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As conservatives become obsessed with drag queens, a reminder of that time Rudy Giuliani was in drag and Trump was kissing him:.

No evidence of fraud. No evidence the election was stolen. No. Evidence.
And yet Trump, Guiliani and the #GOP persisted. To this day they continue to vomit up those lies and worse, those lies are still believed. #January6thHearings.

Trump and Guiliani called Bowers after the election. Guiliani came on first. Then Trump. Initiated conversation. Bowers asks for evidence of fraud. G said they did have proof. Bowers asked for names of the illegal immigrants, dead people. #HATH.

an important reminder: rudy guiliani is a disgrace and cancer to the practice of law..

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers said Trump, Giuliani, and Rep. Andy Biggs asked him to do something he knew was not right. | By @hunterschwarz.

Wandrea Moss and Ruby Freeman already successfully sued One America News network for defamation (amount undisclosed so they got bank). Rudy Guiliani was named in the suit as well but has yet to fold. I hope the jury gets him for everything he has..

Congressional hearing testimony today shows how far Trump went to prove fraud in Georgia. Guiliani & Trump said video showed two Fulton County election worker women exchanging a USB drive w/18,000 illegal votes for Biden on it. What was it that they really exchanged? Gingermints.

Guiliani Photo,Guiliani Photo by Dan McGraw,Dan McGraw on twitter tweets Guiliani Photo

Lock them up. Rudy Guiliani and Donald Trump are co-conspirators and they need to be arrested immediately.


@JohnJHarwood Guiliani should be charged and in jail. He knowingly lied about these women and many others. What the heck? Trump too!! They are garbage. So much garbage..

@JoyAnnReid What legal avenue do Shay Moss, her mom and her Grandmother have against the danger and heartache Guiliani and Trump caused them?.

@ALasello @RSingere Tant qu’une politique de zéro excuse ne sera pas mise en place comme à new-york avec Guiliani nous sombrerons dans ces délires communautaires..

@Angry_Staffer If they care enough to tune in. Today was heartbreaking. Justice for Shaye and Ruby! I want them to sue for slander and get millions from trump and guiliani..

And, of course, being the fucking racist that he is. Guiliani says Shaye and Lady Ruby were passing around heroine or a crack pipe. An obvious dog whistle for the Right because they are Black. I despise Guiliani almost as much as Trump. There is an absolute zero low bar for them..

@Angel1111summit @Amy_Siskind Guiliani is a total racist. As Mayor of NYC he used the police force to terrorize Black people under the guise of law and order..

@nathaliejacoby1 Trump without a doubt Guiliani
Mark Meadows
Roger Stone
#TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison Alex Jones Ginni Thomas
Kevin McCarthy
Paul Gosar Jenna Ellis
Sidney Powell
Mo Brooks
Ron Johnson
Jim Jordan
Lindsey Graham
Mike Lindell (Pillow Guy)
Andy Biggs

In November remember that Trump, Guiliani, and all the other pushers of the Big Lie caused their supporters to target Lady Ruby and Shaye Ross because they were doing THEIR JOBS. Remember that in November. #TrumpIsACriminal.

@bridgetekelly What I found disgusting was how Guiliani denigrated Shae & her mom by describing how alleged data sticks were used to cheat, & passed in the same manner that a drug dealer slips heroin to a customer. Despicable 🤮❗️.

@tribelaw That is the quote of the year-just classic Guiliani/Trump craziness. It is also very funny..

@LoveLibra_T Do they have a Go Fund me? Are Lady Ruby & Shaye suing Guiliani and Trump @AttorneyCrump?.

Unconscionable what Guiliani and #TFG did to these citizens, pray the @DOJCrimDiv is also listening 🙏😢.

@glennkirschner2 Can some attorney do a Pro Bono lawsuit against Trump and Guiliani for what they put Shay and her mom Ruby through? I am so outraged by their story.😡😡😡.

@girlsreallyrule She also should sue Trump and Guiliani for lying about them, unleashing the savage mob and destroying their lives..

@JDCocchiarella @equalizerpm Agreed. They should both sue Cheeto Hitler and Guiliani and burn them to the ground..

@brat2381 I was in tears for these women. Such wanton racism from the President of the United States and GUILIANI!!!! Anyone who would vote for this traitor after hearing this testimony is an idiot..

president of the Uni ted States naming election worker, repeatedly, had to know the results would be what they were, threats, #ladyruby had to leave her home all brought about by trump and #GOPdoesntcare. I hope she and her daughter have defamation suits against at least Guiliani.

Raise your hand if you can visualize donald trump, ron johnson, rudy guiliani, ted cruz, rand paul, greg kelly, steve king and the rest of the gop ultra maga peckerwoods in an expletive-filled-brick-defecating meltdown? 🖐🏽

Guiliani Photo,Guiliani Photo by The Man In Black,The Man In Black on twitter tweets Guiliani Photo

@AshIsHereForIt Law Firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe! Guiliani, Powell and Eastman. 💩👍.


@SuzeQKnits I get it. I am incredibly sad and enraged. Arrest Trump, Guiliani and every GOPer who aided..


@MSNBC For what they did to these women, Trump and Guiliani at least, should do long, hard time. If they do not do time for this, then we need a new DOJ (which we might anyway). This is bs..

@joel_laskin And Guiliani, accusing them of having a usb drive, and passing it between each other like crack cocaine. And even suggesting that their homes need to be searched..


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