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🤯 FIRST LOOK 🤯 Did someone order an ex to shake up the villa? Plot twists are best served hot, and Jacques sure delivers 🔥.


The way that Paige is crying makes me believe her and Jacques did bits in the hide away that’s probably why she’s upset #LoveislandUK.

Jacques acting completely unbothered is giving me the absolute ick. If someone tells my man they want to move to me he should challenge them to a duel, loser dies! #LoveIsland.

Akıl, yavaş yavaş gelir, önyargılarsa sürüyle ve koşar adım gelir. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Honoré de cette reconnaissance de Jacques Delors. Oui, en s’engageant en Europe on fait bouger les choses #PFUE2022 🇫🇷🇪🇺.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Clement Beaune,Clement Beaune on twitter tweets Jacques Photo


📈 Les streams de Jacques ont augmenté de 200% suite à son apparition dans Nouvelle École sur Netflix ! Un énorme boost pour sa carrière 👏.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Booska-P,Booska-P on twitter tweets Jacques Photo


🚨 RDV demain à 17H pour le freestyle Booska F*CK OFF de BB Jacques !.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Booska-P,Booska-P on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

C’était le souhait de Jacques Attali, qui peut toujours compter sur le petit Emmanuel pour reprendre ses mauvaises idées..

Le Gorafi
Le Gorafi

L’abstention détrône Jean-Jacques Goldman comme personnalité préférée des Français -.

#dossier Les 100 artistes préférés des Français : Jean-Jacques Goldman, Indochine, Céline.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Purecharts,Purecharts on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

.@PapNdiaye veut « évaluer » la situation sur les tenues religieuses à l’école. Il faut agir ! Il y a une loi courageuse portée par Jacques Chirac, appliquons-là !.

💬 Jacques Villeneuve about Max Verstappen on the F1 nation podcast: “Just a typical Max Verstappen. He’s always at 100%.He’s always in top shape, there’s never a weekend where he is off the pace, he doesn’t make mistakes. He is a tough driver to beat because of that”..

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Red Bull Racing News 🇳🇱 🇲🇽,Red Bull Racing News 🇳🇱 🇲🇽 on twitter tweets Jacques Photo


Jacques is really giving “if you don’t remove those hands there’s a high likelihood you’ll never use them again” energy #LoveIsland.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Lol,Lol on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

Ustedes, lo que realmente están buscando es tener un amo
Jacques Lacan, a los protagonistas del Mayo del 68..

İnsanın özgürlüğü; isteği her şeyi yapabilmesinde değil, istemediği hiçbir şeyi yapmak zorunda olmamasıdır.
-Jean Jacques Rousseau-.

#クライバーンコンクール セミ全演奏終了。審査会議の後、6名のファイナリスト発表です。 CEOのJacques Marquis氏によると手順は明快で、審査員9名が「YES6人とMAYBE1人」を提出。9票獲得者,8票,7票と見ていき、同票の場合MAYBEの数、さらに同点なら決選投票で決定とのこと Photo Richard Rodriguez.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by ピティナ特級【公式】,ピティナ特級【公式】 on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

Confessez donc vos péchés les uns aux autres, et priez les uns pour les autres, afin que vous soyez guéris. La prière fervente du juste a une grande efficace.
( Jacques 5:16 ).

EXACTLY thank you!! “How can you hate Ekin Subflr being “messy” but love Jay, Jacques or Luca?? Y’all hate women #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH.

Nah – Ekin su’s character isn’t my problem- it’s Luca and Jacques side comments. Is it your business? #TALKSWITHASH.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by 𝓟𝓻⋆𝓲𝓼𝓮 (This is a Luca Hate Account),𝓟𝓻⋆𝓲𝓼𝓮 (This is a Luca Hate Account) on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, 1817 #jacqueslouisdavid #neoclassicism.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Jacques-Louis David,Jacques-Louis David on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

wonder if luca is only ‘close’ to jacques so he can mimic him and make gemma fall in love #TALKSWITHASH.


Paige looks so hot and then there’s Jacques in his tighty whities #LoveIsland.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Mia,Mia on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

Luca is only friends with jacques to make sure that he can keep on eye on him so he doesn’t go back to Gemma. #TALKSWITHASH.

A country is governed by good dinner parties. -Jean-Jacques-Régis de Cambacérès, Second Consul of France under the Consulate, Archchancellor under the First Empire.

Jacques a ‘city girl’??? he’s been moving to underage girls since Gemma #TALKSWITHASH.

Porque las / los / les quiero mucho, les deseo buenas noches a través de Bowie interpretando una versión en inglés de Amsterdam de Jacques Brel..

🌹 Une tendre pensée pour Jacques Martin, né le 22 juin 1933..

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by TeleMediaFr,TeleMediaFr on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

Not Davide bringing in chips and drinks for Ekin Su and Jacques, lmao. What a fucking legend! Ngl, the 🤌italian snek🤌, the 🤌italian stallion🤌 is growing on me. #loveisland.

Jacques Photo,Jacques Photo by Erende Sangma,Erende Sangma on twitter tweets Jacques Photo

The way jacques starting laughing when jay starting rapping was quite soul destroying tbf #loveisland #TALKSWITHASH.

Eu vou dar meu cu e meu bucetão porque nesse verão nada mais importa Jacques Lacan, Seminário 69 – Além do.


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