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Angelo Dawkins vs Jey Uso. Last week it was Jimmy Uso vs Montez Ford. WOW. What a tag team division we have here!!! #WWERaw.


Jey Uso vs Montez Ford 😂😂😂 After last night, I watched FTR speak so heartfelt about tag team wrestling. Tonight, I have to watch a company make a mockery of tag team wrestling #WWERaw.

Montez Ford is the real deal. Just … don’t break up Street Profits. Angelo Dawkins is too good to be Marty Jannetty’d #MITB.

Montez Ford venceu Jey Uso em mais uma singles match entre as tags antes do MITB. Acho legal demais rolarem confrontos de simples entre as tags durante suas feuds, principalmente com caras tão bons como Montez e Jey. #WWERAW.

Montez Ford before bulking up vs. Montez Ford after bulking up #WWERaw.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by Doc Bruce Lee 🇰🇷,Doc Bruce Lee 🇰🇷 on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

Jeff J.
Jeff J.

I’m gonna say something that some of y’all might think is wild… Montez Ford has an Okada type presence in the ring to me. He just looks like he belongs with the best of the best. Once he starts a legit solo career, the sky is his floor. #wweraw.

Excellent match with Jey Uso and Montez Ford. Ford is a ridiculous athlete. They really meshed well here. This match could be amazing on Saturday. #WWERaw.

@WWE @MontezFordWWE Jey Uso and Montez Ford just had one hell of a match, damn. Jey thrived very well as a singles star in 2022, I truly think Ford would thrive just as much on his own as well. Need a Montez Ford singles run.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by CONNER,CONNER on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

cena/montez ford print the money and throw the theory gimmick away pal.

#WWERaw live results: Montez Ford vs. Jey Uso.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

I’ve been saying it and I will keep saying Montez Ford is a future wwe champion #mitb.

Let me guess….. They’ll do another rematch and if the Street Profits lose, Montez Ford will turn on Angelo Dawkins. …..rightttttt?! #MITB.

En la segunda lucha de la noche, Montez Ford derrota a Jey Uso 🔥 #WWERaw.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by AEWyWWE,AEWyWWE on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

Montez Ford picks up the win over Jey Uso. Really good match. The height that Montez gets when performing the frog splash is amazing. Almost hit his head on the #MITB briefcases. #WWERaw.

Montez Ford consigue una victoria ante Jey Uso, antes del Money In The Bank del Sábado, buen combate como nos tienen acostumbrados.
En Backstage Judgment Day con los Misterios, Damian Priest le dice a Dominik que es tiempo que este solo y que deje de estar en la sombra.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by Luigi714Zapata,Luigi714Zapata on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

montez ford is literally the next rock if you still don’t get it yet, keep watching.

Yooo Montez Ford just said … AND I QUOTE… “MY SHOULDER WAS UP WHY TF THE MATCH STOP!!” @JohnCena brought back the Ruthless Aggression Era with his recent presence… and for that we thank you! #MITB.


I can’t wait for the day Montez Ford turns on Dawkins and eventually wins the #mitb briefcase. That heel champion run would be amazing.

Montez Ford NEEDS to have a solo run a la Big This man is the most talented guy in the company #MITB.

Montez Ford needs to be in the MITB next year. I would love to see him in the WWE or Universal hunt while Dawkins is in the IC or US hunt next year #WWERaw.

Montez Ford has the potential to be a future World Champion, and face of the company in my opinion #WWERAW.

Montez Ford is just soaring every single week. That dude is gonna tear it up in the singles division. #WWERaw.

Carmella be like to Bianca i’m sure they will talk trash and she will mention Montez Ford her husband to her face make it personal I hope it happens that way #WWERaw and Bianca will mention Cory Graves Carmela’s husband.

#WWERAW: Why is some of you actually wanna see the end of Street Profits? Montez Ford can go for a singles run, but why you all wanna break him from Dawkins? Dawkins is good too now.

Summerlsam rematch bruh montez ford other shoulder was up what the fuck nah man rematch.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by daymian hale,daymian hale on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

Yeah I cheated The street profits Montez Ford arm was up WWE get some better referee they deserve a rematch y’all cheated them #Rematch They should have been The winner.

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford: WWE Money in the Bank (July 2nd) ***3/4.

Montez Ford Photo,Montez Ford Photo by ꪻꪜ #𝘔𝘰𝘮𝘰𝘙𝘦𝘥𝘉𝘦𝘭𝘵 🍑,ꪻꪜ #𝘔𝘰𝘮𝘰𝘙𝘦𝘥𝘉𝘦𝘭𝘵 🍑 on twitter tweets Montez Ford Photo

Pero que bueno es Montez Ford por dios, este chico en una carrera en solitario sería God! #mitb.

multiple times earlier this year, i said over and over that this year’s MITB winner should be montez ford or austin theory, and one is here LETS GOOO.

Montez Ford Names Two Tag Teams He Wants Ladder Match Against ~ Wrestling Inc.


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