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Nefasto servicio de @ClaroTeAyuda Increíble cómo le roban a la gente. ¡Un servicio de 160 megas que no llega a 3!.

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OKAY hear me out The mechanic introduced in gen 5 were Gems – an item that made a certain type move stronger The mechanic gen 9 new gems The mechanic in generation 6 was Mega Evolution THIS MEANS Generation 10 Megas return.

@tsykoka me too i loved that shit, if no megas then just nothing at all, i miss gen 5.

@yhonje they tried doing it nung sun and moon but shelved it until makaabot ng battle tree like what’s the point 😭 and w the limited pokedexes they’re doing now parang wala nang balikan ang mga megas bes.

this gimmick looks stupid, bring back megas 🧍🏽‍♂️.

Affaire madame/M la Je ne gâte plus mes mégas pr regarder ça 🙄🙄
L’enfant du fils devient l’enfant du père Passy aide une autre femme à conquérir sans ex mari et père de ses enfants L’enfant n’est pas d Austin
La sœur de Sophie est YouTube dit mm que bill va mourir🚶🏽‍♀️.

@msbreviews yeah well, lucasfilm and big corporations in general dont learn lessons, they orient towards what maximizes their profit. Boyega criticism was warranted, what followed was the predictable damage This is not like a person having revelations and becoming to act better,.

@TurboShawn_ I remember megas just made it feel like only certain Pokémon mattered since so few had access to them. And I didn’t like how you had to do it every battle. But I also never play like competitive multiplayer so I don’t really care about like meta implications..

Eu só quero minhas megas evoluções de volta ou pelo menos alguma gimmick que faça sentido Game Freak, pokemon gigante por 3 turnos ou pokémon virando enfeite de festa é complicado de defender..

@VrahosSDC Lo de las coronas esas raras me parece cutrísimo, no entiendo cómo hemos terminado desde las megas en esto..

why do people want megas back so bad wow a gimmick that only like 20 mons can use 😲😲😲.

Ya pueden suscribir a ver megas contenidos!!.

Megas Photo,Megas Photo by Masajes Tuc,Masajes Tuc on twitter tweets Megas Photo

@EthanSk8ter011 it seems cool honestly!! i just wish there were some more uniqueness to it other than “some of them have different types”, and have things that are specific to certain pokemon like megas/z moves/gigantamaxing but idk! who knows, there could be more to it.

-Three Stories separated? Hopefully they get fleshed out and aren’t just slapped in. Hell, give us a Gen 5 quality story if it’s not gonna be segmented. -Please let the co op be good. Please. -Terastralizing? Basically Megas that don’t give unique forms, but aren’t a set type.

@enrique_ferres Buah, pues desde que dejó de haber megas te habrás deshidratado jajajaja.

@lLoveEIephants dont ever trust yt vids with values also if u want massive overpays for ur new neons or megas u have to be super quick with aging.

nao tankei esse bagulho de transformar pokemon em bijuteria deveriam ter trazido as megas de volta >:(.

pokemon company vai tomar no cu eu nao aguento mais essas novas formas de evolucao pelo amor de deus eu so te peço aue pare e coninue so com as megas pfv.

@RareCandyTCG Megas were always the far superior of the temp for change aspects. The visual looks of the Tera Pokémon for me are not working for me. HOWEVER, I like the aspect of searching for a Pokémon that can Tera into a new type as a rare variant. Feel like there needs to be that with mega.

@Pokemon “We’ve kept all the things you love about pokemon” can’t wait for seals/stickers and megas to return thanks kings!! 😍.

@Talketsu They should just bring megas back already, better than whatever that new gimmick is 😭.

@Pokemon Is it so hard to make good graphics and bring back megas? who tf cares about Treastallize.

@Raytreau Ça peut être sympa mais bon ça fait vraiment genre on a pas envie de remettre les megas alors on met un énième équivalent.


@Pokemon How many times do you need to read this! We want MEGAS back!!!! These stupid head ornament look so dumb..

Terastral is basically just Mega Evolutions but the pokemon grew stuff on their head and become gemstones. I wish they bring back Megas.

Je suis mitigé d’un coup pour le prochain #pokemon la nouvelle mécanique ne m’attire pas en plus de ça … rendez nous les mégas évolution 😭😭.

Las formas teracristales meh, hubiese preferido la vuelta de las megas o las formas gigantes la verdad..

Lo del cristalizado no me termina de convencer pero parece una cosa entre las megas y el dynamax así que supongo que bien.

if they can keep regional form gimmick every gen then they can bring back megas idc we need it back.

Cuando pagas por un internet supuestamente de 150 megas y constantemente te pasa esto, ni claro ni Tigo sirven para nada. Si are otra opción mejor.

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