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Soooooo cool 😱🦸‍♂️🪄
Posted on Instagram by the incredibly talented Jonny Moore – “A relief of Julian Hilliard I did for in 2021. I was head of a crack team of sculptors working on and off through the lockdowns.”.

Dr. Strange Photo,Dr. Strange Photo by Julian Hilliard,Julian Hilliard on twitter tweets Dr. Strange Photo

🎬 Title: Dr Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness 2022 new release 🎥 First On telegram, 1080p HD Now Available Download it here

Dr. Strange Photo,Dr. Strange Photo by Timeless Praise™🤴,Timeless Praise™🤴 on twitter tweets Dr. Strange Photo

#JurassicWorldDominion ya es la 4ª película mas taquillera de 2022 con 639 millones de dólares. Siguiente objetivo es Batman en 3ª posición con 770 millones de dólares. Dr Strange sigue siendo 1ª con 953 millones de dólares..

Dr. Strange Photo,Dr. Strange Photo by MaiKDj,MaiKDj on twitter tweets Dr. Strange Photo

I was grateful Dr Strange 2 didn’t have that awful sense of humor like the first one. I had been bracing myself for more Adele and Beyoncé jokes.

4:51 in the morning watching Dr Strange 2 with Shelby…this shit better be good 🤞🏼😅.

@moontidegallery stranger things/dr strange ones has been a 100% success rate for me but i can see the love hearts one do numbers 👍.

This shot in really puts into perspective how they should bring Bloodborne to PC..

Dr. Strange Photo,Dr. Strange Photo by #1 Ronan Player In Ratoath Meath,#1 Ronan Player In Ratoath Meath on twitter tweets Dr. Strange Photo

Watched Dr Strange 2 last night, actually really enjoyed it! Might be my favourite Marvel film?.

//dr strange MoM spoilers wanda my beloved just killed professor x my other beloved… i’m conflicted now.

@__Liam_O I personally thought Wanda being a villain made sense after WandaVision.
At the end of WandaVision she was using the Darkhold to find her kids, its stated multiple times during the film that the Darkhold corrupts the user and gives us a corrupted Dr Strange to show this..

Rewatch Dr. Strange MoM, play nya di tv, malah sinyal eror mulu🙄 Giliran di hp oke2 aja.

“I love You, I love You in every Universe “ ~ Stephen Strange
Brb, Gonna go cry. Finally watched Dr Strange MOM and i just wanna sob cuz what just happened!?????.

@KakafutiJones Yo es que no soy imparcial, Wanda es de mis personajes preferidos, pero Dr Strange es de los que menos me gustan (si no el que menos) o sea que para mi es una peli un poco… rara 🥴 Aunque al final me gustó, el principio es muy meh.

Acabo de ver la peli de Dr Strange y bastante fresca, no me ha apasionado pero para pasar el rato ha estado bien
Aunque si que es verdad que últimamente tanta cosa de superhéroes me está cansando.

@pea__jay batboy, not batman. got his ass beaten by dr strange & tom cruise at d box office altar😭🚀🛩️🤣.

Dr. Strange Photo,Dr. Strange Photo by Daami 😌👍,Daami 😌👍 on twitter tweets Dr. Strange Photo

@AmainoOti I give it above 9 because they really brought out how dark dr strange and also Wanda is in the comics.

@RedRobot64 No la tengo en el radar. Yo me baje y era un recopilatorio de Gila 🤨.

Alkavan juhannuksen kunniaksi käytiin Harrin kanssa kävelyretkellä Vuosaaren huipulle. Matkaa tuli josta puolet oli nousua ylöspäin. Nyt vähän kahvia koneeseeni ja uusin Dr. Strange-elokuva. ☕ @ Vuosaarenhuippu.

@CultureCrave @NewIndianXpress It will be interesting to see where he goes from He must meet The world is deep enough to experience that as a concept, and Dr. Strange is wise and worthy enough to know what to Has Dr. Strange met Apocalypse in history, for instance?.

Finally got to see Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness thanks to DisneyPlus, was fun, always enjoy seeing Dr Strange do stuff.

Finally got around to seeing Spider Man: No Way Home and Dr Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. Approve..

Dr. Strange 2 is such a piece of nonsense. It has just endless magic-babble exposition, just a never stoppig onslaught of the shit. I loved the Dead Strange sequence, it felt like something Raimi would do. Overall, a bad movie..

I watched Dr. Strange 2 and it was too predictable for a movie that has madness in its name ..

watched the latest dr strange today finally and that was so disappointing i’m glad i never wasted the money to see it in cinemas.

It felt as dr strange was baby sitting
Evil strange vs good strange was kinda dope
Wanda and wong carried the movie
The Spanish in beginning gave me headache 😂.

@hoekage_san Marvel overpowered Wanda in this new Dr Strange. This is her peak powers. From what we’ve seen she can literally do anything. Only people impervious to magic or witchcraft can stand a chance really. It’s not even about strength..

@TaquiBox Dr Strange es buena pero se siente muy ligth y el final se siente muy simple.


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