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Never forget Gronk’s greatest spike ever… Spiking Steve Harvey’s Lego bust..


Touchdown Boston, passe parfaite d’Horford pour Gronk, ça repasse à +13 pour les verts..

feel like Gronk and TB are becoming the boys who cried wolf with these retirement announcements.

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE, Rob Gronkowski has officially decided to retire What a career 🙌 4x Super Bowl champion
4x First-Team All-Pro
5x Pro Bowl selection
92 Rec TD (3rd-most by a TE)
Most 100+ Rec yd games by a TE (32) #Gronk #GoBucs.

Gronk Photo,Gronk Photo by BetUS Pro Football,BetUS Pro Football on twitter tweets Gronk Photo

Fato curioso: um dos irmãos do Gronk me segue no Insta e até hoje eu não sei o porquê, mas já bati um leve papo na dm.

@PFF Rob Gronkowski easy unless you want to factor in longevity. I doubt Gronk comes anywhere close to Tony Gonzalez.

@PFF Gronk and I’m sorry but its not even close. Dude came out of a lab as a grown man and has sonned everyone in the league..

@TomBrady @elonmusk How about you answer a football question? What is going on with Gronk? Can not imagine you finishing your career without him..

@PFF I look at the position in its purest form, not what its evolved into today. Gronk is exactly what a TE should be. He can play the position however you need it played. Most of the others are great pass catchers..

Look at Gronk yards tho! That’s insane for the amount of GPs.

@KevinWill33 @PFF You guys I just look at that stats. Tight ends also blockers. Gronk number one in both categories no question.

@KevinWill33 @PFF He can’t block for shit. TE block and catch. Gronk top 3 best in both categories.

@PFF Overall Gronk because he’s a top 3 blocker and a top 3 pass catcher ever. Some of these other guy can catch but are horrible blockers like sharp, gates, and especially Gonzalez..

@PFF I pick Kelce over Gronk,cause i feel like Kelce can succeed with ANY QB,while i doubt Gronk could be productive with anyone else than Brady.

@SkyNewsAust ChrisKenny you Gronk, my goodness how did you luck into that cushy job with your simian skillset?.

I know everyone is gonna say Gronk but Shannon Sharpe changed the game for TEs. We wouldn’t have any of these guys without Sharpe..

Hate these questions lol. Ditka did a lot for the position but gronk is the most dominant..

@chrswlkr28 @SkolSmith I love Gronk, not only because he’s good at football, but also because he was funny when he appeared on The Masked Singer as the white tiger.

@JoshuaE46389925 @RoyalsPIsWin Kelce doesn’t even compare to gronk in the run game, y’all always so quick to compare kelce and gronk in the passing game though….. y’all forget that tight ends play more than just a receiving role. There’s a reason gronk has 4x as many rings.

@ChiefsSeason @PFF Bruh i get you are a chiefs fan but its gronk, and kelce aint close to gronk..

@JoshuaE46389925 @RoyalsPIsWin Dude your a moron Kelce isn’t even the best TE in the league right now lol he also don’t have near the history that gronk does. When this TE this team wins 4 SB let us know.

@DemetriusBowels @thonnius_maker U gotta be slow. Gronk was a damn good blocker. And put up offensive numbers and 1 major factor in super bowl and playoffs wins.

Tony, shannon and antonio were the reason gronk thrived. They would of put up the same numbers in todays game. I love gronk but nah. They did put up fantastic numbers before the TE was a number 1 or number 2 passing option..

@Genomac99 @LedyardNFLDraft The offense went from having Evans, Godwin, AB, & Gronk to just having Evans extremely quick lol 🤦‍♂️.

todo mundo na TL triste com a aposentadoria do Gronk, mas teremos o novo Gronk na próxima.

Gronk Photo,Gronk Photo by cristian,cristian on twitter tweets Gronk Photo

Happy retirement to Gronk. One of the funnest players in NFL history and perhaps the most well rounded TE in league history..

Religious schools can get tuition assistance from the state but Gronk can’t get coverage from USAA. 🤔.

It’s crazy that Gronk is only 33. He put up arguably the greatest TE résumé of all time just in his 20s. He’s the best TE ever I think..

Gronk= 1st ballot, no doubt. I’m more unsure about him remaining retired than I am about that..

Has any NFC contending team undoubtedly got better this offseason? -Packers lose Davante but will have an elite defense
-Rams lost Woods and probably 3/4 of an OBJ season -Bucs lose Gronk and Arians
-Kyler Murray didn’t grow
-The Cowboys are the Cowboys still.


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