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new pokemon looks cool but they really will give us everything but mega evolution huh 😭.

pokemon got the gimmick thing right first try with mega evolution then spent a decade burying that and doing everything in their power to make the shittiest gimmicks known to man.

@CraftyAD360 the gimmicks have been getting goofier and goofier mega evolution was straight up awesome, z moves were kinda cool i suppose, dynamaxes were kinda goofy and this is just clown levels of goofy.

No gimmick Pokémon does will ever be as good as Mega Evolution and THAT is the hill I am prepared to die on today.

Pokémon Fans: Mega Evolution was really cool, maybe they’ll come back to it sometime in the futu… Gamefreak: ALL POKÉMON NOW HAVE FUNNY CRYSTAL HATS. Fans: oh…yeah, that’s cool… #PokemonPresents #PokemonScarletViolet.

How many more gimmicks can gamefreak come up with before they realize mega evolution was the one that hit a home run.

Mega-Evolution→ Power up usando a pedra
Z-move→ Power up usando a pedra
Dynamax→ Power up usando a pedra

idc what people think i think this shit is cool. mega evolution sucked bc only a few pokémon could use it and i often opted to just level grind. this is a neat and streamlined way to spice up the battles. also it’s shiny ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

So Terrastal is basically Mega Evolution (?) but being able to ride the cover Legendary in Vilot like a motorbike is really freaking cool.

@StaticJungle @WolfeyGlick its like mega evolution. one pokemon can use it and it last till the mon faints or the match ends.

@AkiChaos People are mad because only select Pokémon got access to mega evolution but i don’t care. Bring it back..

Mega Evolution、Gigantamax(キョダイマックス)、Terastal.

@sera_pphic @Pokemon Mega evolution was ass because only a handful of mons were able to use it.

Mega Evolution Photo,Mega Evolution Photo by Dmal,Dmal on twitter tweets Mega Evolution Photo

@Gluttony_Bishop I just watched it and LOL yeah this new gimmick just looks like a less cool version of mega evolution.

they keep flirting and tiptoeing with Not!Mega Evolution gimmicks and each one has been busted in its own way so I AM excited to see how this one shoulda just nerfed Z-moves tho and called it a day tbh.

Les mega-evolution étaient parfaite et les z-moves c’était très bien ça permettait au moins de tirer vers le haut des pokemons nuls alors putain pourquoi pas continuer comme ça plutôt que de nous faire de la merde comme ça la.

Pokemon really nailed it on the head with Mega evolution. It was simple, gave us new designs, and was based on an already established game mechanic. I doubt it will ever come back outside of the mobile games though..

trailer dropped an hour ago and the wahhhh we want mega evolution bitches are already whining.

@yosiety_ That shit got me heated they need to just bring back Mega evolution but otherwise it can’t drop soon enough.

Watched the #PokemonPresents and while there was some cool Terastal I miss Mega.

@lefthandedhater Mega evolution one of pokemon’s neatest tricks/designs we need a milotic mega evolution.

Mega evolution will forever remain the best transformation in the franchise, but terastal form is such a cool mechanic regardless.

So the gimmick (Terastallization) is like mega evolution? Except every Pokémon can do it, and some will even change types? Interesting #PokemonPresents.

@Dejimon11 I like Mega Evolution myself but its just overpowered and only the select few really got it. …I thought it was funny that how in XY Mega Evolution was a major focus but none of the Kalos mons get it..

@pokejungle So its kinda like Dynamax but with Mega evolution where the Pokemon do change types and become powerful, just not grow in size. interesting am unsure how I feel about this..

Pokémon trailer looks great but that Terastallize mechanic looks so fucking dumb. Basically a shittier Mega Evolution..


Terastral just seems like Mega Evolution so I don’t really know how to take that 🤷🏻‍♂️ (Crystal Pokemon though, if they bring out a collectable models/statues range they’ll make an absolute killing lol).

@GalarsGreatest mega evolution but its not exclusive to kanto mons and pseudo legendaries.

I kinda like that the crystal form is just the Pokémon with a silly hat on now😭I miss mega evolution but like went too far on poor eevees head how does it carry the weight???.

game freak is like i know you guys loved mega evolution but what about crystals and funny hats.


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