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The Flash star Ezra Miller has deleted their Instagram account after posting a string of memes taunting authorities who are actively searching for the actor. Details here:.

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The Flash actor Ezra Miller was just sued for grooming a 12-year-old Native American girl with drugs and money Did you hear this on CNN, owned by the same company as DC Films?.

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Ezra Miller is now a collective idea rather than a single person..



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Ugh ugh ugh. The Ezra Miller story just got weirder … and creepier..

Zaslav’s First Movie Crisis: What To Do With Ezra Miller, The Erratic Star Of Warner Bros’ $200M ‘Flash’ Franchise Launch.

En un giro inesperado: EZRA MILLER EN MAS PROBLEMAS 😬 Al parecer, encontraron armas, niños y un bebe jugando con una bala en su boca en su granja. Lo extraño de la situación es que el padre de estos niños esta furioso pidiendo ayuda a las autoridades, mientras que la madre….

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EXCLUSIVE: Ezra Miller has been hosting a young mother and her three children at ‘The Flash’ star’s Vermont farm since April. Two sources with knowledge of the situation allege Miller’s home is an unsafe environment for children..

The police using the Flash Premiere to lure Ezra Miller out of hiding:.

Ezra Miller Photo,Ezra Miller Photo by 𝙎𝙪𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙀𝙣𝙟𝙤𝙮𝙚𝙧,𝙎𝙪𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙀𝙣𝙟𝙤𝙮𝙚𝙧 on twitter tweets Ezra Miller Photo

Not to take away from the severity of what Ezra has done, but can we stop framing this as a “Men vs Women” issue (ie tweets saying “where’s the outrage over Ezra when Amber got cancelled” and they usually call Ezra a man in these tweets) when Ezra Miller is explicitly not a man?.

Ο #EzraMiller του Flash τα βάζει με τις αστυνομικές αρχές – «Δε μπορείτε να με ακουμπήσετε».

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La madre de un niño de 12 años, puso una orden de prevención de acoso temporal contra el actor Ezra Miller ¿El motivo?. Supuestamente amenazaron a su familia y mostraron un comportamiento inapropiado hacia el niño..

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Ezra Miller has not had a long enough career for us to have a healthy supply of jokes to last for this whole thing..

Ezra Miller sigue creando problemas. Ahora una madre y su hijo de 12 años han recibido una orden de prevención de acoso contra Ezra Miller después de que el actor supuestamente amenazara a su familia y tuviera comportamientos inapropiados con el niño..

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Feel bad for Sasha Calle, Imagine getting cast as Supergirl but then the lead of the movie is Ezra Miller.

@FlashMovieLeaks The Flash another poor decision by WB. You keep that horrible Ezra Miller but get rid of Johnny Depp? You keep Amber Heard but get rid of Johnny Depp? No one will watch The Flash or Auquaman2. WB losers..

The 12-year-old child from Massachusetts recounted an alleged incident when they felt scared of Ezra Miller when the actor was weirdly drawn to me.

Waiting to see how the Ezra Miller situation plays out before passing judgment or making declarations is more rational than joining a Twitter mob littered with ulterior motives for wanting them or The Flash canceled. Waiting for more facts is not “being a cultist.”.

Laura G
Laura G

Ezra Miller desaparece sin dejar rastro alguno después de ser acusado de corrupción de menores >>.

#INFO DC comics à annoncé qu’ils ne prévoyaient plus de travailler avec Ezra Miller après #theflash notamment à cause de toutes les accusations contre iel.

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Ezra Miller is TRASHHHH I’ve been saying it for YEARS. They’re evil, I’ll die on that hill why are some people defending them?.

Silly people on this app man, Stop Comparing Grant Gustin to Ezra Miller Grant is a way better person and not a groomer..

When I said I wanted Ezra Miller to stop getting arrested this is not what I had in mind for them!.

@xFunderstruckx The problem is, at this point, will anyone watch a movie starring Ezra Miller?.

Have the authorities looked for Ezra Miller in the attic? I once read that his people enjoy hiding there.

Ya deben de proyectar la película de Flash, así como esté porque Ezra Miller de verdad se está esforzando para que no salga..

@perales_ugaz @DaniboubeTV Después de que ezra miller aniquilara a la población de hawaii se dio cuenta que la humanidad tampoco era muy diferente, así que hora va a por todos.

Formal reminder that this is a safe space to talk shit on Ezra Miller but only if you respect their pronouns. 🤗.

Everyone at Warner Brothers every time something new comes out about Ezra Miller.

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oficialmente ya lxs chupó el diablo a todxs lxs que se tomaron una foto con Ezra Miller cuando andaba en la CDMX.


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