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“Fifth” Let me translate: I helped Donald Trump try to violently overthrow the Government. #January6thHearing.

“I never said the election was rigged. I never said that to Trump.” – AZ Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers #January6thHearing.

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy. LP sr. advisor @TaraSetmayer speaks about the effectiveness of conservative Judge J. Michael Luttig’s testimony during the third #January6thHearing on MSNBC..

They were all involved in the plot.
▪️Donald Trump
▪️The RNC
▪️Rudy Giuliani
▪️Giuliani’s associates
▪️John Eastman #January6thHearing.

Republican leaders across those put out statements, and we collected these for the VP as well, that the people had spoken in their states and they had no intention of reversing the outcome of the election. -Fmr. VP Counsel Greg Jacob #January6thHearing.

I could be wrong, but none of this seems that complicated. The people voted. The results were definitive. Pence’s role on Jan 6th was akin to that of an Oscar presenter. Open the envelope and read the results. Expecting anything else was delusional. #January6thHearing.

As Rusty Bowers, the AZ House speaker tells it, Giuliani and Trump called him and attempted to have him host a hearing in the AZ legislature to look at supposed election fraud, with the aim of having the legislature pick their own slate of Trump electors. #January6thHearing.

Bowers says he repeatedly refused the entreaties. At least once, he said, Giuliani said something to the effect of, “Aren’t we all Republicans here? I would think we would get a better reception.” #January6thHearing.

Many witnesses testify that on the morning of Jan 6 Trump had a heated call with VP Pence in their presence calling him a wimp and pussy for betraying him. #January6thHearing.

#January6thHearing Photo,#January6thHearing Photo by Ray Matthews,Ray Matthews on twitter tweets #January6thHearing Photo

I’ll believe how eager Ginny Thomas is to speak UNDER OATH before the #January6thHearing when she actually does it. #January6thCommiteeHearings.

How do you stay delusional after Bowers testimony? #January6thCommittee #January6thHearing.

Furthmore known as the P word. #January6th

🚨WHOA!!! Sen. “Russia” Ron Johnson () attempted to deliver fake elector certificates to VP Pence minutes before the vote on 1/6. #January6thHearing.

The entire purpose of the false slates of Trump electors was to create enough uncertainty around the election that Vice President Pence would have a reason to set aside the will of the voters in those states – John Eastman admitted as much in writing #January6thHearing.

That Ivanka had a chief of staff is hilarious. Nobody knew what she did at the White House. #January6thHearing.

Today established that Eastman is almost certainly going to jail, but will anyone else around or above him also end up behind bars? #January6th #January6thHearing.

Shame on @KGW for showing golf 🏌️‍♀️ instead of the #January6thHearing Who cares about sports!! Our democracy is at stake. Every American needs to hear the facts! 🤯🤬.

Weird elephant in room? This entire Congressional exercise, unfolding at great taxpayer expense [and national emotional expense] is due to one crank calling for a coup. #January6thHearing #January6thCommittee.

I mean, we wanted it before but the more and more these #January6thHearing continue, the more this country hungers for accountability and justice..

I believe the committee has proven that the president knew what he was doing was wrong and that he lied. Today showed his willful intent to overthrow the rule of law. #January6thHearing.

(4 of 4). Conservative Federal Judge Luttig testimony: “As I said, the former president is executing that blueprint for 2024 in open and plain view of the American public.” #January6thHearing.

(3 of 4). Conservative Federal Judge Luttig testimony: “… I don’t speak those words lightly. I would’ve never spoken those words ever in my life except that’s what the former president, his allies are telling us… #January6thHearing.

(2 of 4) Conservative Federal Judge Luttig testimony: “That’s not because of what happened on January 6. It’s because to this day (Trump), his allies and supporters pledge that …they would attempt to overturn the 2024 election …” #January6thHearing.

(1 of 4) Conservative Federal Judge Luttig testimony: “Donald Trump and his allies and supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy… #January6thHearing.

“ fifth ” let me translate: i helped donald trump try to violently overthrow the election was handing out statements, his testimony in open and promoted by judge luttig ann coulter equal #january6thhearing.

Powerful testimony by Rusty Bowers today. So many state officials stood for the survival of our Union, when being challenged and pressured to rig an election for Trump. A good American, in terribly horrible times. #January6thHearing.

Rusty Bowers just now, very emotionally, detailed the ongoing threats and slander that he continues to face, to this day. The FBI and DOJ must do something to protect this man & his family. I hope Merrick Garland is paying attention. This cannot go unpunished. #January6thHearing.

Understand something, America: The fact that Trump lost the 2020 Election and then tried to steal it, DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE OR APPROVE OF JOE BIDEN. #January6thCommitteeHearings

Well, damn! Don’t agree with Bowers on anything but that was powerful testimony. #January6thHearing.


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