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WWE fears Randy Orton may have to undergo back surgery which could keep him out for the rest of the year, per @SeanRossSapp.

Orton Photo,Orton Photo by B/R Wrestling,B/R Wrestling on twitter tweets Orton Photo

The last three weeks:
Double or Nothing
MJF drama
Cody Rhodes injury
Punk injury, title situation
Danielson injury
Orton injury
Jeff Hardy DUI
Sasha Banks rumors
Vince McMahon investigation
Vince stepping down as CEO.

WWE fears that Randy Orton could be sidelined for the rest of 2022, Fightful Select has learned Full story, details, and the big summer plans they had for him on.

Orton Photo,Orton Photo by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com,Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com on twitter tweets Orton Photo

Brock Lesnar returns, SummerSlam match announced, Randy Orton has “operation” coming up.


@GOATGOD_1000 I know this isnt Cena vs Orton slander That saga completely washes Roman vs Brock.

I remember growing up and seeing Randy Orton as the Legend killer entered into the Viper and wrestling is not the same without him and I just hope that Randy Orton get better and get back in the ring and do what he do best strike out of nowhere get will @RandyOrton.

UPDATED: List of opponents Roman has defeated during this amazing 650+ day reign: Braun x2
Jey x2
Drew x2 The System
Owens x3
Bryan x4
Edge x2
The Power
Finn x2
Brock x2
The Man
Nakamura Big E
The Odds Riddle x2
Magnum PI
10 weeks off.

This Matt Riddle promo is 100% going to be used as the impetus for his feud with Orton when he comes #SmackDown.

Ni John Cena vs Randy Orton fue tan castrozo en su tiempo como Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reings.

@TheEnemiesPE3 Man everyone owes Randy Orton get well wishes and apologies for every bad word sent his way.


Much like Orton-Cena, people are gonna look back on Roman-Brock as an all time rivalry just because of the amount of times they faced each other, despite the fact that most of their matches sucked ass..

@nodqdotcom Look at Bloodline Roman. This run has been bigger than anything Orton has ever done by a mile(maybe.) That has to be what he means. Not many people have more accolades than Orton, so he HAS to be talking in a context like that right? Hes a legend, hes gonna take himself out soon..

WWE Announces Major Stipulation Match for SummerSlam, Randy Orton Health Update.

@indowf Padahal ini momen nya Drew banget apalagi orton cedera. Bisa jadi feud panjang sama Drew. Tapi yaaa emang kalau Lesnar yg maju ya kalah lah si Drew pamornya wkwkw.

Kinda sorta thought Orton was coming back to kill @SuperKingofBros and lose the match for him #smackdown.

@Saintwrestling1 I used to think Big Show, Randy Orton, and Triple H sang their theme songs as well.

@Falbak_ En realidad era Randy Orton pero por la lesión se canceló evidentemente, así que WWE vuelve a la vieja confiable Brock v Roman xD.

@wrestlemaniacos Eu prefiro hoje tudo menos o Roman que ja ta um saco, poreeeeem, Lesnar? Denovo? Ninguem ai teve uma ideia melhor? Puta que pariu vei. O foda é que os unicos que eu queria ver campeao hoje estao Orton e Cody Rhodes 😭😭.

WWE Announces Major Stipulation Match for SummerSlam, Randy Orton Health Update.

Lesnar and Reigns are determined to beat Cena vs Orton and Styles vs Daniels in Most PPV Matches against each other..

@JDfromNY206 People act like Roman doesnt have challengers but he does. You had Orton and Cody. Unfortunately, both hurt. You have Riddle (Tonight) and like you said, you just named 2.

@GettingOverCast This must be a backup plan…poor randy Orton probably just isn’t doing well with his injuries..

@DennisWeber76 @_denisesalcedo Ehhhh about that… we got Bork Lasner🤷🏼‍♂️ We get to see Brock vs Roman 1000 at Summerslam instead of a Cody Rhodes or a Randy Orton vs Roman (thanks to injuries) honestly coulda let Bobby Lashley take Summerslam, I wouldn’t have minded.

@BulletClubIta no this is what happens when cody and orton are out injured and we have seen reigns face edge rollins aj balor before and we are going to get balor vs edge at summerslam so who is left and lashley would be cool.

@SeanRossSapp This is probably worse than Cena vs Orton never ending feud. Also those matches were better for the most part.


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