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With the addition of Raisel Iglesias, the #Braves bullpen looks like a solid group to go down the stretch: RHP:
Kenley Jansen
Raisel Iglesias
Kirby Yates
Collin McHugh
Jackson Stephens LHP: Minter
Tyler Matzek
Dylan Lee.

Francisco Lindor vs Tyler Matzek
#LGM Double 🏃💨 Exit velo: mph
Launch angle: 24 deg
Proj. distance: 415 ft This would have been a home run in 20/30 MLB ballparks ATL (0) @ NYM (5)
🔻 6th.

Matzek Photo,Matzek Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Matzek Photo

This inning has been a slow-moving trainwreck for the Braves. Tyler Matzek clearly had tired, and Francisco Lindor waited him out until he left a fastball over the plate. Then he hit a two-run double off the tippity top of the centerfield wall. Mets 5, Braves 0, bottom 6.

It seems the Braves definitely caught lighting in a bottle with Smith AND Matzek last year..

Tyler matzek post season numbers against the dodgers 11 1/3 innings
17 stirkeouts
2 runs.

Bryce Elder replacing Matzek with two on and two outs in the inning. Elder was recalled today as the 27th man for the doubleheader.

Matzek is gassed after 20 pitches. These guys didn’t hit the gym too hard during their World Series victory tour.

Buck with another genius move! Should let Vogelbach hit against matzek who was tiring smh.

@DOBrienATL Matzek is far from what he was last year and needs to get his shit together! And our offense the past 3 games is non-existent other than the 1st 2 innings yesterday!.

Olson RBI single makes it 5-2 Mets. If only Matzek hadn’t had his meltdown and let the Mets get 2 runs and the umpire hadn’t stole a run this game would be tied right now. Sigh..

What caused Matzek’s velocity to go down I recall this dude pumping 98-99 in the ws and now it’s just 94-95.

@DOBrienATL I get that it’s a doubleheader and we have a game tomorrow and want to be able to save arms but at the same time it makes no sense after Matzek walked 2 in a row with no close pitches. He should have been pulled. Our bats are too good to take a chance of increasing the deficit..

Tyler Matzek giving up those 2 runs with nobody on and 2 outs in the 6th hurt. HUGE difference between 5-2, and 3-2..

@CelliniNick Matzek has lost velocity too. Last year his 95 at the low and 99 on the high & 96-98 steady. Since the return I’ve only seen him hit 95 a couple times. He’s mostly 93/94..

can’t believe how bad the braves continue to suck in day games. and i don’t understand why you leave matzek in there with two outs at 25 pitches when he walks two guys in a row in a still close game, but. alas. snit sucking again isn’t a surprise..

#LGM Matzek enters to pitch. Mets on first and second, two outs.
RUF RUF RUF at bat!.

Pésimos relevos esta temporada para @LosBravos que ni los brazos de confianza como Matzek pueden dar tranquilidad.

@AUTiger7222 All of these walks are ridiculous. And a lot of the balls aren’t even great takes (though the two sliders Nimmo took on Matzek were quite good). Feels like most of the walks are on a bunch of pitches nowhere close.


This is why it was moronic to take out naquin and vogelbach so early , u had a big lead and minter pitched ln and they had matzek in with no lefties behind so odds are next time up they’ll face a righty , I hate taking out vogelbach – Naquin out before the 7-8th inning.

matzek is killing us lately 😫 and the whole staff just walking people left and right..

@Braves fucking darnaud the rally killer at it again! Dudes ass. Has been since the all star break. Guess he shouldn’t have been named an all star. And imagine if the idiot manager pulls Matzek before he gives up the 2 run double? What would the score be? Stupidity in the dugout.

@DOBrienATL Those 2 out walks from Matzek and the blown strike call on Grossman and this is a different score. Shoulda woulda coulda I.

Maybe Snit will quit trying to throw Matzek two innings when I can’t recall working once since he’s been back! He always implodes the second inning!.

Fuck matzek fuck the umps fuck babip luck the Braves should be winning this game in every aspect.

That 2 run double by Lindor was a back breaker. Not only cause it put the Braves in a deeper hole but because Matzek had Nimmo down 0-2 with 2 outs and then walked him and Marte and gave Lindor a 2-1 cookie #ForTheA.


Disagree with Buck pulling Vogelbach. Matzek wasn’t exactly Pedro Martinez, no reason to make the move to take him out. Especially since he knew the Braves could go to a righty. @EvanRobertsWFAN.

@mcarte96 @DOBrienATL Agreed. Matzek challenged McNeil 0-2 the inning before and he got that hit. I don’t know if that was in his head or what..

Why wasn’t Matzek yanked before lindor? The 2 straight walks didn’t clue snitker in on the sudden lapse of control? Snitker is the biggest dope in baseball. Just plain stupid. Shit oozes out of him every time he steps on the field..

Why wasn’t Matzek lifted after the walks? It just seems like snitker is throwing in the towel. Matzek has been absolute trash this season yet snitker just leaves him in and keeps putting him in. What a dumbass. Why can’t snitker learn from his dumbass decisions?.

@Braves goddammit! Threw that right down the fucking middle! Man that mound visit didn’t fucking do anything to help Matzek. And goddamn wouldn’t you know it, the walks come around to score. Who would’ve guessed that could happen? Not the dumbass in the dugout.


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