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Hey Greta. Next time you’re thumping the tub about the environment at Glasto please tell the festival-goers to pick up their litter..

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Wenn Wälder zu Wüsten werden, wird keiner sagen aber Windräder hätten die Landschaft verschandelt Wenn Flüsse austrocknen, wird keiner sagen aber Greta war nervig Wenn Ernten ausfallen & Lebensmittel zu Luxus werden, wird keiner sagen aber Klimaschutz wär zu teuer gewesen.

Greta’s Generation, turning on the coal power in Germany because of their crazy energy policies..

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We’re very excited to announce that Greta Thunberg will be making a special appearance on the Pyramid Stage at around today. Don’t miss it!.

Nobody listened to Greta’s save the environment speech clearly…..

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This was a photo after the last Glastonbury. Will Greta thunberg stay to help the clean up efforts this year?.

Greta Photo,Greta Photo by Sophie Corcoran 🇬🇧,Sophie Corcoran 🇬🇧 on twitter tweets Greta Photo

Has Greta thunberg discussed the environmental impacts of millions of masks and plastic test strips yet?.

Swedish activists demand investigation into Greta Thunberg’s link to a Russian NGO. There were times when she was considered by Western MSM a greater threat to Russia than Western sanctions! We wonder who else might be a “Kremlin agent”?.

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A ticket to Glastonbury festival costs upwards of £260 Of course the likes of Greta thunberg are preaching to the masses there, they are the only ones that can afford to live under her green policies.


Sen. Chuck Grassley explained all of the failed promises President Joe Biden made and why his actions have caused record high inflation with Greta Van Susteren. MORE:.

NOW – Greta Thunberg demands everyone to talk about the climate crisis everywhere..

Greta Gerwig behind the scenes of her movies 🎬 1️⃣ LADY BIRD (2017)
2️⃣ LITTLE WOMEN (2019)
3️⃣ BARBIE (2023).

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I spent my day giving 3 big dogs haircuts and if SPCA shows up,they will arrest me because they look so bad. Here are 2 before pic ( I can’t post an after as they will be embarrassed and I will be arrested ).

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Greta at Glastonbury a few minutes ago:- We cannot adapt to do not let them take us one inch closer to the edge. Not one inch. Here and now is where we stand our ground..

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Galopeeeeeeira!!!!!! Esplêndida a Margot Robbie como Barbie e o Ryan Gosling de (Ken). Ta começando a sair muita novidade do filme da Barbie, dirigido pela Greta Gerwig! Ansiosos?!!!.

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We should have a good discussion about this…we all have the same goal: good education.

For starters, we can all open our minds and talk to each other and listen to each other.

You missed the point: overuse and unnecessary use of anonymous sources;.


Greta Arrives on the scene to make driving to another state to get an abortion even more expensive..

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POV Greta just caught u asking your coworker how their weekend was.

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A Greta apareceu durante o festival de Glastonbury, discursou “emergência climática e ecológica”
Exigiu q todos falem sobre a crise climática em todos os lugares! Tem q avisar a Greta que Alemanha voltou com potência máxima nas Termoelétricas movidas a carvão mais poluente.😏.

do nada um estalo de que greta gerwig vai fazer algo inspirado no le bonheur da varda evocando um colorido específico e lhe dando um tratamento triste (virei comentarista de cinema como comentarista aleatório de futebol).

Hai unha certa esquerda que odia os liberais, a UE, a teoría queer, o ecoloxismo, a nena Greta, os en cambio con Trump todo ben, con Putin todo ben..

If you want to do some blocking, comment on some of the replies s under a Greta Thunberg tweet. She really brings out the 😡😡😡 and the stupid bots 😆😆😆.

Mira tú…😳
¿Quién es el culpable de los aumentos del precio de la gasolina?.

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i don’t know who is costume designing greta gerwig’s barbie but i know it should be mona may.

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Greta Thunberg lecturing about climate change at Glastonbury, wouldn’t it be awful if somebody told her that therevwere warming periods in the past pre-industrial revolution.

@n1n1c0las @AGraziela123 Nada foi divulgado, mas estão apontando como o melhor filme da década. Vai ser levemente pesado, imagino algo mais na linha de Westworld. Também vazou a conta da Margot Robbie no letterboxed e tinha a lista da foto.
Além disso, o filme é da Greta Gerwig..

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Glastonbury crowd will be thrilled to be addressed by Saint Greta today at Keep the young generation fearful and compliant, while encouraging them to think their suffering is for the greater good..

Greta Thunberg is giving a talk at Glastonbury. If you were considering throwing away your TV, now is the time.


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