten the Pablo Sandoval contract or even the David price one.

@BostonDotCom Worst free agent signing in @RedSox history, and that includes Pablo Sandoval.

@scottzolak The same organization literally signed Pablo Sandoval, so no the guy who closed out the world series for us is not the worst contract.

@chrisbrockman Look at Sale’s numbers and games played since 2019 and keep in mind he made $12m or so aav more than Sandoval. Plus they knew he was injured when they signed him just like they knew Pablo was huge but at least Pablo had played before while out of shape..

@scottzolak Pablo Sandoval’s contract was the absolute worst of any Boston sports team regardless of the sport..

“Worst contract in Boston sports” towards Chris Sale and yall clearly don’t remember Pablo Sandoval or Hanley Ramirez who got cut halfway through $80+ million deals..

@chrisbrockman Extending Sale after he couldn’t answer the bell in the World Series and not bringing him to spring training to check on his health was one of the worst signings in Red Sox history and that is saying a lot for a team that has signed Carl Crawford, Matt Young and Pablo Sandoval..


But please stop with worst contract in history. Are we forgetting Carl Crawford and Pablo Sandoval? Sale won a World Series. Just stop..

Carl Crawford exists. So does Gordon Hayward. As does Adrian Gonzalez. And Pablo Sandoval. There’s a decent list of people here.

@cbarroeta Los Yankees botarian al jugador y le pagan su dinero integro. Como hizo Red Sox con Pablo Sandoval, por ejemplo. No veo punto de comparación más allá de ambas son marcas importantes en el mundo..

@CherryManCometh @BleacherNation True. We traded a Corvette in Dylan Cease for a Buick. So I’m sure we can get Pablo Sandoval back if the pick is good..

@GilmanMarty I mean, I’m not going to defend Pablo Sandoval. He sucks, can’t stand him. But at least the guy accomplished something in his big league career, unlike Mr. “I do my own research & don’t criticize my play” Duran.


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