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$100 billion in frozen Russian reserves sitting around in NYC that we could confiscate and use to get arms and supplies to Ukraine – at no cost to US taxpayer.

If you have under $10,000-25,000 with @CelsiusNetwork (or any crypto exchange that has frozen your funds), here is a step by step guide on how to get your money back ahead of everyone else using the law:.

@flyingspoon8891 @CelsiusNetwork No guarantee paying off the loan is a good option. They have frozen withdraws but not deposits. If you deposit usdc and pay off loan they now have your collateral and funds they loans AND your still waiting to see if you will ever be able to withdraw collateral..

@Frozen_njvn @Pardisshojaei 🦁🥹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️اکلیلی شدم.

At Walmart, a ten lb. bag of frozen chicken breast (Great Value brand) has went from $15 to $32 in the last couple of months..

and when i realized he spoke japanese at the end i was frozen with my jaw dropped until it totally registered.

no i actually hate frozen and fuck the fact that they’re princesses. lilo & nani>>.

@ladymohi @Frozen_njvn بدون اجازه چرا شربتهای منو اوردی اینجا؟.

Frozen Photo,Frozen Photo by مرکز بخش شربتهای نذری,مرکز بخش شربتهای نذری on twitter tweets Frozen Photo

@Aice_Frozen 酒飲みながら動画あげるしかねぇ・・・
ここで酒を入れます 私に…グビグビ.

@frozen_ln 何をおっしゃいますか…やはり早寝への道は怠けからの脱却…!肝に銘じます!!🦥💣💥💥💥🪦.

@RatUtopian I stock these and scan damages for frozen foods left out. Recently the beyond/impossible were switched from 3 doors to 6 despite not ever selling very much. A telling sign. Tell your friends how demonic this shit is. Tell your local grocery stores your thoughts on fake meats..

@niranjan2428 Regular checks on every hotels is enough to save many lives, since almost all of them are serving frozen and expired meats,Shawarmas.

Relevant again so soon?! Celsius is now insolvent and they have frozen your funds anon! Don’t say you were warned. #Celsius #rekt.

@iowa_2a The worst burguer I ever eat in my I prefer the frozen one from Walmart.


It’s one thing to accept that research in general is ‘crystallized’ (or ‘frozen’ as feyerabend puts it) from historical processes, it’s another to recognize academia’s relationship to power structures demands a specific prescription beyond, ‘we should persuade government’..

Reunindo forças para lutar contra esse frio❄️ Tentando parecer plena igual a Frozen.


@Egg_Frozen 흑흑이…ㅠ
헉마자 좋은 소식~ 이후 업데이트에서 그… 멘퀘 하다보면 던전 무조건 가야되잖아요 그거 npc랑 갈 수 있게 패치된대요!(최신확팩 2개는 되는데 앞에 3개는 안됐었음) 그래서 찐콘솔처럼 할수있게됨~ 언젠가 또 이어서하면 그런 부담없이 할수있어요!!.

Going down a @SantinoFontana hole this morning after seeing a clip of him singing Frozen. The logical next step is of course to listen to The Tootsie soundtrack multiple times and have an urge to rewatch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 😂.

@dupenafisat @Mike_Westaan The prophetess. I hail. D breakfast was indeed crispy n frozen..

@Abdel_13700 @Frozen_Zz Nan vraiment pas il mérite son ratio, si t’es pas content tu pars akhy.

@serqrod สีน้ำเงิน tim timburton from the boss baby
สีแดง kristoff from Frozen.

Frozen Pastries Market Healthy Pace throughout the Forecast during Forecoming Years -.

Frozen Photo,Frozen Photo by EPR Network,EPR Network on twitter tweets Frozen Photo

@jdbskisses I’m Canadian but same difference housingwise. Wood is a good insulator so if you are in a wooden house you’re less likely to freeze to death which is the more pressing concern. Metal and stone would let all the heat out so you’d be frozen so quickly..

@Spike_komainu うしろよく見たらメイドさん多いな。

@CelsiusNetwork Help us understand how every transfer is frozen but also margin calls are being issued with no possible way to resolved it? Can’t transfer the funds in and the funds that inside can’t be swap to fix it or anything! Like the loan was and is in Celsius already.

@buns_red Thank you so much. He was a cool little dude 💙 His Olaf (Frozen) personality made him even more loveable..

@CelsiusNetwork @Mashinsky You are a Father as I am, I trust in you since the frist time, I am a seed investor in Celsius, all my chlidren money is frozen on Celsius, só you know what it.

pro snack tip- frozen strawberries, put in the microwave for 20 seconds, then sprinkle whatever 0 cal sweetener (i use stevia). Hell fuckn yah.


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