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Woke ESPN imbecile Jalen Rose demands Mt. Rushmore be canceled..

Keep Mt Rushmore out of your mouth. No one gives a damn what you find offensive. Shush!.

The radical left has resorted to erasing the history of Mt. Rushmore because this is what they do. They aim to erase our history and tear things down to make a name for themselves..

This is pretty compelling. , like a lot of things in US History, is pretty f***ed up when you read about it’s history..

Can’t believe we haven’t done this one. What’s on the Mt Rushmore of buddy-cop movies? Our picks: Lethal Weapon Beverly Hills Cop
Rush Hour
Hot Fuzz Let’s hear it. What did we miss?
( a movie doesn’t have to be a comedy to be considered a buddy-cop film 😉).

Mt Rushmore Photo,Mt Rushmore Photo by RushmoreLists,RushmoreLists on twitter tweets Mt Rushmore Photo

Can these people just go away. Seriously if ur not happy with living in the United States then go elsewhere. Stop trying to change our history. Again if MT Rushmore offends, TOO BAD..

@Str8Outta954 If we cancel Mt. Rushmore because it was stolen from Native Americans and given an Anglo name, then nearly the entire geography of the US should be cancled..

@JalenRose Ok how about MT Rushmore of idiots. It would be Jalen, Biden, cheddar Bob, and Lebron James..

@TomiLahren Uh building Mt Rushmore on sacred Native American land is pretty offensive.

@JalenRose You really have no clue regarding Mt. Rushmore! It has been and will be around longer than you will!.

@TheGeneral_0 Mt Rushmore offensive? No. Saying “underneef”. Now that is offensive..

@JalenRose Mt. Rushmore is beautiful. Put it on your bucket list and ignore this fool.

@FoxNews I just watched 1 of your hosts @CarleyShimkus tell obvious mis truth. Crazy horse monument is right next to Mt. Rushmore? They miles apart?!.

@JalenRose This is “woke” perspective – probably not taking 10 min to do the research and educate yo-self on the history of human migration & settlement. Without “Mt Rushmore” Or Europeans colonizing, Jalen would be a buck naked old man, not a rich, smart, but too woke “philosopher”.

@Richard82467891 Remove Mt. Rushmore is the easy way to distract away from the failures of social leaders, specifically the professional athletes @JalenRose Think how professional athletes behave to keep their most loyal followers. Mt. Rushmore the problem for these kids? The cops?.

@JalenRose I’m sure your intent was NOT to destroy Mt Rushmore as only one ignorant about the UNiVERSAL history of expansionism as well as tribal conquering and enslavement of others by indigenous tribes WORLDWIDE would make such an absurd statement.

@FoxNews this is the mindset that would eventually have us tearing down Mt. Rushmore and every other monument, statue or anything of political importance in this country. Fools like this will never stop..

@JalenRose Take a hike Jalen. Obviously looking for a promotion from ESPN with this lib take on Mt Rushmore. Can you be anymore divisive? Stirring up controversy for the hell of it..

Suggestion @JalenRose ludicrous attempt at 15 minutes of fame.😂🤦‍♀️Learn your history. A history book called The First Peoples you desperately need to read. It will educate you to the history of the Lakota Tribe of Mt. Rushmore, their history of warring/enslaving other tribes..

I’m probably getting ready to offend people, but really don’t care, stop all the guilt, the four men at Mt. Rushmore, is why until this Administration messed it all up, is why people are where they are today, give the money back playing sports, etc. then you may have the right to.

So apparently, we should cancel Mt. Rushmore because it’s offensive to “indigenous” people? Mr. Rose, since you are not indigenous, you have no framework to claim Mt. Rushmore is offensive..

@JalenRose You’re one of the dumbest people I’ve heard speak in my life , just shut your mouth , the men on Mt Rushmore we’re 50 times the person you’ll ever be . You’re a clown ..

@JalenRose Your stupid looking glasses are offensive!!!!

@Johnny_Joey J Rose is dissing the Mt. Rushmore Monument because he’s irrelevant and is trying to regain 15 minutes of fame..

@BoSnerdley Jalen Rose is on the Mt Rushmore of sports broadcasters who give idiotic opinions on things outside of sports – Jemelle Hill, him, Max Kellerman, and one more….

@chrisjon76 @FoxNews Nobody is claiming the name of Mt Rushmore is violating a constitutional amendment. You understand that, right?.

@NickAdamsinUSA Oh yeah and Crazy Horse will be pointing a bow & arrow at your precious Mt. Rushmore for.

Mt Rushmore Photo,Mt Rushmore Photo by Maxwell Unplugged,Maxwell Unplugged on twitter tweets Mt Rushmore Photo

.@JalenRose Your thoughts on the men depicted on Mt. Rushmore can only be described as beyond ignorance. You have ZERO knowledge of actual history. Without them, this country doesn’t exist. Your celebrity & wealth doesn’t exist. Stick to someone you barely know, basketball. #81.

@FoxNews This idiot is offensive. Mt Rushmore is a national monument, treasure, and park. It’s dedicated to presidential patriots that brought us victory, liberty, and freedom from England’s King George III, as well freeing intolerant & unappreciative Blacks during our Civil War..

@JalenRose Not very bright are you? Conquest was a practice employed by the entire world and persists today. All Indian Tribes practiced conquest, including those near Mt Rushmore. It wasn’t their land until they conquered and took the land.


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