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UFC News
UFC News

#UFCVegas57 Official Scorecard: Vanessa Demopoulos (@monster_demo) vs Jinh Yu Frey See every scorecard from #UFCVegas57 here ➡️:.

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Frey -575 live the entire fight. Loses a decision. A tradition like no other @ufc.#UFCVegas57.

Bookies fucked up with that Frey line. UFC fans saw she was -240 and said FUCK THAT!! #UFCVegas57.

@Gugabed I thought 1 clear Frey, 2 should have been Frey but close, 3 leaned Demo but like thought it was close..

@Prodigy_MMA_ Scored it 29-28 Frey. Not a robbery by any means, but 30-27 for Vanessa is absurd..

@JackAttackMMA Thought it was clear round 1 to Frey, I had 2 to Vanessa (close) and 3 was clear to Vanessa imo. Don’t know what the 30-27 was lol.

@CotyMMA Ya like i said i woulda scored it 29-28 Frey but i didn’t see the entire first round. It just looked like Frey was getting the better of her standing but wasn’t as aggressive. The only rd i woulda given to Demopoulos from what I saw was the 3rd..


@DianaBelbita you ever played KOTOR Diana? Jinh Yu Frey looks like Juhani.

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@JakeNoeckerMMA I disagree with these comments and I like Vanessa, I thought she lost 29-28. Live odds late in the second were -650 for Frey. 😅🤣.

@natapiergentili Falso falso… fue lagos y luego frey los que privatizaron el pais…..

Peter Ind by William Ellis, 2015
From his One LP series
With his 1961 album Looking Out
A wonderful portrait of the fine jazz bassist & producer who died in August 2021..

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Frey got robbed!! Demo was 1/7 on her takedowns and took a lot of big shots! Bautista with a quick win in the first turned it around for us let’s keep rolling!.

ジャッジ Jerin Valel :Vanessa Demopoulos – Jinh Yu Frey で30-27をつける 積極性を評価したのだろうか.

@bloodymmabets Ok let’s say 30-27 judge incorrectly scored one round – if he scores the first for Frey, Dempolous still wins by decision. No money was “stolen” in that fight..

@MikeHeck_JR 29-28 Demopoulos is sus, honestly, I scored it 30-27 Frey but am ok with 29-Frey. Even Sal D’Amato got that right. But 30-27 Demopoulos is criminal. Jerin Valel scoring round 1 for Demopoulos is the worst judging I’ve seen and isn’t he a ref?.

@BestFightPicks Honestly wasn’t that disgusting a score, strikes in that round were like 5 apart. Vanessa edged round one, 2 was close with a lean to Frey and 3 was easy Demo..

Everyone hating on the Frey and Demopoulos decision because almost 80% of all tickets and $$ was on Frey. Demo won that fight on my scorecard 29-28. Premium clients cash in on the +200..

@CharlesSmithMMA It was the 1st leg of the greasy 4-legger this week. Frey by DEC at +110. These judges are turrible..

@MmaWeezy Agree but regardless, hard to definitively give rd 1 to you did call it greasy 😂.

Push on Demo. Prolly should have just gone light on her ml but it is is what it is. I scored it 29-28 Frey anyway..

@BigMarcel24 @MMADecisions DP 29-28 was fine, she lost first round 10-9 but last two she won 10-9. She was controlling Frey on the cage for most of those rounds. Not much dmg but a lot of knees, Frey needed to get out those clinches..

#UFC #UFCVegas57 KAGE KROWNZ: Vanessa Demopoulos (@monster_demo) Krowned the Victor Over Jinh Yu Frey (@littleroo1two) [By Decis. – UFC Vegas 57] Kage Kingz gear=>.

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Inexplicable shit like the Frey robbery is why I no longer bet on UFC. Fucking garbage judges #ufc.

@Combat_History @NikosKlimentos Dude she was -850 going into round 3, oddsmaking experts had Frey up 2-0 clearly. She closed at -550 that’s inexcusable.

@OTHeroicsMMA No, and there is no way Demopolus won all 3 rounds. Jinh Yu Frey won two and won the fight.

SEÑAL DIGITAL | Partido finalizado en el Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo: Universidad Católica 3-0 Unión San Felipe por Copa Chile. Relató Christian Frey para Estadio en Portales en #LaPrimeraDeChile -.

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📹 Broadcast: UFC APEX
Las Vegas , NV United States.

@MMAjunkieGeorge I don’t see how you could justify Frey winning R3 atall. Just my opinion scored it 29-28 Demo.

@kingcaseymma Frey 29-28 at worst. If she lost the 3rd it was only cause she knew she had the fight locked up. This is a travesty..


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