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It was such a hard right-wing, racist society that I grew up in. I have a lot of friends and even kinfolk who never tried to move beyond the racism. But I try every day. It’s been an ongoing, gradual transformation, the writer John Grisham tells @NYTmag..

Mark Meadows “would lie to people’s faces,” a White House official said. Stephanie Grisham, whom Meadows ousted from her position as White House press secretary, called him “one of the worst people ever to enter the Trump White House.”.

I hate pinning games on one player but if we lose this game it’s on Trent Grisham and Trent Grisham only.

Missed first 6 1/2 innings tonight but upon review looks like official scorer at Petco is having quite a game. Luplow hit single that Grisham let bounce past him and got HR out of the deal. Then Kim got 2B when he hit fly ball that Luplow dropped. Why even bother having errors?.

Why in the hell would you bunt towards third base with a left handed pitcher on the mound? Grisham is just shitting himself all over this game..

GRISHAM BETTER PUT THIS BUNT IN PLAY. No excuses after his terrible play tonight. #Padres.

Hypothetically speaking if Grisham sacrifices here the Diamondbacks load the bases for sergio right? Then you pitch hit Nola for Sergio???.

grisham steps up to thr plate to chase at balls and stare at down the middle strikes hes dogshit holy.

H. Kim thrown out at 3rd-base by the Dbacks as Trent Grisham bunts into a fielders choice. My jinx worked perfectly! :-p.

Mannnn what are we doing ?! Have a damn day Trent Grisham. 3 strikeouts, 1 horrible bunt, diving play that should’ve been a single turn into a 2 run inside the park home run. Go to bed Trent..

Feels like Grisham does that every single time he bunts. Just a horrible bunter and hitter..

Dbacks fail to move Alek Thomas from 2nd and the Padres come to the plate now for the bottom of the 10th with H. Kim on 2nd and due up: Grisham, Profar, and Dave Roberts pay.

@costareports Any idea how some of DFG’s election/campaign officials, top administration officials and Stephanie Grisham were all unaware a documentary was being filmed? Was Trump’s White House THAT chaotic for them not to have seen video cameras/crew?.

I’ll never understand the constant Hosmer hate from #Padres fans, yet rarely a peep about Grisham who’s hitting .185 and turned a routine liner into a DBacks 2-run homer. I get the contracts are different, but it’s not my money..

@Gottrocks When was it so I can go back and check? I also question the inside-the-park HR ruling. That’s a single and Grisham played it into a HR..

@JMAC_Baseball Grisham should not be in the leadoff spot ever no matter how hot he is..

Profar walks and Grisham to 2nd with 1 out in the bottom of the 10th; Jake Cronenworth at the plate vs. Kyle Nelson..

Still here. Great game for Grisham. 0-5 3ks misplayed a single into a 2 run homer. #jinxed #Padres.

@pillgrimmz Imagine being a padres fan & calling someone a sucker…a padres fan is the fucking definition of dumb 😂…Great bunt by Grisham btw lol.

Grisham losing a whole WAR point tonight. Allowing two runs and twice not getting a runner to third with less than two outs..

Fucking horrible bunt. Grisham has had a nightmare of a game. 0 for 5. Allowed both runs due to inept defense too. Jfc.

How is Grisham great at bunting for hits, but cant ever get a sacrifice down 🤦🏻‍♂️#Padres.

#Padres could have been 0-2 win already but Grisham doing gOLd GlOvE thing…. yeah. I’ve seen bad Padres outfielders in my lifetime and Grisham ranks up there.

@Globalsportsbe1 the fact that you didn’t even know the dude was not there and called him an idiot…and the reason why they put grisham on lead off or what an interim manger does shows exactly that you don’t know shit about baseball besides betting…keep being a sucka. Enjoy!.

@ARealBadEgg @TooMuchMortons_ Grisham plays gold glove defense in CF while Hosmer is the worst defensive first baseman in MLB. Also, using batting average to compare offensive production is absolutely moronic..

@thekeptfaith Ive seen pitchers give better AB’s. Are any of the OF prospects ready yet? Can they really be any worse than Grisham?.

Imagine if Grisham could hit .290 with 15 HRs with the defense he already he would be worthy of the leadoff spot maybe? #ARIvsSD.

@Padres Grisham a one man wrecking crew how one man destroys a team and why the F**k is he leading off 3 strikeouts of 4 at bats and a deadly error costing 2 runs to come through, thanks for everything Grisham your days are numbered playing like that get extra at bats in the cage.

@Padres Why did they move Profar and Cronenworth, who have been on fire, for Grisham..


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