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Just came here to join the chorus of angry #Jeopardy viewers who think Sadie was robbed. She definitely wrote “Harriet Tubman” — @Jeopardy bring her back! Blargh..


Y’all think Harriet Tubman was dressed nice, doing bumps and kiki’ing while she was taking twinks to HER BOTTLE?!?!?.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by Phillip,Phillip on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

What an injustice on #Jeopardy tonight. Sadie should have won handily, the champ’s face said it all at the end. It was totally clear that she wrote Harriet Tubman, terrible look @Jeopardy.

@Jeopardy Hmm… looked like she wrote Harriet Tubman to me. I’ve seen other responses that were illegible but accepted..

@Jeopardy That’s the biggest robbery I’ve ever seen on Jeopardy. It’s clearly Harriet Tubman but with sloppy handwriting. Shame on you!.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by Ultra Magatron PhD,Ultra Magatron PhD on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

@Jeopardy Sadie had $9,800. She bet $7,500 and got the answer right. She SHOULD have won with a total of $17,300!! (Winner only had $17,199). Sadie wrote HARRIET TUBMAN, just sloppy!.

Sadie was robbed on #Jeopardy tonight. I’ve seen worse handwriting get through. It’s very obvious her answer was Harriet Tubman and she would’ve won. While we are at it can you please find a permanent host so I don’t have to listen to Mayim be so condescending to contestants?.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by Alexandra Brown,Alexandra Brown on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

Definitely looks like Harriet Tubman to me. She should have won! @Jeopardy screwed over Sadie!.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by AdamH,AdamH on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

@Jeopardy just robbed this woman, clearly it’s Harriet Tubman. What a joke..

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by pierce,pierce on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

This player got rooked. She obviously wrote Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by Stephe96,Stephe96 on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

My husband myself and our 16-year-old are here watching @Jeopardy. That lady wrote Harriet Tubman. FIX it! @missmayim.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by Kimberly Brusk,Kimberly Brusk on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

I had to rewind and pause to confirm but that totally said Harriet Tubman. If anything, it was missing the second “leg” of the n. #Jeopardy If misspelling doesn’t matter in Final, WTH?.

Sadie Goldberger wrote ‘Harriet Tubman’. Not neatly, but I sure could read it. We’re less interested in #jeopardy since Mayim took over. The clues are much more convoluted as well. @Jeopardy #bringbackken.

@dvvyer @Jeopardy Agreed. I could read Harriet Tubman. They need to review this and bring her back because she did nothing wrong..

@Jeopardy You have to have Sadie back. ( as a champion,plus the money she would have won )You blew the call on that one. That was clearly Harriet Tubman. #Jeopardy.

Jeopardy! contestant Sadie Goldberger got robbed tonight. She wrote the correct answer, Harriet Tubman, but was deemed incorrect because the judges couldn’t tell that the answer was written, even though it was pretty clear. Even worse, she would’ve won the game..

@Jeopardy NEWSFLASH:. @Jeopardy screws over African American on #juneteenth2022 over their perception of an incomplete answer of Harriet Tubman. Talk about some bad PR coming to Jeopardy in the coming days..

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by Alby,Alby on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

Biggest screwjob in the history of sports happened tonight on #jeopardy! Final Jeopardy! was unmissable to begin with, and she clearly answered Harriet Tubman..

@Jeopardy I was surprised Sadie didn’t argue. Her writing wasn’t neat but she wrote Harriet Tubman. Very bizarre.


@UncleChaps Absolute travesty just occurred on jeopardy. Wasn’t a fan of Mayam Bialik in the first place, but the way she just dismissed the clearly written “Harriet Tubman” made me audibly gasp. Robbery..

What happened tonight @Jeopardy ? My girl CLEARLY wrote Harriet Tubman?!?! #shewasrobbed.

Boo, Jeopardy. Sadie had Harriet Tubman. And she would have won!!!.

Harriet Tubman Photo,Harriet Tubman Photo by 🇺🇦🌊DebCG#keep~up🇺🇦,🇺🇦🌊DebCG#keep~up🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Harriet Tubman Photo

@jeopardy. That contestant defintely wrote Harriet Tubman. Not sure why Jeopardy ruled against her..

@Jeopardy Beyond Harriet Tubman, are viewers enjoying the arrogant tone of the show? Tonight’s Bizet correction and calling time hastily, Where is Alex Trebek’s warmth and esprit de corps? He inspired players, never with even a hint of condescension. We need @KenJennings.

@Jeopardy, could someone please tell @missmayim that there is only ONE Daily Double in the Jeopardy round? It’s not “a Daily Double”, it’s “THE Daily Double”. Oh, and you screwed over Sadie. She clearly wrote Harriet Tubman..

@Jeopardy you need to add a challenge flag because that clearly said “Harriet Tubman” ….

I know homegirl didn’t just lose Final Jeopardy on the easy Harriet Tubman question. 🫣🫠.

@Jeopardy Sadie was screwed big time. I’ve seen much worse. If she was the first one Mayim went to, she could’ve said “Harriet Tubman” and they would’ve taken it but because she was last, they didn’t. Highway robbery!!.

Jeopardy producers said let’s penalize a black woman on Juneteenth weekend for writing Harriet Tubman in cursive.

I agree. I saw every letter of “Harriet Tubman!” This was so unnerving! #jeopardy.


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