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I would not recommend the route. But Mark Contreras made the catch anyway as he fell on the warning track in center. Joe Ryan gets through the fifth. #MNTwins in front 5-3..

Joe Ryan strands a pair in scoring position to keep the #MNTwins in front 3-1 headed to B2..

Joe Ryan has stranded five runners in three innings. Working hard but #MNTwins stay in front 5-2..

Charlie Blackmon vs Joe Ryan
#Rockies Home Run 💣 Exit velo: 101 mph
Launch angle: 27 deg
Proj. distance: 411 ft This would have been a home run in 24/30 MLB ballparks COL (2) @ MIN (5)
🔺 3rd.

Joe Ryan Photo,Joe Ryan Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Joe Ryan Photo

#Rockies 2 @ #MNTwins 5 [T3-1o]: Charlie Blackmon homers (12): fly ball to CF (solo) Hit: 411ft, 101mph, 27°🚀 Pitch: Changeup (RHP Joe Ryan, 7).

Yonathan Daza vs Joe Ryan
#Rockies Double 🏃💨 Exit velo: mph
Launch angle: 33 deg
Proj. distance: 387 ft This would have been a home run in 3/30 MLB ballparks COL (3) @ MIN (5)
🔺 4th.

Joe Ryan Photo,Joe Ryan Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Joe Ryan Photo

Colorado with a pair of two-out hits, including an RBI double by Yonathan Daza. #MNTwins lead down to 5-3 after 3 1/2. Joe Ryan at 88 pitches..

Joe Ryan looked better today, and he did a good job getting out of a couple jams Final Stat Line: IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1 K

Joe Ryan doing his best Jose Berríos impression so far today. Get a nice lead, instantly give away runs the next inning..

Charlie Blackmon off RHP Joe Ryan – mph, 27 degrees (411 ft Home Run) mph Changeup
#Rockies @ #MNTwins (T3).

Elehuris Montero vs Joe Ryan
#Rockies Flyout 💢 Exit velo: mph
Launch angle: 28 deg
Proj. distance: 401 ft This would have been a home run in 2/30 MLB ballparks COL (3) @ MIN (5)
🔺 5th.

Joe Ryan Photo,Joe Ryan Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Joe Ryan Photo

Joe Ryan had a really rough day but I love the way he fights. Gave us 5 innings and that’s all you can really ask for when you’re struggling. I’ll take it. #MNTwins.

@LeggoMyMeggoYo This happened to me where two Ryan’s were to be picked up by two Joe’s and both in black Honda civics. My accidental Joe was SO pissed. After that I just had my name as R and always check the plate lmao..

Elehuris Montero off RHP Joe Ryan – mph, 28 degrees (401 ft Flyout, .930 xBA) mph 4-Seam Fastball
#Rockies @ #MNTwins (T5).

Joe Ryan got through five innings with less-than-great stuff, not bad all things considered.

Rocco leaving joe Ryan in despite him absolutely sucking today. The logic makes zero sense with this manager..

@Brandon_Warne So you would rather have chichi or Cole sands than Joe Ryan? Seems like an odd tweet.

@BrandonSilverrr @Matthewp07 Only persons hitting is Shane 😂 I lost hundreds. Everybody sold bad. Joe Ryan is sitting at a high 3 fantasy score right now thru 75 pitches 😭😭.

Joe Ryan with one of the least efficient pitch count starts of the season so far. And what weirder is he’s doing it with just one walk. #MNTwins.

Joe Ryan has stunk since he came off the Covid list. A guy whose made 16 career starts this isn’t a surprise. People we’re putting Ryan in the category with ace pitchers. That’s not fair nor is it realistic..

#Rockies Charlie Blackmon homers (12) 411ft on a fly ball to center off #MNTwins Joe Ryan. COL 2 @ MIN 5; TOP 3.

Through 2 innnings of work, Joe Ryan has thrown 56 pitches, 35 strikes ( strike %) for the #MNTwins . Score is still 3-1 going to the bottom of the second..

Nice to see Joe Ryan give up the $500 he might have made for catching that foul pop to let Kirilloff make the easy play. Even helped by pointing to the ball. #MNTwins.

#MNTwins Joe Ryan gets through the 5th. At 102 pitches he should be done for the day. Good outing as he fights through not having his best stuff and a tight strike zone to be in a position to pick up a win. 5 IP 8H 3 ER and 1 SO..

Barrel: Elehuris Montero (3) [COL] off Joe Ryan [MIN]: mph, 28 degrees (Flyout – 401 ft).

Just now as Joe Ryan reaches 98 pitches on the afternoon, #MNTwins have action in the bullpen with Caleb Thielbar.

#MNTwins Joe could have stolen that base standing up. Ryan didn’t appear to even look at the base runner. When the catchers are struggling to throw out runners they need some help from the pitchers in holding them on..

This is one of those games where if #MNTwins lose the fans will want to murder whatever reliever gave up the lead…but it all starts with Joe Ryan just not being good. Happened in that 11-10 loss vs Cleveland too. Sonny Gray have you IP and 4 ER in that one..

Connor Joe keeps Joe Ryan from having his first 1, 2, 3 inning of the afternoon with a two-out single in the top of the fourth..

#Rockies 2 @ #MNTwins 5 [T4-1o]: Brian Serven (swinging; 1) RHP Joe Ryan (1)
Seq (5): FF FF sl FF FF×
s3: Four-seam Fastball.


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