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Journey to the #NBADraft: Jabari Smith Hear 2022 Draft prospect Jabari Smith share on his path to the NBA Draft! 2022 #NBADraft presented by State Farm
📺 Thu. 8:00pm/et on ABC & ESPN.

.@JayBilas thinks Jabari Smith should be the No. 1 draft pick 👀 With Jabari Smith you have somebody who compares a little bit to Kevin Durant..


Meet the 2022 #NBADraft Class Live Now with Jabari Smith Jr..

Gotta be clear, I don’t know what prompted the move. My assumption is that a sharp group either received intel and bet it, or bet it with the intention of buyin back tomorrow on Jabari, it got out, and steamrolled..

The Banchero move was +1600 to +250 from Sunday to Monday. This was +200 to -200. But moving Jabari to a plus number takes a LOT..

yeah man Jabari is still a #1, its clearly a play by bettors so many gonna rob them lmao.

Jabari smith was never the no. 1 prospect, even if it took up until draft day for franchises and scouts to realize this. Welcome to Houston though, I’m not trippin lol.

Give me Chet or Jabari and I will forget about the whole Luka thing!* *Not really, but I’ll try and bring it up less often** **Seriously though, can you believe Vlade did that?! Damn..

So Paolo Banchero is now the favorite to be the first pick tomorrow. If the Magic trade down with the Rockets and still get Jabari at 3 (assuming that’s who they wanted) plus assets, this could be the most impressive smokescreen we’ll see in a long time..

Jabari Photo,Jabari Photo by Owen Larsen,Owen Larsen on twitter tweets Jabari Photo

Vegas’ın bugünkü draft için yeni 1. sıra favorisi Paolo Banchero. Sadece 1-2 saat içinde Banchero’nun oranı Jabari Smith’i geçti. Konuşulan senaryolardan biri Rockets’ın takasla 1 numaraya çıkıp Banchero’yu seçmesi (Fultz-Tatum takasına benzer şekilde).

once jabari smith become a rocket y’all gonna see all rockets fans push his agenda 🚀🔜.

There is a crazy world where Jabari Smith Jr. goes to Sacramento at #4 and it’s hilarious.

@youFamousEnough @DougieAgent13 The odds swung like crazy the last 2 hours Jabari was like -600 now hes +135 and Paulo is -175.

Paolo Ranchero is an Orlando Magic, Chet Holmgren is on the OKC Thunder, Jabari Smith is a Houston Rocket, Shadeon Sharpe is a Sacramento King, Jaden Ivey is a Detroit Piston. Goodnight..

@wheatonbrando Just curious, at what point do you buy back on Jabari at 1st overall? +145 now on DK.

@HPbasketball Jabari is still -350 at my book, I just took Paolo at +150 and hoping it catches up to the market so I can get Jabari at a plus number.

@BiasedHouston let’s not forget the Chet propaganda too him and Jabari basically have close to the same odds.

Top NBA prospects ranked by fewest Reddishes last season* 0 Keegan Murray
1 Chet Holmgren (in 1st college game)
3 Jabari Smith
4 Paolo Banchero
4 Jaden Ivey *A Reddish is a game with more turnovers than made field goals. Named after Cam, who had 11 in his one college season..

@HPbasketball Rockets trade the 3rd pick + 17th pick to Orlando for #1. Rockets draft Banchero and Orlando still gets Jabari at 3 since OKC is reportedly dead set on Chet. You heard it here first. 🔥🔥.

@Grizzly_Shark @SteveThunderfan Oh bro its gonna be interesting tommorow might have to watch Jabari and Chet highlights again just incase lol.

I’m really beginning to see this more than jabari tbh too much weird behind the scenes stuff going on.

@LegionHoops Rockets trade up for 1st pick. Paolo to the rockets, Chet to the thunder, Jabari to the magic at 3..

@AndrewKSchlecht So help me god if the Thunder take Chet over Jabari. So. Help. Me. God..

@yassagh82 @KmlMasum ننه فدا بشه تو که انقدر قهرقروک نبودی کجا میری حالا؟.

What if Orlando takes Jabari first? I can see OKC taking Banchero and Houston taking Chet.

The NBA conspiracy theorist in me believes someone from Orlando leaked something to try and force Houston (who have been clearly in love with Paolo the whole process) to give up equity to move up, knowing OKC won’t take Jabari and he’ll be there at 3.

2022 NBA Draft: Debating case for Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero, Jabari Smith or Jaden Ivey as No. 1 prospect #.


With the 2022 NBA Draft approaching, local experts across the Locked On Podcast Network participated in their own mock draft with analysis from Audacy NBA experts..

And Magic know OKC have Paolo as their 2nd option on their big board not Jabari so Magic know they can get Jabari with the 3rd pick. Just a quick theory though.


Je suis déjà stressé, il est pour nous. En soi, Chet et Jabari c’est top aussi mais c’est Paolo qu’on veut bordel.


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