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max homa
Max homa

Not the US Open I was hoping for, however I have now completed the grand slam of cuts made in majors in spite of a putter this week that was colder than dry ice (remember how cool that was as a kid??). Scottish Open is up next. Positivity will be back in abundance #golf.

Brooks Koepka going to LIV is not surprising. He’s said he only cares about majors and finding new ways to make Bryson’s life miserable..

Bob Harig
Bob Harig

@LouStagner The trophy is the thing but there are more than a few players who wonder why purses are majors are not WAY more considering all of the TV revenue and sponsorship money tied to them..

@NoLayingUp Tour needs to do an immediate about face and say… we don’t care. Lift the suspensions. The Saudis have the money and they are buying these guys out of a pga tour career. There is no way the majors are going to ban this many good players. This is over. The tour should retreat..

@Zigmanfreud He only shows up fully focused for the majors so this is perfect for him especially since he doesn’t appear to be healthy. Wonder how much he got it BC got 140 or thereabouts.

@BigT44DFS This is great for PGA. The majors don’t change and now the guys on the downslope have a place to go make bank, and the younger fresh talent gets to be spotlighted on the tour, make more money and become the recognizable faces..

@JakeLebahn @NoLayingUp If enough guys switch, the majors will likely be forced to change their own rules to get the best field in to protect their own overall product. OWGR likely is going to have to allow LIV in to avoid their own obsolescence..

@espn @Mark_Schlabach I’m shocked people are surprised. The guy has literally been saying for 5 years “I don’t care about any event except the majors. This is my practice”.

@NoLayingUp ability to enter majors is a key factor – the big names have either already qualified and other defectors have no shot.

@quizz7979 @dannykanell First of all, THEY in your tweet didn’t mean the players. Haha, you called them traitors. Next, those players not being in contention is not the point. Tiger and Phil have not been in contention in plenty of majors and the DRAW aspect is still important..

What happens when the LIV tour has the most competitive field? So many guys say that it isn’t about the money, but instead about playing against and beating the best in the world. So I ask, what happens if the LIV tour has a more competitive field than even some majors?.

@BFQuinn All these guys only care about is money and majors. He can do both with LIV. You think anyone cares about the weekly pga tour events in between majors?.

@NoLayingUp You have to believe a few guys wanted to wait to see a) what all the majors would do and b) if the checks from the first event cleared..

@AmandaGolf59 “Spending more time with family” while flying around the world to play in what will be 14 events in 2024, not counting the majors. Perfectly logical..

@ClayTravis He barely plays PGA events as it is. Just hunts for majors. Plus he’s one of the worst spokesmen for the PGA. Good riddance. He’s kinda of a prick..

If money always goes to the same players (Re. PIP money) don´t expect the young ones to stay. LIV is giving others the chances of making money the PGATitanic has not (even their caddies) One q: will these players get points for the world ranking to be able to play the majors?🤔.

@AmandaGolf59 These dudes only care about Majors. Going to keep happening until PGA finds the political levers to pull to ban them from majors.

@willbardwell Having said that, there needs to be thought given to the number of limited field events. At this point the chance to make the Top 50 is somewhat rigged by the Invitationals and Majors..

@SanchoPanzy @AdamSchefter If they earned the right to play why should they be take away? The PGA Tour has no control over any of the Majors and should not, their greed is massive and only exceeded by their need for power over professional golf..

@shasta__says @ChrisHuesgen They were allowed at the US Open. All other PGA events they are banned. Each major makes their own decision apparently. But if they lock down the majors that’s a much larger deterrent for younger guys who want to win big events..

@espn @Mark_Schlabach As long as they are allowed to play in the majors, they don’t give a twit about anything else but money. Stop them from playing majors and see if they leave. Then you know it is only greed..

@BSSportsbook @betthegreens he only practice’s tries in majors as he stayed before so really don’t make much of a difference.

@AmandaGolf59 Why is it madness? He can play the majors. That’s all the matters in golf. Everything else is just filler. Might as well make more with LIV.

@jaynordlinger Money and exemptions, he (and Brooks) has@access to the Majors while all this gets sorted out..


I pray that it’s Kang. I hope they don’t waste Jonathan Majors on a few movies..

@BKoepkaTracker Look at the results of the last few majors, no LIV guys are even relevant in the majors this year. They will not be missed..

@MelciorComes @SubalQuinina Correfocs i festes majors i castells de focs diversos, etc. valen un ull de la cara. No passen gana cap dia de l’any. Tenen molta pasta els propietaris..

@yetpit Para qué? Tendría así más poder político, o control sobre majors y OWR? Si no no lo entiendo. Más bien lo contrario, reducir y concentrar para repartir más dinero a los mejores y competir. Esto es muy similar al tema superliga. Creo q la working class golfera va a sufrir..

@prettyboyjax @Kris_Willis Already on the 40 man and pitchers get hurt. You will see him in the majors at some point in 2022..

@DJPie @GolfDigest Or maybe they feel no pressure and play absolutely relaxed. Exhibition golf shots could be quite the spectacle. And maybe they eventually bring that attitude to majors where pressure is crushing to others..


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