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Most games with 7+ goals in one postseason: 6 – 1985 Oilers
6 – 1984 Oilers
4 – 2022 @Avalanche
4 – 1985 Blackhawks
4 – 1983 Islanders
4 – 1983 Oilers
4 – 1981 Islanders #NHLStats: #StanleyCup.

Islanders Photo,Islanders Photo by NHL Public Relations,NHL Public Relations on twitter tweets Islanders Photo

I bet Cooper was heartbroken for the Islanders players too when their were 7 guys on the ice for the go-ahead goal in Game 7 of the ECF…every team has benefitted from calls and non-calls. That’s sports, always has been and always will be.

“A racially divisive publicity stunt by Adam Bandt which saw the Greens leader hold a press conference with the Australian flag pushed off to the side with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders flags front and centre has been labelled “idiotic”.”.

@spittinchiclets @BizNasty2point0 Karma for scoring with too many men on the Ice last year vs the islanders and being 18 million over the cap.


Islanders Photo,Islanders Photo by Stuart Feiner,Stuart Feiner on twitter tweets Islanders Photo

love island needs ekin su until it’s time for casa amor so the producers made the right choice in not letting the islanders choose in my opinion idk #loveisland.

Tampa suffers from a blown too-many-men call. sounds #Isles.

@LoveIsland the way some of the islanders have been treating ekin su is so disrespectful. jacques can sit down..

@spittinchiclets Lol no…the Islanders got hosed last year so now they know what it’s like.

@LoveIsland Jacques is in the wrong here, he needs to shut it, it weren’t his place to say that, I really hope some of the islanders console Ekin in today’s episode man, I hate how their treating her, I don’t like how their beginning to gang up on her.

You can never have too many hats- ESPECIALLY Islanders hats 😎 Shop Now ➡️.

Islanders Photo,Islanders Photo by Bridgeport Islanders,Bridgeport Islanders on twitter tweets Islanders Photo

I’m glad they let the public choose tbh normally they’d just leave the actual decision to the islanders #LoveIsland.

the producers are letting the public decide because if the islanders decided, ekin-su would be on the next flight back to gatwick #LoveIsland.

I am guessing this is why they are now letting it be the one with the least if they had let the islanders choose (the usual original plan with the bottom groups)they would have sent Ekin home. #LoveIsland.

The producers knew that the islanders were gonna pick Ekin, and therefore let the public decide to keep the show interesting😭😭 #LoveIsland.

For a second I thought the remaining islanders had to choose which ones were going home and I feared Ekin Su leaving this early #LoveIsland.

@PierreVLeBrun I’d like to remind everyone that last season…when Tampa eliminated the Islanders in that 1-0 game 7…they scored that lone goal with too many men on the ice. Tampa is much luckier in this instance…as last night was not an elimination game. What goes around comes around!😂😂😘.

@Tomhayess_ Yeah this is constantly an issue like she’s in my top 2 islanders but she’s not number 1.

Tasha and Andrew haters just get a life and rest a bit. You are spending more time hating them than supporting your fav islanders 🥴 #LoveIsland.

@FultonReed6 Last year against the islanders in the conference final. Tampa scores with 7 guys on. Cry me a river Coop.

Islanders Photo,Islanders Photo by Ryan Smitheram,Ryan Smitheram on twitter tweets Islanders Photo

Tampa fans are lucky for their team to have one to cups in the 2 years. Scoring with too many men on the Ice last year vs the islanders and being 18 million over the cap.

I got a lot of funny looks yesterday from the Long Islanders around me but I’m proud to rep my @Avalanche 😎 #GoAvsGo #FindAWay.

Hey Tampa Bay fans crying about too many men on the ice last night. The Islanders said you had 7 on the ice in 2021, and you won. So shut the fuck up..

Islanders Photo,Islanders Photo by Ponza / Gordon,Ponza / Gordon on twitter tweets Islanders Photo

Rosner’s Wrap: Lightning Get Taste of Own Medicine, Dufour Does it Again.

@Sportsnet TOTAL HYPOCRITE. You DESERVE the L you took last night. TB and Cooper had 7 men on the ice last night, 6 against Rangers (no call), 6 against Islanders (no call). It’s not heartbreaking. It’s FAIR. MAC didn’t effect the play at all. TB got smoked in OT. Period.

@TKras I don’t hear Coop crying that the Islanders should still be playing! Lol #GoBolts.

@LoveIsland i am SICK of watching luca and jacques make such sly comments about ekin su what’s the point of telling twitter users to “be kind” when you’re letting islanders slut shame ekin constantly 😭.

I’m wayyyyyy over the islanders going in on about what happened with Davide. It’s dead now, and they won’t have had this energy if it was a guy that moved like that, the audacity..

#LoveIsland spoiler: Two Islanders face axe after results of public vote.

This is why the show gets blander every year cause yall keep voting the boring islanders to stay kmt #LoveIsland.


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