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Norris and Sainz played golf together on Tuesday to relax before the race this weekend “Who won?” “We were teammates” #F1 #CanadianGP.

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Formula 1
Formula 1

Bottas #AzerbaijanGP #F1.

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🚨 Stewards: 5 second time penalty for Norris for speeding in the pit lane #F1 #CanadianGP.


A look back at some previous Norris Trophy winners, who do you think will take it home this year? 🤩 📺: Watch the #NHLAwards on Tuesday at 7p ET on @espn and @Sportsnet.

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Norris sobre las quejas de Russell/Hamilton: Estoy seguro que Mercedes puede endurecer el piso y levantar el coche y seria mucho mas agradable para ellos pero no quieren perder rendimiento Fin de la discusión..

Hamilton i Norris – bez żadnego postępowani sędziów. Obaj wezwani za zbyt wolną jazdę na okrążeniu wyjazdowym #elevenf1.

@wtf1official Lando Norris literally said McLaren could go faster if they would lower the ride height, but the porpoising would be too bad for them. He added Mercedes made different choices. Mercedes just need to slow down, improve their car, or accept the current situation..

Norris was acting very mad for someone who can’t place on a map the country he’s spending the weekend in btw #F1 #AzerbaijanGP.

Norris engineer telling him not to pass Lewis when he’s off the racing line ? “Don’t let him play silly” tf did I just hear #F1 #AzerbaijanGP.

lando norris makes it so easy to dislike him who does he think he is.

People forget how terrible the second drivers were last year LANDO NORRIS WAS THIRD IN THE STANDINGS IN A MCLAREN 😭😭.

Norris miał dziś problemy z jednostką. Sam kierowca nie jest pewien, czy nie będzie potrzebował jutro wymiany. #F1pl #EchaPadoku.

Giancarlo Stanton off LHP Daniel Norris – mph, 12 degrees (384 ft Double) mph Changeup
#Cubs @ #Yankees (B3).

El fallo en el McLaren de Norris fue en su unidad de potencia..

Magnussen has been given the hurry up by his Haas team to get by Ocon, in the knowledge Norris is hunting them both down. #F1.

@ausgrandprix @danielricciardo P6 may have been possible if he were allowed to pass Norris early on. Clearly had the page at the time..

@Sugar_7K @MattyWTF1 that was a perfect turn and he only lost 1 position, Norris done that twice in practice and had to do a 3 point turn and a 5 point turn.

Lando Norris acepta las órdenes de equipo en su contra: No es el fin del mundo Pero la hiciste súper difícil Lando !! Todo el final llorando …. 🤷‍♂️.

NAH how is Norris being called to the stewards when Hamilton was the one driving slow infront of him and held up his flying lap💀.

Norris has caught and passed the yet-to-pitstop Bottas to take 12th place and move 4s off Magnussen next up, who is stuck behind Ocon in the super-fast in a straight line Alpine. #F1.

@gaIIy11 Can I introduce you to Josh Norris and Tim Stützle?.

Norris Photo,Norris Photo by Phil Lallier (33-42-7),Phil Lallier (33-42-7) on twitter tweets Norris Photo

Resultado completo del domingo😎
Hamilton top 6✅
Vettel top 10✅
Norris top 10✅
Checo podio✅
RB gana ✅
NER ENA -154✅
NER TT +105✅
Irán AANO -175❌
Rays +100✅
Giants +115✅
Márquez ov k 4,5✅
Verlander ov k k -160❌
Springs ov k -160✅.

McLaren: Norris, güç ünitesinde çözemediğimiz ve seansa devam etmesini engelleyecek bir sorun bildirdi..

Norris Photo,Norris Photo by Sarı Bayrak #YüzdeYüzŞampiyon,Sarı Bayrak #YüzdeYüzŞampiyon on twitter tweets Norris Photo

“The KKK hit me over the head with a pistol and knocked me out because I was running around with a white woman… white people walking around, ‘Look at that nigger, bleeding to death.’
– Mike Norris, on playing minor league ball in Birmingham.

Norris Photo,Norris Photo by Bradford William Davis,Bradford William Davis on twitter tweets Norris Photo

Class B: Norris takes down Lathrop (MO) 61-40. I will certainly have to mark my calendar for the Titans come winter. @TitanHoops160 | @NXTPROHoopsMO #NXTPRO.

Norris Photo,Norris Photo by NxtPro Nebraska,NxtPro Nebraska on twitter tweets Norris Photo

Debatable. Gonna be exciting to see Tim Stützle and Josh Norris compete with Shane Wright and Nick Suzuki for which 1-2 center punch is the best in the league..

Sin sanción para Hamilton por ralentizar en exceso durante la calificación. Tampoco para Norris..

Norris lanjut mosak masik, kini overtake Bottas untuk posisi ke 12. #AzerbaijanGP #F1.

@reactive_dude lol here’s another one Chuck Norris doesn’t get a paper cut Paper gets a Chuck Norris cut.

Lando Norris is the hottest F1 2022 driver by far🤤👅🍆😋🥵.

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