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✍️ Head Coach, Dan McFarland, will remain at the helm of the province’s Senior Men’s squad until at least 2025 after signing a contract extension 🙌 #SUFTUM.

TJ McFarland seems like a fun guy, but the Cardinals need to cut their losses on that $ million, and promote legitimately anyone who has an arm that can throw a ball 60 feet, 6 inches..

Katie Woo
Katie Woo

Asked Oli Marmol about the managerial challenges of bringing in a ground ball pitcher (in this case, McFarland) and how he weighs the box score results vs. the overall execution. Here’s what he said. *phrases in parenthesis are my contributions added for clarity..

McFarland Photo,McFarland Photo by Katie Woo,Katie Woo on twitter tweets McFarland Photo

@buffa82 After the game he was talking about how that was the spot for McFarland because you don’t want Waino going through again and you don’t want McFarland later. But I didn’t hear anyone ask “Why did you think it needed to be McFarland there at all?”.

@Cardinals Tell McFarland we thank him for his service……last year. I’ll ways have the good memories of him last but it’s over now.

@RedbirdReject @Arenadobetter Literally anyone would have been better than McFarland. Never said to bring in Cabby, Gio or Helsley. We might be out of first before getting to Milwaukee. At 3-1, you try to keep it there. You don’t blow it up..

@buffa82 We have the lead if McFarland doesn’t come in it’s embarrassing oli has done this 6-7 times this year.

@stlsportscntrl Looking for something else. Happens to the best. I’m more frustrated that we win this game if we don’t use f’ing McFarland. Still use this as a moral victory and comeback with a win tomorrow and Sunday.

@mcfarland_brody @Mr_Yancy When I purchase the plane ticket and head over that way I will let you know. Just waiting on my brother to tell me when all things cleared on military side and he not getting sent all over for trainings..

@mcfarland_brody @Mr_Yancy Sending this to my brother right now who just got stationed in the Denver area. Appreciate it. Will pay a visit..

@Cabbytown @deejsmith724 I a, calling on the Cardinals to make Packy a LHP weapon out of the pen instead of McFarland.

@johnrabe But it’s the front office’s fault that not only did we sign McFarland, it’s their fault that he’s still here..

@johnrabe @buffa82 And once again we’ll be fighting for a playoff spot where these games here or there that we throw in the towel with guys like McFarland would really come in handy as wins. But they’ll tell us, condescendingly, “it’s a long season”.

@CardinaIfan @Cardinals Well, mostly Oli, and his bullpen management. McFarland can’t help it that he’s garbage, and how Oli doesn’t know this by now is anyone’s guess..

@katiejwoo The problem is we have 3 high leverage pitchers and those are the only 3 he and all of us really trust. The rest are a toss up especially McFarland so with the day off why did he decide to go with TJ rather than let’s say Cabrera?.

@Cardinals why are we using mcfarland more then helsley gallagos pallante and genisis.

As soon as we put McFarland in the game you know the #stlcards are throwing in the towel..


If he pitches McFarland it’s a white flag, VerHagen is a white flag (in some opinions. I think he’s an OKAY reliever because his curveball is nice), Oviedo is a white flag, Walsh is a white flag, Wittgren is a white flag? This bullpen is not working out..

@katiejwoo @DKleinstuber I’d love to know what made him go McFarland. That’s what I don’t understand.

@stl_nation It’s unfortunate but when McFarland comes in I just assume the deficit is about to double.

Third-seeded Green Bay Notre Dame edges the second-seeded Spartans in a semifinal shootout in Milwaukee..

Third-seeded Green Bay Notre Dame edges the second-seeded Spartans in a semifinal shootout in Milwaukee..

Green Bay Notre Dame outscored McFarland 4-3 in the shootout. Regulation ended 1-1. No scoring in the two overtime periods. Notre Dame moves on to the final..

In 13 less innings, TJ McFarland has already given up 6 more hits, 11 more runs, and 1 more home run than he did last year. He was solid last year. He’s killing the Cardinals this year..

@VanHicklestein For the same reason McFarland has the second most innings pitched of any reliever on the team….

Third-seeded Green Bay Notre Dame edges the second-seeded Spartans in a semifinal shootout in Milwaukee..

Third-seeded Green Bay Notre Dame edges the second-seeded Spartans in a semifinal shootout in Milwaukee..

When is someone with a pair of eyes and common sense going to conclude that McFarland does not belong on the roster? #STLCards.

@BallySportsMW Did anyone on the Cardinals beat do their job and ask him why he waved the white flag when he brought in McFarland?.

@BallySportsMW Take responsibility oli this loss is on u and McFarland. Otherwise we have the lead in the 9th this has happened 7 other times. Can’t keep giving up free runs and games. Let’s go bounce back and let’s get hot.


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