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So sad to hear the news the great Vin Scully has passed. Scully, Ernie Harwell and Jack Buck I think were the best to ever call the great game of baseball. Best story tellers ever. RIP.

They don’t make ‘em like Vin Scully anymore. All the greats – Mel Allen, Jack Buck, Harry Caray, Rizzuto, etc. Legends. They’re all gone now. 😭⚾️ #ripvinscully.

Vin Scully was on the call for NBC on 10/15/88. It was the worst sports moment before/since for us @athletics fans who watched it live. In the 34 years since – from time to time – they’ll replay that HR and dub Jack Buck’s radio call over Vin. I still shout “WRONG CALL” at my TV..

Read up young ones. Sad night in the baseball world. RIP to one of the greatest to ever do it. Jack Buck, Vin Scully and everyone else..

Vin Scully just looked around, saw Ernie Harwell and Jack Buck and decided he was home..

As someone who grew up in the St. Louis area, I am supposed to say Jack Buck was my favorite. I still hear his voice at games. Honestly though, there was no one like Vin Scully. 🎤🎙⚾️ @Dodgers.

@AugieNash @luisminolla17 He and Jack Buck are on the Mount Rushmore of MLB broadcasters with Mel Allen and Ernie Harwell in my mind..

My friends and I would always argue who was better Jack Buck or Vin Scully and the answer was that we were all really lucky to listen to both of them..

I was pretty surprised to learn how many iconic moments Vin Scully, Al Michaels, Jack Buck, Dick Enberg & Pat Summeral announced in a variety of sports. Even John Sterling has seen his fair share of special moments outside of baseball. These guys are talented beyond words!.

@ScottJenningsKY Scully, Kalas, Jackson, Buck (Jack) Honorable Mentions: Costas, Allen, Garagiaola, McKay.

Beside growing up in St. Louis listening to the great Jack Buck,
Vin Scully was the best baseball announcer I’ve ever heard Hope you and JB are swapping stories up in Heaven tonight Vin ❤️ #RIP.

Now you’re up there in the ultimate press box with Kalas, Brickhouse, Caray, Boudreau, Harwell, Rizzuto, Allen, Barber, and Jack Buck..

A legend! He, Jack Buck and Harry will make a good 3-man booth in Heaven.

The Vin Scully-Jack Buck side-by-side of this call will always be incredible. Two legends..

@bookowl What a singularly incredible (baseball) life. Current range of emotions takes me back to being in STL when Jack Buck passed and then mourning from a distance with Musial..

My goodness. Bone chilling…maybe the best to ever call the game. He and Jack Buck together again. #RIPVinScully #VinScully.

I’ve been a sports fan for 60+ years. The greatest announcers I’ve ever heard are Vin Scully and Jack Buck..

Vin Scully was one of the best story teller and broadcasters I have ever heard. So many summer nights under the covers with a transistor radio as a kid listening to Vin Scully & Jack Buck as well. But man Vin Scully could really paint a picture, I felt like I was there RIp Vin.

@Zigmanfreud @BrianDOLeary I grew up with Harry Carey and then Jack Buck. Loved both, but Scully was the best..

All the baseball feels, but smiling at the thought of Vin and Jack Buck raising a glass together..

Vin Scully, forever the voice of the Dodgers, dead at 94 #SmartNews He and Jack Buck were the voice of baseball..

@KB248770 @ArielEpstein Yea not one of. The best. The only other I have in the convo is Jack Buck..

@Christophicles Maybe the last of a generation that gave us greats like Harry Caray and Jack Buck. We should all be happy we got to hear their voices..

Growing up in STL, I was blessed listening to home broadcasts of Jack Buck. Even he couldn’t hold a candle to the eloquence and imagery that Vin brought every single night. An absolute privilege to have been able to hear him. RIP.

Condolences to all the @Dodgers fans out there. Having grown up with legendary broadcaster Jack Buck calling @Cardinals games we know how it feels to lose an icon. Vin Scully was one of the greats. Hats off to a legend! 🧢.

@titletownusa73 Even as a Giant fan I would always tune in to him when the Giants played the Dodgers. Harry Caray, Jack Buck and Vin Scully could call a game by themselves. No color man needed. They knew more about the opposing team than their announcers did. He was the last of the greats.

Not just that, #RIPVinScully, Jack Buck, Dick Enberg and colleagues always let the moment tell the story – and deftly knew how to get out of the way. Because the moment was always the story, not them talking. So timeless and remarkable..

For 67 seasons, Vin Scully was the uniquely classic voice of the Los Angeles @Dodgers. Along with Harry Caray and Jack Buck, he was one of my favorites. RIP Vin Scully. ⚾️.

@JackBenjaminPxP The amazing thing was Pat Summerall worked CBS Radio that day as color man with Jack Buck..

He and Jack Buck were the two best baseball announcers of my generation. Salute to a great man!.


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