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Reminder: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have yet to visit the border. #BidenBorderCrisis.

MERCADO DA NBA. As discussões entre Lakers e Nets por Kyrie Irving estão APENAS no começo. Nets e Lakers ainda tem um impasse quanto Joe Harris e Seth Curry. Pacote do Lakers deve ser THT, Westbrook e pick de 1° round de 2027. A qqr momento pode acontecer. 🗞 – @ChrisBHaynes.

Joe Harris Photo,Joe Harris Photo by Coast to Coast Brasil | NBA,Coast to Coast Brasil | NBA on twitter tweets Joe Harris Photo

Joe Harris being tossed around too easily. He has way more valuable on his own than as a Kyrie throw in. Marks can’t be that stupid with that part..

Laker fans should be pissed if they don’t get Kyrie because their GM didn’t want Joe Harris.

Let’s not get hung up on Joe Harris & Seth Curry, I’d be cool with both of them. What I’m not cool with is having Russell Westbrook in a Lakers jersey GET THIS TRADE DONE.

Joe Harris Photo,Joe Harris Photo by Gianni Bravo🪐,Gianni Bravo🪐 on twitter tweets Joe Harris Photo

If the lakers get Kyrie next season along with Joe harris or Seth curry what do you think their record will be.

Joe Harris cobra $18M por año y tiene contrato garantizado hasta el 2024, viniendo de una cirugía de tobillo, mientras que Seth Curry es contrato expirante. Ahí está la diferencia..

Há um otimismo de que um acordo pode ser feito entre os dois lados nesta offseason, mas ainda existem alguns obstáculos. Escolhas de draft é um ponto de discussão para os Nets e eles querem que Joe Harris e seus US$ 38,6M restantes nos próximos 02 anos sejam incluídos no acordo..

Joe Harris Photo,Joe Harris Photo by Lakerness,Lakerness on twitter tweets Joe Harris Photo

So the nets want the lakers to take Joe Harris if they want Kyrie and the lakers instead want Seth curry along with the salary dump of westbrook. If I’m the nets I’m not budging on that. I’m giving you the better younger, cheaper player in Kyrie. You take what I give you.

@MarkWal31024329 @LakersNation Apparently the nets want to include Joe Harris but the Lakers want Seth Curry. Im like sheeeet idgaf I’ll take either.

#Lakers and #Nets update: Draft compensation and salary match is the only sticking point in the trade discussion. @Lakers want Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry instead of Joe Harris. @BrooklynNets want Russell Westbrook and two 1st round picks.

1. Get Kyrie and Joe Harris 2. Trade THT and Nunn for something better 3. 3 peat here we come..

@jimfoley @hue_janosMD Yes I’m 100% sure. He’s speaking on combining a players salary to a TPE to get a player that cost most than the TPE. For example Joe Harris cost 18 mill you cannot add PP + TPE to get Harris You can however trade PP for let’s say Kuzma. You just have to pay Kuz full contract.

dont think the lakers have an issue taking joe harris in a deal, i think they’re trying to use taking his deal on to save draft comp..

@eLonePB “I’m up if you can take Joe Harris so I can fill up my yacht this summer!”.


@LakersSBN Lakers need to compromise on Joe Harris. Why they acting like he’s a bad player? His contract is only 2 years and it won’t matter anyways if LAL gets Irving. They’ll have no cap space..

@Carneafricana Vem Seth ou Joe Harris Jones vai jogar 10 minutos no máximo se que AD que vai ser o poste.

The Lakers prioritizing money over fit again 🤦🏽‍♂️
Joe Harris size and defense is a better fit than Seth Curry but of course they prefer the later cuz he’s cheaper and has an expiring contract..

@LegionHoops If Joe Harris is included, and the Lakers only need to give up a 2027 First, that would be highway robbery.

@habibiting Also joe harris is a better defender just check his medicals be and take harris.

Listen man … try to get curry by all means … but if it can’t happen it is what it is ! You take joe Harris !! Can’t risk losing on kyrie.

@ChrisBHaynes @YahooSports Lakers really have a chance to get Kyrie Irving and they’re going to fumble it because they don’t want Joe Harris included in the deal.

Joe Harris Photo,Joe Harris Photo by I’m a Master of None, anymore question?,I’m a Master of None, anymore question? on twitter tweets Joe Harris Photo

Rob Pelinka is unserious as hell if he don’t take Joe Harris to unload Russ for Kyrie..

Getting rewarded with Kyrie and Joe Harris after a series of awful FA decisions but there’s a “Laker tax”apparently.


@RealArzell They don’t have any picks…Kyrie and Joe harris do you realize how bad Westbrook is why tf would they ever do that.

@realBanishable It will be Russ, Talen Horton Tucker, and a considerable amount of picks/pick swaps. The Nets might send Joe Harris as to even the salaries between Kyrie and Russ..


Why wouldn’t the @lakers take Joe Harris too? Isn’t he a good shooter?.

@RustyBUCKETS321 Do you remember Joe Harris is last years playoffs? Bro is mid at best.

@Le10and0 Unless the Lakers not for a fact that Joe Harris is 100% healthy, then Seth Curry. Plus, Curry can facilitate the offense, as well as shoot the mid-range when his 3P isn’t falling — Harris is useless when his shot isn’t falling..

@LegendOfWinning Neither side had leverage lmao so. Joe Harris will likely be included and a lakers frp as well.


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