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Is anyone recruiting the QB position better than Texas right now? Coach Sark and the Longhorns have landed back to back Consensus No. 1 Recruits in their respective classes in Quinn Ewers (‘22 but reclassified to ‘21) and Arch Manning (‘23).

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Arch Manning and Quinn Ewers in back-to-back classes for Texas. Is that the best back-to-back QB haul ever?.

@MontySisco1 He played a better championship game against westlake than Ewers did the season before..

@PrimeTimeShaq_ Yea ok. Let arch be on the bench and Ewers is throwing picks. U will be 1st in line!🤷🏾‍♂️😂.


@slmandel Yeah totally rational thinking here, Quinn Ewers being a locked and loaded early declare when he hasn’t even played a down of college football?.

Breaking News from me: Quinn Ewers back to Ohio State 😂 #ArchEffect #ZeroSources.

@Malik_Taylor15 Quinn Ewers and Arch Manning back to back just to attempt to be Kansas💯.

@Gewitterchen2 @AngelaBelcamino Hear, hear! Welcome to an entire new world, my dear. 🫶.

@Pantherchap2 @TexasFancyBoots The good news is the odds of both Ewers and Manning busting seems very very low. Whoever proves to be the best of those two should put Texas in a good spot..

@YoungEx20 Ewers plays 2022 – year 2 / 2023 – year 3 / enters 2024 draft Arch enrolls in school 2023 / plays 2024.


Ewers can’t even transfer without sitting out a year cuz he’s already transfer once…and he’s Atleast 5-6 semester worth of work away to even grad transfer…Seesh.

@MarkGodich @corbettsmithDMN Right, he’ll play this year with Arch in high school, then they overlap in 23. So if Ewers is good enough to turn pro, they’ll only be on campus together that one year..


@ShawnOD413 @SBN_Wescott Ewers was never planning on playing at OSU in the first place lmao. He got the bag from y’all boosters and dipped.

@Dpezzy4515 @PrimeTimeShaq_ I’m sure he had no issue sitting a year behind Ewers. There will only be an issue of Ewers doesn’t live up to the hype. Then it’s either stick with him or play manning as a freshman.

@CieGrant Everyone who was upset how Ewers did a one and done on Ohio State now can enjoy him being a one and second string at Texas, cuz Arch is in the Lonestar state..

@OSUViDs This is such a dumb take lol. It is 100% possible for ewers to have two great seasons, leave for the NFL and then manning take over. Casual fans making sports so hard to follow 🤦‍♂️.

@TheHerd @ColinCowherd so much for ewers starting job…. he’s going to have to leave school.

And then transferred because he didn’t win the job. Ewers proved @slmandel’s point..

@jbook37 I don’t disagree BUT I think it’s incredibly interesting due to the Quinn Ewers angle. Wouldn’t care much personally if not for that..


@espn It’s obvious. The kid wants no longterm competition at QB. I guess he thinks he’ll beat out Ewers 🤷🏽‍♂️..


@AllmericanMayes when it comes to Arch and Ewers. For now it’s thought Ewers will be the starter this year and next with Arch red shirting in ‘23 season. That would also be Ewers last season before he enters the draft. All hypothetical since people are writing off Maalik Murphy.

Watching Ewers on film , sometimes he’s inaccurate but the balls almost always out of harms way.

@ScottXfan @DawgNation Understandably your salty, but yeah you’re talking out of your butt. Learn facts before you speak on a topic. Texas has another 5 ⭐️ QB in front of Arch. Quinn Ewers. Unless he’s a bust it could be Arch’s RS SO year before he starts. Arch is aware of this and still chose Texas..

@BarstoolHusker Ewers starts next two years and hands the reigns over to arch for 24-25 season.

@SoonerSoupGuy @jackiewinz Safe to say Quinn Ewers is getting the Tate Martel experience?.

@RountreeNCAA ves a Manning compitiendo con Ewers por la titular desde freshman? yo creo que no, por que no creo que Ewers lo aguante y sería su ultimo año antes de nfl..

@MinnisClement Nah ewers is the starter this year and next year when manning is a true freshman then he can leave to the NFL. Manning starts year, Maalik is more likely to transfer once manning is on campus.

Quinn Ewers either gotta be the truth or he going back in that transfer portal again lmao.

@cmacrae13 Do people genuinely believe Arch Manning going to Texas impacts Quinn Ewers at all?.

@eltigerey @Hayesfawcett3 Ewers got zero NIL money from Ohio State. He has a deal with a national sports memorabilia company and it went with him to Texas.


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