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Formula 2
Formula 2

The heartbreaking moment it all came to an end for race leader Juri Vips 💔 Keep your head up Juri, still plenty of races to come! 💙 #AzerbaijanGP #F2.

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by Formula 2,Formula 2 on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

Formula 2
Formula 2

Juri Vips puts it on pole in Baku in spectacular fashion 🔥💪 It marks his second pole position of the season thus far 👊 #AzerbaijanGP #F2.

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by Formula 2,Formula 2 on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

🚨 Red Bull Racing has suspended their junior driver Juri Vips Full statement here ⬇️.

Red Bull has suspended F1 test and reserve driver Juri Vips after he used a racial slur during a live stream today.

¡NO PUEDE SER! ¡NO PUEDE SER! 😨 Juri Vips lideraba la carrera en Bakú y la victoria significaba mucho, pero en la subida de la Ciudadela se fue con las protecciones y dejó su coche ¡Qué pena! 😓 #BakuDAZNF1 🇦🇿.

Juri Vips es un piloto muy veloz y talentoso. Pero lo pasa muy mal hoy, ha chocado solo mientras lideraba la carrera de la F2 en Bakú. Todo lo que debe haber pasado por su cabeza… y esa conversación con el Dr. Marko. Ser piloto RedBull trae presiones añadidas. #BakuGP.

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by Diego Mejia,Diego Mejia on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

Juri Vips points lost through bad luck and bottles 🇧🇭 = 10 points 🇸🇦 = 11 points 🇮🇹 = 29 points 🇪🇸 = 19 points 🇲🇨 = 0 points 🇦🇿 = 27 points Total = 106 points thrown away He’d be on 157 points right now, it’s actually hard to process this feeling of depletion.

This is the first time in Juri Vips’ career that he’s been making consistent errors like this. And of course it has to be the year he’s so incredibly fast.

6 feature races into this F2 season and Juri Vips should have won exactly half of them Slow stop in Bahrain cost him and easy win Throwing it off the road in Imola cost him another And obviously today hitting the wall It’s hard to watch this process.

A heartbreaking crash for Juri Vips with five minutes left on the clock allows fellow Red Bull junior Dennis Hauger to claim his first #F2 feature race win in Baku..

F2 commentator says Juri Vips needs an arm around him. Yes, Helmut Marko is good at that. #AzerbaijanGP.

I really wanna hear what Helmut Marko has to say about Juri Vips right now. I wonder if he’d say “He’s always one of if not the fastest every weekend so we’re impressed with his pace and that’s where the real potential lies” or “these mistakes are not that of a future F1 driver”.

Juri Vips’ pure outright pace absolutely deserves to be in F1 next year, a driver with that much speed is an asset to the F1 grid and is definitely an improvement. But his execution can’t merit a seat as it stands, I wanna look at the pace but it’s a results business.

No estéis tristes, Juri Vips tiene una carrera deportiva muy prometedora en los 1006 km de Palanga.

The last thing anyone should be taking out of this F2 weekend is the opinion that Juri Vips is a great driver. He’s not, never has been and never will be that’s the harsh reality of it. Zero chance of him being in F1 next year.

En verdad Porti era todo un visionario: él ya conocía la conducción errática de Juri Vips un año antes de que sucediera.

loml aka juri vips. there are always ups and downs but whatever happens, don’t stop believing in yourself!.

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by millie ♎︎,millie ♎︎ on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

The #F2 Feature race ends under SC in Azerbaijan with Dennis Hauger coming out on top after race leader Juri Vips crashed out at the castle section. Logan Sargeant claims second followed by championship leader Felipe Drugovich..

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by Junaid #JB17,Junaid #JB17 on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

I would like to apologise to all Juri Vips fans for this… 😬.

as a juri vips fan, i sincerely ask myself once again – why do you even bother hoping for a good day as a juri vips fan?.

Puede ser que la carrera de Juri Vips esté yendo en picado después de su prueba con el RedBull en los Libres 1 en Montmeló? No levanta cabeza el.

Pov: sei Chiara e i tuoi piloti preferiti sono Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc, Juri Vips e Marcus Armstrong.

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by ⭐️TURTLEBLONDE☁️Chiaramente.io CEO of phreñi🔥,⭐️TURTLEBLONDE☁️Chiaramente.io CEO of phreñi🔥 on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

esse safety car foi a sorte da sorte
obrigada por tudo, Juri Vips.

Juri Vips Photo,Juri Vips Photo by e-lolis,e-lolis on twitter tweets Juri Vips Photo

🏰🇦🇿 El Castillo de Bakú no perdona… ⚠️ Juri Vips lo vivió en carne propia 📻🏎 A partir de las 13:00h, @JorgeEscorial y el equipo de #CarruselMotor te cuentan todo lo que pase en el #AzerbaijanGP.

Eu estou oficialmente desolado com a batida de Juri Vips, vou voltar a dormir com tristeza no coração Tenham uma boa madrugada.

Crashing out on your own from the lead 😭 Juri Vips will kick himself for the rest of his racing career after that. The points loss is huge if you lose a feature race win and hand it to your championship rivals..

Baku não perdoa erros, e Jüri Vips viu a vitória tranquila cair no colo de Dennis Hauger após bater sozinho na corrida 2 da F2. @FelipeDrugovich foi o 3º #F2noGP.

🚫 VETADO HASTA NUEVO AVISO 🚫 #F1xFOX Juri Vips fue suspendido indefinidamente por Red Bull.

agora tá explicado, o juri vips bateu pra proteger o drugovich do daruvala. herói nacional incompreendido.

Incident-filled feature #F2 race in Baku as Juri Vips loses from the lead allowing Dennis Hauger to win. @DaruvalaJehan ended up P4 to score solid points in title fight. #FIAF2 | @fmsci.


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