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🤩 Nasser Hussain – I would say sorry to fans of Virat Kohli but Babar Azam has one of the best cover drive. I would suggest budding cricketers to watch Babar Azam play cover drive..


🗣 The people who play the cover drive, they make a very difficult shot look incredibly easy. Learn all about the brilliant shot in the masterclass with Natalie Germanos and Nasser Hussain. Created by @BYJUS 🎥 #KeepLearning #Byjus.

The Promised savior, Hussain’s son will come, with the message of freedom and #Hussain منجی، پسر حسین خواهد آمد، با پیام آزادگی و عدالتی که حسین با آن در تاریخ می‌درخشد..

What converted the unequal war of Karbala to a global revolution except its message of freedom and honor?
#Hussain چه چیزی جز پیام آزادگی و عزت جنگ نابرابر کربلا را به یک انقلاب جهانی تبدیل کرد؟!.

What everyone knows about Hussain is that he did not succumb to the pressure of oppression and fought against a corrupted and oppressive government.
#Hussain آنچه همه در باره حسین می‌دانند این است که او زیر بار ظلم نرفت و با یک حکومت فاسد و ظالم مبارزه کرد..

The uprising of Imam Hussein () is a human uprising based on reform, justice and the truth.
#Hussain قیام امام حسین(ع)، قیامی انسانی بر پایه اصلاح، عدالت و حق است..

Hussain ع died the moment when Abbas ع fell on the ground #سلام_بر_قمربنی_ہاشمؑ.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by 𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗻𝘂 (🏴محرم 1444),𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗻𝘂 (🏴محرم 1444) on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

The bone of the usurping Zionist regime has been broken, God willing, it will soon be crushed and dismantled with the help of God and the appearance of the savior of the world. #Hussain.

Hussain (PBUH) said on the day of Ashura: Death is better than shame and disgrace. #Hussain.

@Hussain_NSharif ملک دشمن عناصر ! وہ تو تمہارے فلیٹ میں رہتا ہے، مطلب تم اس کے فلیٹ میں رہتے ہو او یار تم دونوں ایک دوسرے کے فلیٹ میں رہتے ہو، کیا کنجر خانہ ہے تم لوگوں کا۔.

إن كل أنواع العزاء المتعارف إقامته عند الشيعة والمحبين للإمام الحسين(ع) هو من مصاديق الشعائر الحسينية وتشملها الآية الكريمة: ومن يعظّم شعائر الله فإنها من تقوي القلوب.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by سلما_راوي,سلما_راوي on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo


The revenge of Imam Hussain, peace be upon him, will be achieved by saving humanity from oppression, by his son, the Promised Mahdi, peace be upon him.
Lipik or Mahdi

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by Sh,Sh on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

از امام حسين علیه‌السلام سؤال شد كرامت و فضيلت انسان در چيست؟
در پاسخ فرمودند:
«كنترل و در اختيار داشتن زبان و سخاوت داشتن.»

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by مریم زارع,مریم زارع on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo

@RanaSanaullahPK Fahad hussain bhai thoray se sentence change kar liya karain shahbaz aur sanaullah mein farq ka pta nahi chal.

Oppressors are the enemy of Jesus Christ and Imam Mahdi, in absence of whom, they can depredate American indians, scorn blacks, and massacre people in Yemen and Syria!

@AZSatti @Hussain_NSharif Ye hi pti b keh rae hai k ye 10 10 k isteefay kr br br bye elections na krao awam k paise bachaien ar general elections kraien.

The Promised savior, Imam Mahdi, is from Imam Hussain’s generation. The Hussain whose freedom message is immortal in history.
#Hussain منجی، امام مهدی، از تبار و نسل امام حسین (ع) است، همان حسینی که پیام جوانمردی و آزادگیش در تاریخ جاودانه است..

My son Qasim, a day will come when my brother Hussain will be facing an enemy army of tens of thousands. That will be the day when Islam will need to be saved by sacrifice. You must represent me on that day.
Qasim(AS) read the letter..

A allah maff karne hame hamari ankh bnd hai kitne afsos ki bat hai 7 muharam hamra mola Hussain ne in dino me apne sab qurban kiye 😭😭 maghr nhi logon ko kaha yad hai inko toh yah yad hai hame in dino me azadi huwi thi mola maff karne apne farman logon ko.

Drink water, Think Hussain ع
Drink water, Think Hussain ع
Drink water, Think Hussain ع
Drink water, Think Hussain ع
Drink water, Think Hussain ع #العطش.

From Karbala message:
Be like Horr in your life. Be brave and have power to make changes.

@Hussain_NSharif تو پہلے اپنے خاندان کا جواب دے کہ بھیک مانگنے والا اور پانڈی توب کرنے والا خاندان ،،آج لندن میں کروڑپتی، کیسے بنا.

#Hussain Photo,#Hussain Photo by سيد عاصف شاہ بخاري,سيد عاصف شاہ بخاري on twitter tweets #Hussain Photo


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