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Andy, Garcelle and Dorit crushing the shotski at #BravoCannes #RHOBH 🥂.

Rinna and Erika have spent years trying to convince everyone how “iconic” their friendship is, something that Garcelle and Sutton did so effortlessly in the matter of months. I bet they’re pissed 😩 #RHOBH.

Garcelle Photo,Garcelle Photo by SHEA FROM THE BAY,SHEA FROM THE BAY on twitter tweets Garcelle Photo

I love the way Garcelle keeps her eye on the action every time the ladies come after Sutton (aka every episode). She’s like a coach who won’t let her star player crumble under pressure. Love her. #RHOBH.

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We go from Jeannie Rittenhouse to Diana Rittenhouse. Same fucking racist energy! The fact Diana brings her hate to Garcelle’s birthday party is disrespectful. #RHOBH #RHOSLC.

Garcelle Photo,Garcelle Photo by Derek,Derek on twitter tweets Garcelle Photo

Kyle put on Erika’s ironic song, and Garcelle was like…bitch, can you put on some Earth, Wind & Fire? #RHOBH.

not everyone needs a ‘storyline’ just being yourself is enough. you can say that almost all of the cast members but garcelle is the one you have the issue with? hmmm #rhobh.

Garcelle and Kyle are currently sharing Queen Bee status on #RHOBH. And when they inevitably get into a big blowout, factions will be formed. And I simply cannot wait..

@NowCheckThat_ I don’t see it that way. I see Garcelle supporting a true friend. I see Erika manipulating Crystal, who’s she’s not friends with outside the show, to go after Sutton on her behalf. Who she hates. Big difference..

I really enjoyed tonights episode of #RHOBH and am super excited for the next episode! I hope Garcelle goes OFF!.

Garcelle stfu. You be telling erika to back off when YOU miss maam instigated this whole fucking beef. Smh #RHOBH #RHOBHMeanGirls.

When she’s not w/ the mean girls she’s what I imagine is more like her real self. She’s never 100% authentic. Her personality switches based off who she’s with but I think with Sutton & Garcelle she’s real. She isn’t scared of disagreeing or not being “perfect Kyle”

The way Garcelle leans in 😂😂 #RHOBH She wants every drop of the tea. She’s just like us ♥️.

Garcelle and Sutton (and surprisingly kyle) make this show this season💎💎💎 #rhobh.

Garcelle being from Haiti probably got Diana’s tea years ago. Because we know how these people are in the Caribbean and Africa. A lot of nasty people come there and do God knows what to the people there. #RHOBH.

@GinaWatss @blabbingbravo Garcelle and Kyle ate that dinner when it comes to looks. The rest is blah 😑. Sutton dress is nice and Crystal..

@jodi_southwick @BravoLicious_ I was thinking the same thing ,Garcelle is genuine to the core #rhobh.

Honestly yes. The fox force 5 is done #RHOBH Kyle n garcelle is I’ll be besties next season.

@garcelle_s @dsterling88888 … this is a pretty weird take for a woman who played dumb baby bird all last year 😒”I had never even been in a bank” “I don’t understand laws my husband was the lawyer not me”.

@EstelleSonguees @TheRealCamilleG Garcelle is also on Kyle and Suttons side? Crystal can’t even say what it was-and your gonna trust that? Mm no. What Crystal said to Garcelle about “big words” was far more problematic then anything Sutton has said..

It’s so crazy how you have two women like @GarcelleB and Erika, both whom speak exactly what is on their mind, but their deliveries are totally opposite. Garcelle needs to give classes to Erika. #RHOBH.

Garcelle saying Erika bugs the sh*t outta her by being involved in the Crystal/Sutton thing, meanwhile she (Garcelle) has been involved in everything🙄 #RHOBH.

Everyone telling Crystal to speak up and then interrupting her every time she speaks. #RHOBH Garcelle, can I loan you a mirror?.

I’m sure Garcelle gotta sister in law baby cousin Tracy that can do her hair better than Robear. #RHOBH.

Garcelle has become the new Rinna, and she doesn’t even realize it. She keeps inserting herself, she wants to play producer and it comes off forced. #RHOBH.

@RonaldRichards Erika is trash. She maybe not knew some stuff but believe she knew much more than she lets on. These women on the show standing by her is a bigger joke. Sutton and Garcelle are the only 2 that know better..

I can’t wait till Garcelle and Sutton tag team drag the Madame Diana next episode #rhobh.

#RHOBH are Kyle and Garcelle the new dream team because if so, I’m very much here for it????.

Garcelle Photo,Garcelle Photo by daniel baker.,daniel baker. on twitter tweets Garcelle Photo

Diana: “i love you” Erika : “i love you” Garcelle : “oh good lord, i can’t, i just cant, everybody is just wsy too much, i can not! Im eating my artichokes” #RHOBH.


I’d say I’m surprised but garcelle is backing Kathy and we all know she’s r*cist soooo.

I’ve never been team Kyle on ANY season of RHOBH, but she’s finally making good decisions with friends ( backing up Garcelle and Sutton) – WELL DONE KYLE #rhobh.


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