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Lila Rose
Lila Rose

This weekend, pro-abortion activists firebombed a pregnancy center in Gresham, OR, which provided material help for mothers & children. Imagine if this had been an abortion clinic. It would be headlines news. But because it’s a pro-life center, media & the Biden admin ignore..

Gresham Photo,Gresham Photo by Lila Rose,Lila Rose on twitter tweets Gresham Photo

Gresham, OR: A pregnancy resource center in a Portland suburb was damaged in a fire on June 11 believed to be started by an explosive device. The fire is being investigated by local police, FBI & ATF. Portland #Antifa posted addresses & called for attacks..

Gresham Photo,Gresham Photo by Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈,Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Gresham Photo

Thank you for your letter of support, Susie! @gresham_outlook.

Gresham Photo,Gresham Photo by Tina Kotek,Tina Kotek on twitter tweets Gresham Photo

Over the weekend, pro-abortion terrorists fire-bombed a pregnancy center in Gresham, Ore., that offers maternal care and information to expecting mothers. | by Caroline Downey.

There’s been at least four occasions in this game where Jade Gresham’s inability to dispose of the ball at the first instance has caused a turnover. He’s trying to do too much. #AFLSaintsDons.

Nothing makes a man more unpopular in the controversies of the present day than an insistence upon definition of terms. [His delicate interlocutors] do not like to have the flow of their eloquence checked by so vulgar a thing as definition. ~ J. Gresham Machen.

Gresham Photo,Gresham Photo by Cameron Porter,Cameron Porter on twitter tweets Gresham Photo

D’Amrosio 44 is fine for debut. 28 second qtr was awsome. It should of been a 50 aswell if the umpires didn’t screw him. Got a 2 hand push in the back by Gresham late. Also got a push in the back which was just a tackle imo. He will be a nice cash cow though! @AFLFantasy @DTTALK.

HT | What are we doing? Can we fix it? Huge concerns for @stkildafc at halftime. Need to lift. STK ESS Disp: Sinclair 16, Hill 13
Goals: King, Gresham, Billings #SpudsGame #TogetherWeRise.

Gresham Photo,Gresham Photo by Unpluggered Podcast 🔴⚪⚫,Unpluggered Podcast 🔴⚪⚫ on twitter tweets Gresham Photo

Jade Gresham has now had 20 or more disposals AND multiple goals in six of his 13 games this year. He’s having a sublime season. #AFLSaintsDons.

Thus Dr. Scofield’s view of the Mosaic Law is rooted in a wrong view of sin.” + J. Gresham Machen @jg_machen.

Le recomiendo a mi pequeña comunidad de Twitter que vean «Shadowlands» (1993). Narra la brevísima pero intensa historia de amor que vivieron C. S. Lewis y Joy Gresham. Recuerda, sin lugar a dudas, a «The Bridges Of Madison County» (1995)..

@stkildafc don’t tell me it’ll get better. don’t tell me how to feel my feelings. I don’t want to hear “Gresham’s one of the most exciting players in the league”. And I don’t want to hear fucking a fucking thing from literally any other fanbase in the league..

Sinclair ✅
Gresham ✅❌
Hill ❌
Membrey ❌❌ + Happy to come away with profit considering how bad the saints were.

@AgentFoo Yeah, Claudio would be the best scenario for sure. Love Gresham, but agreed, people would not respond well. What if Danielson was just being a heel and show up anyway. It would make no damn sense..

@BWDBlackWrestl1 Guesses: Gargano, Gresham, Cesaro, Chris Hero (LMAO), Moriarty..

We talk about different players and what they bring in terms of goals and disposals, Gresham doing it as well as anyone. I feel he is almost underrated in the quality he brings. Great to see him back and playing beautifully. #AFLSaintsBombers.

@Cpcc15 @DonCaldwelll Think his role is different tonight. Maybe with Parish out. Game high 7 tackles and been on the defensive side of Gresham all night, who plays an attacking Centre Forward role..

The ONLY St Kilda player that can hold their head high at the end of this game is Gresham. The only St Kilda midfielder that’s had a genuine crack tonight #AFLSaintsDons.

@gill_godfrey He uses Zelinsky every time he has a UK problem. Presenteeism of the worst kind. Disreputable charlatan. (Having to mind my language here!).

@TinaKotek @gresham_outlook Tina staffer was arrested with throwing feces and urine crowd at Portland Police in armed marxist communist coup in downtown Portland. These lunatics are the problem in Oregon not the solution. Guns are not the problem Democrats policies killed Portland..

@AFLFantasy So stoked with Gresham, have had him since round two. Bloke is hitting some serious form.

@1RobbieDrummond @Thomo_Grant For a so called “A grader”, Gresham makes poor decisions regularly..

@TBarkerSaints He has always done we cannot have Billings, Gresham, Ross and Jones in the same side. I still believe Jones isn’t in our best neither is Billings. Ross gets a parley this week as he has been excellent all year.

Damn you @Wil_Anderson. I can’t watch a Saint’s game now without focusing on Gresham’s eyebrows…#AFLSaintsDons.

@_denisesalcedo It should be either Gargano or Gresham. Gargano going in an then following up with a Blood & Guts match followed with a program vs Sammy would be the sh*t!.

@AboveTheRing I know everyone wants Cesaro, but this would be a great way to elevate the ROH brand by having your World Champion Jonathan Gresham on the Forbidden Door, and then also replacing Danielson for Blood & Guts.

@cstbtweet That would be amazing but I’m thinking it’s most likely Jonathan Gresham..

🔔LIVE: St Kilda v Essendon Q3 Jade Gresham v Zach Merrett at the opening centre bounce @aflratings.

LAW? What makes a good judge? Gresham College talk with Q&As, useful not just for potential law students but anyone who might come into contact with the legal system..

ACCIDENT – INJURY at NE 223RD AVE / NE PARK LN, FRVW [Gresham Police #PG22000022276] 02:23 #pdx911.


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